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Jury Service:

National Standards for Civics & Government. • Standards level detail for grades 5 -8, 9-12. Jury Service: Our Duty and Privilege as Citizens. A Lesson by Linda Weber .... juror jury jury of your peers jury service jury trial justice law petit jury privilege responsibility service set aside shared powers summons trial by jury trial court.


The Answer Book for Jury Service

Part of the job of many court employees, such as the bailiffs and the clerks, is to help make your jury service comfortable and convenient. Don't be afraid to ask them for help. Part II: Selecting Juries for Trials. Is it possible that I might report for jury service but not sit on a jury? Yes. The parties involved in a case generally seek ...


J-180 Trial Jury Handbook

Your call to jury service is a call to a most important task. If you are selected to be a juror, you will be asked to hear evidence presented at a trial, decide the facts, apply to the facts the law explained to you by the judge, and return a verdict. The case you hear may be a criminal case, civil case or a coroner matter. A criminal ...


Federal Courts & What They Do

The case involved a dispute between the parents of Linda Brown and their local board of education in Topeka, Kansas. The Court decided that requiring white children and .... When a jury (or a judge in cases in which the defendant waived a jury) .... petit juries usually consist of twelve jurors in criminal cases and from six to ...


Improving the Jury System: Jury Instructions

and the Law by Ellen Chilton & Patricia Henley. Introduction. Juries have tremendous power over people's lives. Granting them such power directly expresses our ... are hearing and help them decide the case more quickly and more accurately. .... If you wish to ask a question, please write out your question and hand it to.


Demeanor, Deception and Credibility in Witnesses:

Apr 26, 2013 ... Since jurors bring life experiences with them to court, understanding perceptions of ... 2. This section on demeanor describes assessing witnesses' behaviors to sharpen your intuition. While there are individual differences for witnesses, .... Knowing common myths about lying behavior helps your case as.


Hung Juries: Are They a Problem?

deliberations, we wanted to know if these discussions caused them to prejudge the case or to form ... Twelve Angry Men plays out in real life. ... A jury trial is a rare event and requires considerable time of judges, court personnel, attorneys, defendant(s), witnesses, and, of course, jurors. Furthermore, a hung jury postpones a ...

Hung Juries Are They a Problem.ashx

Chapter 14 Criminal Justice

The Police and Your Rights. Lawyers and Criminal Law. Criminal Charges. Initial Criminal Court Proceedings. Evidence In Criminal Cases. Witnesses. Defenses Against Criminal Charges. Pretrial Procedures. Trial. Sentencing of Convicted Criminals. Appeals of Criminal Cases. The Rights of Victims and Jurors. Juvenile  ...



to potential jurors. In some communities, this person is called the registrar of the court. The clerk of your court may be able to help you identify your registrar or the ..... Tell students this case is going to trial, regardless of whether the defendant admits guilt. Instruct the accuser and defendant to stand. Tell them you are the.


12 Angry Men versus the Empirical Reality of Juries

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Scholarly Commons @ IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. ... Valerie P. Hans, Deliberation and Dissent: 12 Angry Men versus the Empirical Reality of Juries, 82 Chi.-Kent. .... Martin T. Wells, Judge-Jury Agreement in Criminal Cases: A Partial Replication of Kalven and.


UCL Judicial Institute - UCL - London's Global University

Juries. Landmark research on the jury system in this country by the UCLJury Project, examining the fairness of the jury system and working exclusively with real jurors at court ...


How a Civil Trial Works in California

They may ask a trusted friend, or kids might ask a parent or favorite aunt to solve the problem. ... you for your pain. People with these disputes do not, however, have to go to court. They might agree to submit the case to a neutral person to get it decided. ... people as alternates, to fill in if one of the 12 gets sick during the trial .



2 RESEARCHING LAW VOLUME 18 NUMBER 2 SPRING 2007. The jury is a favorite scapegoat, and you cannot open a newspaper or read commentary .... script only contains the testi- mony and does not report on nonverbal activity, Diamond. Never let the jurors think you are talking down to them because they are very ...


"Jury Duty: You Make A Difference"

JUDGE LAURIAT: Well, as best I can remember, it was watching the original version of Twelve Angry Men, which I looked up today, it came out in 1957, and I probably saw it in 1962. And then a year later, coincidentally, I moved to France for a year in high school, and I acted in the French version of Twelve Angry Men. So.


1 You, The Juror: What Role Does Jury Service Play In Our

The process is complex and flawed, but the jury system sets us apart from the rest of the world, ... In criminal cases, all twelve jurors have to agree before reaching a verdict. If they can't, either a mistrial is declared or the deadlocked jury is given an Allen charge – essentially ... determine the facts and apply them to the law.



misconduct and how appellate counsel can recognize the issue and raise it in the Court of. Appeal. I. Introduction ... Cal.4th 97, 110.) An impartial juror is someone capable and willing to decide the case solely ... charged with a crime has a right to the unanimous verdict of 12 impartial jurors [citation], it is settled that a ...


The Animated Attorney: The Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence

“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” - Robert Frost. April Tate Tishler, Esq. Regardless of who your client is, regardless of the facts underpinning your case, and regardless of whether you are happy with your chosen jury, the presentation of your case to the jury is of the utmost ...


Are Twelve Heads Better Than One?

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Faculty Scholarship at University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository. ..... It occurs not only in mock jury research but in real trials. See Ken, Hamon & Graves,. " Independence of Multiple Verdicts by Jurors and Juries,' 12 J. Applied Soc. psycho lo^ 12,.



world not as it is but as he or she is. Understanding the biases which each individual juror brings with them to the jury box is an important element in effectively framing the story which the attorney will tell through the evidence to influence the juror's perceptions of the case. Magicians understand the principle of clinging to ...


Empowering Today's Juries

jury issues. —pages 6–17. A Forum For the StAte JudiciAl BrAnch. FAll 2006. Empowering Today's Juries. 6 Creative Techniques Learned From the Wal-Mart Trial ..... jury service provides benefits for those who serve, for the courts in which they serve, and for the litigants whose cases are decided by them. Broader public .