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ZF-FreedomLine Transmission

PROPRIETARY –. Before You Begin. This manual provides maintenance and diagnostic instructions for ZF-FreedomLine transmissions. Before you begin procedures: 1. Read and understand all instructions and procedures before you begin to service components. 2. Read and observe all Caution and Warning safety alerts ...


Stralis AS-AD-AT Euro 4-5 BBI Part 2.pdf

PTO manual gearbox with electric engagement. 4-32 .... manual using exclusively the diagnostic instrument (available from IVECO dealers and authorised IVECO service centres), providing ..... This network is connected to other electronic systems such as the EDC, EBL, EuroTronic 2, Instrument Cluster, etc Information.

Stralis AS-AD-AT Euro 4-5 BBI Part 2.pdf

AS-Tronic operator manual

and 2 bars. In the transmission for example, the. 4th gear is engaged. 1.4.2 Display: Manual mode. If the Manual Mode is activated, no bars nor arrows/or only one ... from automatic to manual. 1.7 Manual mode. With the vehicle at a stop, actuate the service brake and press the «D» button. By pressing the «Fn» button, the.


Stralis CBOC Brochure Hook Lift

SERVICE INTERVALS. • IVECO TURBO BRAKE WITH VGT ... ZF EUROTRONIC II AUTOMATED. TRANSMISSION WITH CRUISE ... TRANSMISSION. • IVECO Eurotronic II 16AS2630 TO automated 16 speed overdrive. • Two-pedal operation with automatic or manual shift control. CHASSIS. Type: 257 x 89 x 8.0mm parallel - ...

Stralis CBOC Brochure Hook Lift.pdf

ZF-FreedomLine® Transmission

Before You Make a Warranty Repair on a ZF-FreedomLine®. Transmission . ... Section 2. Operating Guidelines. WARNING. This vehicle is equipped with ZF- FreedomLine® fully-automated manual transmission. The vehicle can roll backward when stopped on a hill or grade, or when the vehicle is starting from a stop on a ...



13 transmissions (seven manual, three automated and three automatic). 2- and 4 -wheel drive. 14 wheelbases (from 3105 to 6,570 mm). 3 types of cab with 2 ..... ZF 9S-75 TD. 770. 125. ML 80E.. - ML160E.. ZF 9S-75 TO. 900. 125. ML 120E.. - ML180EL.. ZF 9S-1110. 1100. 190. ZF Automated. (Eurotronic). 6. ZF 6AS700. 700.


FreedomLine® Transmission

Refer to ZF Maintenance and Diagnostics Manual. MM-0150, FreedomLine® Transmission, for complete ... 2. Record the fault codes. 3. When you're finished retrieving fault codes, release the NEUTRAL and FUNCTION buttons, and the service brake. Turn the ignition OFF. To View Active or Inactive Fault Codes. Again.


Clutch Actuation System ConAct for Commercial Vehicles with

for establishing ZF's own AMT solutions, which were largely independent of the ba- sic manual transmission and thus opti- mized. Here, the AS Tronic transmission for heavy commercial vehicles and buses, which was introduced in the mid-90s, played a pioneer role, Figure 1, [3]. 2 Automation of Clutch Actuation . With the ...


8x4 AD/AT

EXTENDED OIL AND SERVICE INTERVALS. • IVECO TURBO BRAKE WITH ... ZF EUROTRONIC II AUTOMATED. TRANSMISSION WITH ... TRANSMISSION. • IVECO Eurotronic II 16AS2630 TO automated 16 speed overdrive. • Two-pedal operation with automatic or manual shift control. CHASSIS. Type: 257 x 89 x 8.0 mm ...

IVEC0046 - C1L4P0 - Stralis Spec Sheet - 8x4 AD AT.pdf


The transmission is identified by means of a plate riveted to the housing: A - Serial number. B - Parts list number (last 3 figures taken into account). C - Component reference. D - Automatic transmission type. ZF PARTS LIST NUMBER. (B). COMPONENT. REFERENCE (C). HYDRAULIC UNIT. NUMBER ( D). 1019000010.



