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By 1500 A.D., major states and empires had developed in various regions of the world. ON THE WORLD POLITICAL MAP, WHERE WERE. SOME OF THE MAJOR STATES AND EMPIRES LOCATED. AROUND 1500 A.D.? Location of some of the major states and empires in the. Eastern Hemisphere. • England. • France.


Social Studies Core Curriculum

The social studies program at the kindergarten level focuses on helping students develop aware- ness of .... In the grade 3 social studies program, students study about communities throughout the world. The five social ..... The nations and regions of the Eastern Hemisphere can be studied using maps, globes, aer- ial and ...


Study Guide pdf

Title—The name or kind of map. •. Map legend—A list of shapes and symbols used on a map and an explanation of what each stands for. •. Compass rose—A symbol that shows direction (north, east, south, and west) on a map. THE GLOBE. The equator and the prime meridian divide the globe into four hemispheres.


Chapter 3 Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 3 Social Studies. Study Guide. 1. geographic tool: Maps and globes. 2. continent: One of seven large land areas on Earth. 3. hemisphere: Half of the globe. Northern, Southern, Eastern, and. Western hemispheres. 4. equator: The imaginary line halfway between the North and South Poles. 5. border: Imaginary lines ...


Geography Western Hemisphere Programs

This text contains colorful maps of the western hemisphere. These maps include physical, political, economic, population and many other forms of maps and graphs. ... Guide. NGL. 2017. 6-8. 9781337114936. World Cultures Geography. Western Hemisphere with. Europe, Modular Teacher's. Editions Set, 1 copy each of 6.


Document AP World History Course and Exam Description—Fall

AP® World History. Course and Exam Description. Updated Fall 2017. AP COURSE AND EXAM DESCRIPTIONS ARE UPDATED PERIODICALLY. Please visit AP Central (apcentral.collegeboard.com) to determine whether a more recent course and exam description PDF is available.


Social Studies Scope and Sequence for Grade 3

Grade 3 Social Studies: Year-Long Overview. To be productive members of society, students must be critical consumers of information they read, hear and observe, and communicate effectively about their ideas. Students need to gain knowledge from a wide array of sources and examine and evaluate that information to ...


Profes-sional-Paper 1453

(U.S. Geological Survey professional paper; 1453). Bibliography: p. Includes index. Supt. of Docs. no.: 119.16:1453. 1. Map-projection. I. Voxland, Philip M. II. Title. .... The map projection software for any given map consisted of one of three programs. WORLD was developed for a mainframe computer by Philip Voxland.


Map & Globe Skills

Teacher's Guide. 4 Skills Units • 1 Regions Unit. ◗ Program correlates with: • The Five Themes of Geography. • The Nystrom Junior Geographer Atlas. ◗ Lessons build solid social studies skills and concepts. ◗ Variety of hands-on activities integrate the Atlas with: • Activity Globes. • Desk Maps. • Raised Relief Maps.


Prentice Hall World Studies © 2005, Western Hemisphere

(1890-1930); The Great Depression and World War II. (1929-1945); Post ... Correlated to: Michigan Curriculum Framework, Social Studies, (Middle School) ...... 196, 197, 198. Western Hemisphere Reading and Vocabulary. Study Guide 31-33. TECH: Transparencies Foundations of Geography 52,. B3: Tree Map/Flow Chart.


6th Grade

standards/content expectations to guide instruction and assessment in Michigan: (1) The challenge of integrating separate disciplines,. (2)The challenge ..... 4 weeks. 4 weeks. Eastern Hemisphere Studies. Number of Weeks. Remaining to. Begin Teaching the Eastern. Hemisphere. Number of Weeks of Study. The World in.


Teachers Guide - Primary Source Set. Maps from the World Digital

teacher's guide primary source set. Maps from the. World Digital Library. Maps are much more than geographical representations of places. In addition to teaching geographic understanding ... the first map to clearly depict a Western Hemisphere, labeled ... title and key and add new ideas to their analysis tool. • Analyze a ...


Social Studies Middle Division

hemisphere. Issue diagrams with labeled names equator and Prime Meridian for pasting in note book. OR. Introduce a diagram showing lines of latitude and that ... as map of the world. Demonstration of knowledge gained through practice and individ- ual study. 1.12 Associate geographic names with a description of.


The Global North/South Divide

A 60 SECOND GUIDE TO . . . The Global North/South Divide www.rgs.org/ schools. Members only access to over 400 case studies and articles. Definition. The concept of a gap between the Global North and the Global South in terms of development and wealth. Classifying countries. In the 1980s, the Brandt Line.


Understanding Migration

Understanding. Migration. Hemispheres. The International Outreach Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin http://www.utexas.edu/cola/orgs/hemispheres/ .... Given our own strength as content providers for world studies courses (in Texas, this consists of the 6th grade ..... Stalker's Guide to International Migration.


Lesson 2: How Maps Help Us Study History

World History: Ancient Civilizations. Chapter 1: The Tools of History. Lesson 2 How Maps Help Us. Study Hist ory. MAIN IDEAS. Geography Geographers use maps ... Hemispheres. • Geographers divide globe into equal halves called hemispheres. • Equator divides globe into north and south halves. - Northern Hemisphere ...


Maps and Cartography: Map Projections

What is a map projection? Map makers attempt to transfer the earth—a round, spherical globe—to flat paper. Map projections are the different techniques used by ... Map Projections map, Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey Mapping Division,. 1989 .... hemispheres placed in the center where the shapes are.


Journey to Mecca Educator's Guide

the Eastern Hemisphere, three times farther than Marco Polo, in search of knowledge .... Center for Research and Islamic Studies. .... (Where are the Atlas Mountains?) With the help of a trusted guide, the Highwayman, Ibn Battuta crosses this, the most difficult terrain in the. 3. world. (Where is The great [ Saharan] Desert?)


Student Activity Guide on Greenhouse Gases

As you may know, much of the concern for our climate is due to science which studies the Earth's atmosphere. This activity ... of CO2. You can click on the thumbnail images below the world map in order to view enlarged maps of ... human populations, which hemisphere [northern/southern] is this site located within, is it near.

Student Activity on the Carbon Cycle.pdf

Science 2100B Study Guide 2005-06

Weather. Study Guide. Prerequisites: None. Credit Value: 1. Text: Nelson Science 10: Concepts and Connections; Nelson. Thomson Learning; 2002. Science Courses [General College Profile] ... learn how to read weather maps. The second unit, Global Weather, helps you understand that weather patterns are different in.