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7.5 Water Wise Landscape Design and Conversion Programs

Financial incentive programs that promote water wise landscaping contain an educational component involving the seven principles of water wise landscaping. Water wise landscaping material often consumes whatever quantity of water the .... Xeriscape Color Guide - 100 Water-wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes,.


Water-Smart Landscaping

Xeriscape Handbook : A How-To. Guide to Natural, Resource-Wise Gardening. Golden: Fulcrum Publishing, 1998. Williams, Sara. Creating the Prairie Xeriscape . Saskatchewan: University Extension Press, 1997. Winger, David, ed. Xeriscape Plant Guide: 100. Water-Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes. Golden: ...


Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought Tolerant Plants for the Montana Landscape ... as a general guide. The species listed cover a range of drought tolerance. They are not rated as to their individual water requirements. More information as to specific preferences of each .... Xeriscape Plant Guide – 100 Water-Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes.

Drought Tolerant Plant List.pdf


Defreitas, Stan. 1993. The Water Thrifty Garden. Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. 160 pages. Denver Water and American Water Works Association. 1999. Xeriscape Plant Guide: 100 Water-. Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes. Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado. 192 pages. Dewolf, Gordon P. 1990.


Xeriscape: A Guide to Developing a Water-Wise Landscape

Xeriscape-type landscaping is a package of seven common-sense steps for making a landscape more water-efficient: 1. Planning and Design. 2. Soil Analysis. 3. Appropriate Plant Selection. 4. Practical Turf Areas. 5. Efficient Irrigation. 6. Use of Mulches. 7. Appropriate Maintenance. Each of these steps is a good gardening ...


Water-Efficient Landscaping

Water-Efficient Landscaping. 9. Xeriscaping. Mulched walkway. Larger deck. Small lawn. Shade tree. Vegetable garden: uses drip irrigation. Compost bin ... plants and is available for public viewing, along with a landscape plant identification guide. • Residents of Glendale, Arizona, can receive a. $100 cash rebate for ...


Low Water–Demand Plants for Landscaping and Agricultural

Morpho-Anatomical Traits for Plant Adaptation to Drought, in “Plant Responses to Drought Stress”. Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, pp. 37-61. ISBN: 9783642326523. Denver Water, 1996: Denver Water, 1996. Xeriscape Plant Guide: 100 Water- Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes. Fulcrum Publishing ISBN: 1555912532.


Native and Adapted Landscape Plant Guide

Gardening, “Austin-style...” This Grow Green guide was created to help you select plants that are native to and adapted for the Austin area. These plants tend to be drought tolerant, most need little, if any supplemental fertilizer, are resistant to most diseases and pests, and many provide habitat and food sources for local ...


The Complete How To Guide to Xeriscape

Please use this Xeriscape Guide – along with the City's xeriscape ... these xeric plants for your landscape, you can create a water-wise xeriscape that will add beauty to ... local utility. XERISCAPE BASICS 4. HOW TO PLANT 8. TREES & SHRUBS 12. FLOWERING PLANTS 16. GROUNDCOVERS 30. TURF & GRASSES 35.


Waterwise Florida Landscapes

80254, (303) 628-6325. Achieving a natural, healthy balance in your landscape starts by putting the right plant in the right place. Matching plants to conditions that exist in your area helps them thrive, once established, with little or no irrigation or chemicals. The seven principles of Xeriscape are explained in this guide.


Recommended plant list brochure FINAL

Complete Guide to Rocky Mountain Gardening by Herb Gundell. Gardening in Mountain Microclimates by Sharon Balius. Grow Native: Landscaping With Native and Apt Plants of the Rocky. Mountains by S. Huddleston. The National Wildflower Research Centers Wildflower Handbook. The Native Plant Primer by Carole.



Start the draft design by using classifications (tree, shrub, annual flower bed, etc.) and/or by their function (screen planting, tree stand, location planting, etc.) ... There are many very attractive plants for use in water-wise landscapes. Optimize your Xeriscape by using drought-resistant plants. In general, these plants have ...



Xeriscape principles. Xeriscape organizes high- and low-water-use plants to maximize watering efficiency and create a landscape that's sustainable in Colorado's ... The Xeriscape concept is based on seven principles: • Plan and design. • Soil amendment. • Efficient irrigation. • Mulch. • Plant zones. • Alternative turf grasses.



Larimer County created this guide to provide information on basic landscaping concepts. Applicants ..... adaptive and drought tolerant plant species that provide a critical element in Xeriscape design. ..... 100 Water-Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes by Denver Water” the plants are organized by color and type to help ...


Xeriscape 101

Natural by Design by Judith Phillips, Plants for Natural Gardens by Judith. Phillips, Native Plants for Southwestern Landscapes by Judy Mielke, The. Xeriscape Flower Gardener by James Knopf, Sunset Western Landscaping Book edited by Kathleen N. Brenzel, Xeriscape Plant Guide Fulcrum Publishing.


Water-wise Landscaping

Water-wise. Landscaping guide for water manage- ment planning. Terry Keane. EC 458. January 1995 ..... Water-Wise Landscaping with a native plant bord. 2. ... plants. e inventory compared with a site analysis. Butte Garden & Arboretum, Salt Lake City, Utah. ater conserving landscape in Salt Lake City, Utah. ncept plan ...


Central and Eastern Oregon Guide - Xeriscaping in the High Desert

and proper plant selection. In this guide we will describe the seven steps for creating a successful Xeriscape and also provide an in-depth look at plant choices for your. Xeriscape in the high desert. This guide is intended as an introduction to WaterWise landscaping. For additional information refer to the resource section of ...


Penticton Xeriscape Garden

indigenous drought-tolerant plants can be combined to create a water-wise landscape on a typical urban property. Explore the Xeriscape Garden and refer to this guide for: • Seven Principles of Xeriscape. • a descriptive list of 40 Top Plants. • the Xeriscape Garden planting plan. • complete plant list including perennials, ...


Metro Vancouver's Waterwise Gardening- A Guide for BC's Lower

100. 50. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. *Measurements from Cleveland Dam. WHY CONSERVE WATER? On the B.C. southwest coast, we are ... soil is fundamental to a waterwise garden. The key is to know what type of soil each plant needs for ideal growth. Some plants thrive in sandy soil that drains ...


Native and Adapted Landscape Plants (an earthwise guide for

Gardening, “Austin-style”… Our native landscape is the inspiration for this guide to earthwise plant choices for Austin area gardens. The Grow Green plant list was created to help you select beautiful native and adapted plants which are naturally drought tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. The less watering ...