NOTES. Weights are to standard specification and include water, oils, 5 litres of AdBlue and 20 litres of fuel but excludes driver. Kerb weights are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/-5%. Sleeper cab adds 110kg. Medium roof sleeper cab adds 625mm height and 230kg. ZF 16S 2220 TO manual gearbox adds 60kg .


Spec Sheet - 6x4 AD AT_NZ

ZF EUROTRONIC II AUTOMATED. TRANSMISSION WITH CRUISE CONTROL. HANDLING. ENGINE ... TRANSMISSION. • IVECO Eurotronic II 16AS2630 TO automated 16 speed overdrive. • Two-pedal operation with automatic or manual shift control. CHASSIS. Type: 304 x 80 x 7.7mm parallel-section medium tensile steel ...

STRALIS - Spec Sheet - 6x4 AD AT_NZ.pdf


Dec 20, 2007 ... Page 2 ... horizontal, fortunately clear of the occupants' heads. In more normal use the service brakes proved powerful and progressive, supported by an engine brake incorporated into the ... ZF EuroTronic AS2330TD automated manual gearbox, with 12 speeds. 15.86, 12.33, 9.57, 7.44, 5.87, 4.57, 3.47, ...


iveco dse

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. Maintenance and ... ECOFLEET par tially disables manual use of the eUROTROnIC automated gearbox ..... of economic driving principles. Protects the engine against over-revving. Reduces clutch wear , giving benefit on maintenance intervals. e U R O T R O n I C. Z F. A L L I S O n. 3 2 0 0 ...



Think big. The new STRALIS is a great solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business, and it's the only truck in its class to offer such a wide range of integrated functions for reducing your costs. Unrivalled efficiency and responsiveness. New Euro VI engines with HI-eSCR*. With a lifelong journey of over a ...



downtime, increasing profitability and the service life of equipment. From these learnings, we continue to tailor the ..... Premium heavy duty, manual transmission, transaxle and hypoid/limslip differential gear oil for high .... Key Specifications: API CD/MT-1, ZF Freedomline / Eurotronic 2,. Meritor / Rockwell O-81 (Synthetic),  ...


Lista możliwości diagnostycznych testera JALTEST

URUCHOMIENIE KOMPONENTÓW. Występują bezpośrednie testy, które mogą być wykonane na komponentach systemu. Np. uruchomienie modulatorów ABS, aktywacja elektrozaworów zawieszenia w celu podniesienia lub opuszczenia pojazdu. Jest to aktywna diagnostyka, która na przykład dla silnika pozwala na.


Vesternet: Home Automation

Fibaro Home Center 2 · NEW: Vera Plus + RFX Kit · Starter Kits · Fibaro Full Range · Yale Smart Locks · IFTTT · Alexa · SmartThings · Nest · HomeKit · Smart Lighting Guide · Philips Hue · Lighting Modules · Sockets & Dimmers · Starter Kits · Smart Heating Guide · Nest Learning Thermostat · Honeywell Evohome Range  ...


IDFBDX air pressure switch tube

1 This appliance must only be installed by a competent person in accordance with the requirements of the Codes of Practice or the rules in force. 2 All external wiring MUST comply with the current IEE wiring regulations. 3 Warning this appliance must be earthed. IDFBDX AIR HEATER. AIR PRESSURE SWITCH SENSING ...

084 IDFBDX air pressure switch tube TB.084.0113.pdf

Technical Information 2015

Aug 8, 2014 ... 125050-15. Iveco Daily C21, engine displacement 3.0 l, 151 kW (205 bhp) torque 470 Nm (not an Agile). 0. 125024-15. Automatic 6 speed manual transmission Agile incl. hill climb assistance (towable mass 2500 kg). 20. 105060-15. ZF automatic transmission (available from January 2015). 10. 805000-15.