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The World Wars

INTRODUCTION. An assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 sparks a global conflict. Over the course of the next thirty years, enormous bloodshed and destruction engulfs the world. Roosevelt. Hitler. Patton. Stalin. Mussolini. Churchill. Tojo. De Gaulle. MacArthur. The World Wars™ shows how the experiences of these men ...



MEDIA EDUCATION. F O U N D A T I O N. STUDY GUIDE. BLOOD AND OIL. Featuring Michael T. Klare. Study Guide Written by. SCOTT MORRIS & JASON YOUNG ... Pre-viewing Discussion Questions are designed to improve preliminary discussion about the issues the video .... Support your answer. 2. Why does the ...


World War I: A High School Social Studies Unit

WORLD WAR I. A Social Studies Unit by Jami Hodges. On June 28, 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand (heir to the Austrian-. Hungarian throne) was assassinated during .... ESSAY QUESTIONS. Use a different piece of paper to answer the following two questions. 22. List and DESCRIBE the four causes of WWI. 23. List and ...


TS Study Guide

By some estimates, as much as 50% of the information we think of as news originated from a PR company. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. 1. Woodrow Wilson was able to change his stance on World War I using public relations. How and why do you think the Creel Committee's PR activities succeeded in shifting public opinion ...


Canada At War 1914-1919 | 1939-1945 - First World War

research and examination, engaging discussion questions and group activities. This guide was ... We hope the guide will assist you in teaching this important period of Canadian history in your social studies ... The study of Canada's experiences during the First World War involves multiple histories and perspectives that can ...


Australians at War (WWI and WWII)

(WWI and WWII). New South Wales Mandatory Depth Study. Applicable for use in NSW Curriculum for Year 9, and Australian Curriculum: History WWI – Year 9 and WWII .... Completed notes on withdrawal from. Gallipoli. • Participation in discussion. • Formal assessment task: Completed essay (to be submitted in one week) ...


Discussion question guide

discussion on particular topics and are easily useable in classrooms, group meetings, and gatherings. If you are interested in watching the full interviews and conversations, then check out the archive! Using this discussion guide. The three main videos were created in a way so that they can be watched as a series, but also ...

Discussion Guide - Indigenous Law Video On Demand.pdf

Download the Fromelles and Pozières Teacher's Guide

A number of activities can be carried out using the WW1: Fromelles and Pozières website or apps as a classroom resource ... How the app and Teacher Guide ..... To understand the 'vital statistics' of the Somme Offensive, fill in the table below about the fighting at Fromelles and Pozières. Question. Answer. Where to find.


Year 9 History Sample assessment Teacher guidelines | World War I

Write a persuasive essay to support a hypothesis. You will: • frame a hypothesis about the significance of the Anzac legend. • use key questions to guide your research about World War I. • locate, organise and evaluate historical sources to answer your key questions. • analyse and synthesise evidence and information from ...


pdf World War I

Course Description: This is a study of the causes, course, and consequences of World. War I, with particular emphasis on American culture and foreign policy within Western civilization. In addition to discussing American grand strategy and participation in combat on the. Western Front, the course will address topics such as ...


Comprehensive Study Guide

Yet, this resource will serve as a convenient “day-before-the-exam” study guide to use for your unit ... choice and essay questions on the AP exam. Good luck ... “ Isms” Charts. 86. Imperialism. 92. World War I. 95. Age of Anxiety. 100. Totalitarianism. 103. World War II. 108. Cold War. 110. Nationalism Since World War II. 116.


Should the United States Have Entered World War I

similar topics, including which details they include and emphasize in their respective ... 1 Steve Jantzen, Hooray for Peace, Hurrah for War: The United States During World War I (New Jersey: First Replica Books, ... Lead a class discussion of RS #04 Document B and their responses to the questions on RS# 02, providing.


In Flanders Fields Lesson plan

To develop students' vocabulary relating to World War I and poetic devices. • To give practice of ... answer to each question, click again and the correct answers will appear below in grey text. • Show slide four: read the ... When finished, students should compare their notes with their partner's worksheet and note any missing ...


History Year 9

Essay: The Gallipoli campaign. Sample 3. Explanation: ... evidence to answer inquiry questions about the Gallipoli campaign and free settlers and convicts ( WS2, WS4,. WS6, WS7). .... Summary of task. As part of their study of World War I, students were provided with a research question, 'What was the significance of.


Critical Reading for Critical Writing in the Introduction to Literature

include answering 34 study guide questions, writing a background research report; discussing six lists of ... risks of giving birth during the World War I era to decide _whether_Hemingway'S depiction of a- stillbirth -is ... as they answer study guide questions, but general class discussion usually dispels false notions or glib ...


World War I Propaganda Posters Scott Fields, McKeel Academy I

In this lesson, students will examine World War I posters from the United States in order to learn .... students to point out details in the poster that support their answers. ... of differing styles of propaganda). 9) After the class has discussed all of the propaganda posters, hold a class discussion centering on these questions:  ...


The Road to 9/11 DVD

Materials: • DVD – The Road to 9/11; a Kunhardt Production – PBS.com. It is available for purchase at the following link: http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index .jsp?productId=2366321&cp=&kw=the+road+to+9%2F11&origkw=the+. Road+to +9%2F11&sr=1. • Study Guide with notes and critical thinking questions. ( Teacher ...


Lesson Plans & Activities

As the lesson plans and articles in this book show, examining the many dimensions of World War I gives students important and .... study historical issues , ideas, people and events by engaging in historical research. ... The theme is intentionally broad enough that students can select topics from any place (local, national or.



WWI Fact Sheet. The Christmas Truce Anticipation Guide. War Game by Michael Foreman. The Christmas Truce or Joyeux Noel Movie. Structured Notes ... Step 1 - Initiate a discussion about war in general. ... Allow them to study the illustration and read the jacket and then write three questions they think this reading will.


AP European History Exam - Sample Questions

Contents iv Introduction. 1 Section I: Multiple-Choice Questions. 11 Section II: Short-Answer Questions. 16 Section III: Document-Based Question. 22 Section IV : Long Essay Question ...