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Humor, tricksterism, and postcolonial affect from Gerald Vizenor to

Dickson P (2013) Words from the White House: Words and Phrases Coined or Popularized by. America's Presidents. New York: Walker Books. Doty WG (2001) Native American tricksters: literary figures of community transformers. In: Reesman JC (ed.) Trickster Lives: Culture and Myth in American Fiction. Athens, GA:.



Apr 14, 2005 ... George Washington is the only U.S. President to have been inaugurated in two different cities,. New York .... during his last days at Mount Vernon, which John Madison helped him edit down to 1425 words. .... Returning to the White House on horseback, Harrison led a grander parade than had ever been.


"Word of the Year" for 2005

Jan 6, 2006 ... In its 16th annual words of the year vote, the American Dialect Society voted truthiness ... Word of the Year is interpreted in its broader sense as “vocabulary item”—not just words but phrases. The words or phrases do not have to be brand new, but ... Heck of a job: catch phrase coined by President Bush. 5.


A corpus-based study of metaphor signaling variations in three genres

Abstract: This study examines the use of words and phrases that signal meta- phors in three genres in order ... US presidential addresses, popular science articles, and business periodical articles. The corpora were ..... US presidents, broadcast by radio and currently available as video files on the White House's website, are.

Skorczynska;Kathleen Ahrens - A corpus-based analysis of metaphor signaling in three genres.pdf?sequence=1


tell us what to think about, beginning with the work on agenda-setting and framing by. University of Texas at ..... The White House website transcribes the word as “conscience” See President's remarks to the Unity ... 69 Inside the administration the phrase “Global War On Terror,” or GWOT, had been used to designate US ...


The Making and Persistence of the American Dream

The Making and Persistence of the American Dream. John Kenneth White. Sandra L. Hanson. THE AMERICAN DREAM remains a vibrant concept that Amer- icans comprehend ... own life's journey to become the first African American president: “This ... Notably, Adams penned these words at a time when economic fear.


Social Media and the Future of U.S. Presidential Campaigning

Nov 9, 2008 ... 1 Bob Mead to Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, “White House memorandum on “ The Role of Radio and. Television in ... President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the first American president “to master the. [radio] medium as .... Both candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush created simple websites for the 52 ...


President's Committee on Mental Retardation

Letter of Transmittal. PRESIDENT'S COMMITTEE ON MENTAL RETARDATION. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20201. The President. The White House. Washington, D.C.. My dear Mr. ... Mental Retardation: Past and Present traces the history of America's treatment of retarded persons from the ..... In a word to reduce the. Institution ...


Representations of black presidential candidates in US film and

Obama's presidency ended and new candidates vied for the White House, it was obvious racism still played a ... elected because U.S. voters could finally imagine their nation with a black male president after having .... and Lucaites' words, serving as powerful sources of “tacit” ways of knowing, animating. “deep structures of ...


The Permanent Campaign of Rafael Correa: Making Ecuador's

rise of an extreme version of the plebiscitary presidency in the Andean region of. Latin America.Through an examination of the administration of Rafael Correa in ... lysts in understanding the dynamics in the Bush White House (Cook 2002). ..... word was integrated into what Vinicio Alvarado portrayed as a campaign to.


“Pictures Worth More than Words”: The Fight for the True

after the President's words failed to appeal to the nation. The paintings' immense success was twofold. First .... defining phrase of the American narrative, Roosevelt's “Four. Freedoms” and his administration's choice of a ... white family ready to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner, the patriarch eager to carve the turkey and the ...


Climate change and journalistic norms: A case-study of US mass

Through analysis of US newspaper and television coverage of human contributions to climate change from 1988 through. 2004, this paper finds that ... sions, White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer further clarified Bush's position: .... 6 For this study, a discourse is an identifiable web of words, phrases, assumptions, and ...


The Impact of Politics on Language: The Cold War, Vietnam

empirical perspectives on whether and how newly coined words diffuse into broader usage, we focus on ..... How great an impact did Cold War, Vietnam, and Watergate words have on American English? ..... attention during the Watergate period shifted from the break-in itself to the cover-up, the phrase White House.


Rock ' n' Roll in the 1950s: Rockin' for Civil Rights

The influence of rock (n' roll on the culture and society of America is almost too vast to measure. The impact of rock In' roll was ... created a common culture amongst white and black teenagers. This was made possible by .... ln the 1950s, America was trying to portray solidarity in the American family. They were trying to show ...



Apr 3, 2009 ... INTRODUCTION. As everyone knows, each U.S. president and vice-president up until ..... Accompanying the visual images are the following words: McCain/Palin in '08: Now. That's Just ..... convention-button-asks-if-obama-is-presidentwill-we- still-call-it-the-white-house/ (June 17, 2008,. 12:56 EST). 72. Id.


"Words Should do the Work of Bombs": Margaret Cho as Symbolic

"Words Should do the Work of Bombs": Margaret Cho as Symbolic Assassin. Kyra Pearson. Abstract: This essay examines ... presidential election, one that, as she told The New York. Times, addressed "the obliteration of .... close-up of the White House—zeroes in on her target. Having built a successftil comedy career and.


of Word and Phrase Origins.pdf

again a century from now. Foreign sources won't be ignored in this new fourth edi - tion. Neither will timely words, U.S. dialects, technical words, slang words, sports words, echoic words, coined words, eponymous words, classical words, “ war words,” and many other stimulating terms. No word or phrase has been elimi- .

iif_kgpm_The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins.pdf

Publication 512 - Women On Stamps

1920 the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensured that women would not be denied the right to ... the settlement several years later, the only trace of the colonists was the word. “Croatoan” carved on ..... President Abraham Lincoln received her at the White House, and from 1864 to 1868 she worked with the National ...


Day of the Dead Educational Activity Guide

President Elect. Annabelle Arteaga, Ph.D. Vice President – Membership. John Hogg, M.D.. Vice President – Development. Sylvia Orozco. Executive Director ... Mexicans and Mexican Americans use many different words to describe ... Paramount Theatre, 1985, black and white photograph, Mexic-Arte Museum Permanent.


A Clockwork War: Rhetorics of Time in a Time of Terror

Expressions of time have increasingly infused the rhetorical experience of post- industrial war, especially since 9/11. ... White House for its ability to ''package an historical event.''4 He tells of an exchange ..... President Bush's words.67 Simultaneously, a process was underway to supplant the. ''War on Terror'' with a moniker ...