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World Economic Outlook: Chapter III on Globalization and External

gross external positions remain relatively small compared with those of industrial countries. (Table 3.1). CHAPTER III. GLOBALIZATION AND EXTERNAL IMBALANCES. 110. 3See Lane and Milesi-Ferretti (2003, 2005a). There are other measures of financial globalization, including price-based measures or the correlation ...


World Economic outlook Selected topicS

September 2003. World Economic Outlook: Advancing Structural Reforms. April 2004. World Economic Outlook: The Global Demographic Transition. September 2004. World Economic Outlook: Globalization and External Balances. April 2005. World Economic Outlook: Building Institutions. September 2005. World Economic  ...


World Economic Outlook -- September 2005: Chapter 1. Economic

Global current account imbalances—a key medium- term risk to the .... Note: Real effective exchange rates are assumed to remain constant at the levels prevailing during July 8–August 5, 2005. ...... 8See “Globalization and External Imbalances,” Chapter III, World Economic Outlook, April 2005 for a detailed discussion.


World Economic Outlook (WEO), October 2014: Legacies, Clouds

Oct 7, 2014 ... World Economic Outlook: Globalization and External Balances. April 2005. World Economic Outlook: Building Institutions. September 2005. World Economic Outlook: Globalization and Inflation. April 2006. World Economic Outlook: Financial Systems and Economic Cycles. September 2006.


Globalization and Inequality; Chapter 4: World Economic Outlook

and on external imbalances (April 2005). This chapter makes a further contribution to the study of globalization by examining the impli- cations for inequality and the distribution of income within countries, with a focus on emerg- ing market and developing countries (often referred to as developing economies in the.


Exchange Rates and the Adjustment of External Imbalances

include Milesi-Ferretti and Razin ( 998); Edwards (2005); and the September 2002 World Economic Outlook. 5The size of the adjustment is the difference between the trough of the current account balance and its value at the end of the reversal. In contrast with previous studies, this chapter also considers reversals that start ...


IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2006 - Chapter III. How Has

CHAPTER III HOW HAS GLOBALIZATION AFFECTED INFLATION? The main authors of this chapter are Thomas Helbling, Florence Jaumotte, and Martin Sommer, with consultancy sup- port from Laurence Ball. Angela Espiritu provided research assistance. 1See, among others, BIS (2005); Greenspan (2005); or Fisher ...


The Globalization of Labor, Chapter 5, IMF World Economic Outlook

The ongoing globalization of labor has contributed to rising .... Immigration and Trade. (Percent of labor force and GDP, respectively). 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. 40. 45. 1990. 2005. Advanced Economies. Imports of goods and services .... Database; World Bank, World Integrated Trade Solution database; and IMF, Balance of.


Exchange Rates and External Adjustment: Does Financial

Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier, and Helene Rey, (2005b), “International Financial Adjustment,”. NBER Working Paper No. 11155. International Monetary Fund, ( 2005), “Globalization and External Imbalances,” World. Economic Outlook, Chapter III, April (Washington, DC: International Monetary. Fund). Keynes, John Maynard ...


Financial turmoil and global imbalances

Sep 3, 2008 ... Since August 2007, the global economy has been subject to a sharp and adverse financial shock, with re-pricing of risk and higher cost of funds. ... economic growth involving very large external imbalances. These imbalances – large ... financial globalisation and specific savings and investment dynamics.


Would Protectionism Defuse Global Imbalances and Spur Economic

policies through the lens of a dynamic general equilibrium model of the world economy that encompasses four ... But attention and concern attached to external balances have, in fact, increased not decreased in recent years. ...... [27] International Monetary Fund, 2005a, World Economic Outlook: Globalization and. External ...



This chapter has been prepared in the context of the mandate given by OECD Ministers in May 2005 on .... Source: IMF, Balance of Payments Statistics. ..... Source: IMF World Economic Outlook , April 2007; OECD, Main Economic Indicators ; US Bureau of Economic Analysis; Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia;.


World Economic Outlook, October 2015: Adjusting to Lower

The World Economic Outlook (WEO) is a survey by the IMF staff published twice a year, in the spring and fall. .... Balance of Payments and External Financing ( Table A13). 190. Flow of Funds ..... As in the April 2015 WEO, data for Syria are excluded from 2011 onward because of the ongoing conflict and the related lack of ...


Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa; April 2015

(World economic and financial surveys, 0258-7440) ... 3. Economic development — Africa, Sub-Saharan. — Periodicals. I. Title: Sub-Saharan Africa. II. International Monetary Fund. III. Series: World economic and financial ..... Sub- Saharan African Oil Exporters: External Reserve Assets and Projected Deficits, 2015–16 .........


BIS 76th Annual Report - June 2006

Jun 26, 2006 ... excellent performance of the global economy. Satisfaction, because buoyant growth and persistently low inflation, particularly in many emerging market economies, meant generally higher living standards and a significant reduction in poverty. Surprise, because a whole set of imbalances, which some ...


America's Deficit, the World's Problem The United States deficit on

Jun 6, 2005 ... roughly three-quarters of the world's available external surpluses. ... In the April 2005 edition of its World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary ... Bureau of Economic Analysis. Figure for 2005 is. IMF April 2005 preliminary projection. Figure 1: The United States Current Account Balance, 1970-2005.


The Mineral Industry of Uganda in 2005

International Monetary Fund, 2006, World economic outlook—globalization and external imbalances: Washington, dC, International Monetary Fund, april, 266 p. nyanzi, Peter, 2005, dfcu Bank, govt in minerals wrangle: Monitor [Kampala,. Uganda], June 7, 3 p. Olaki, Emmy, 2005, Hima to expand: new Vision [Kampala,  ...


Causes and Consequences of Global Imbalances: Perspective from

Costs of Global Imbalances on Developing Asia's Economic Growth 18. F. Summary. 19. V. ... a more sanguine minority view that holds that in an era of growing financial globalization and rising US productivity, it may ... (2005a) develops a portfolio model of the current account to analyze the issue. He finds that even under ...


Course on Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy

Jul 8, 2016 ... Phillips, Steven, and Others, “The External Balance Assessment (EBA) Methodology,” IMF. Working Paper, No. 13/80. ... Chinn, Menzie D., 2005, “A Primer on Real Effective Exchange Rates: Determinants, .... Chapter 3 in World Economic Outlook, April 2006: Globalization and Inflation, World Economic and.


Reproducing the North-South Divide: the role of trade deficits and

Jan 14, 2007 ... between the poor countries of the Global South and the rich countries of the North has not narrowed during the globalization era. One explanation centers on the role played by an overlooked manifestation of neo-liberalism, the perpetuation of massive trade deficits in poor economies. Conventional ...