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Theatre Journal. YCS. Yale Classical Studies. ZPE. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. Adam, J.-M., M.-J. Borel, C. Calame, and M. Kilani. 1990a. Anthropologie ... From Acting to Performance: Essays in Modernism and Postmodernism. London. Austin ...... Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. Baltimore.


Apollo's Favorites

The abortive liaison with Apollo becomes merely an aition for her state of non- persuasiveness and carries no moral. 1 B. Knox, "Aeschylus and the Third Actor," in his Word and Action. Essays on the Ancient Theater (Baltimore 1979) 44f, 50; S. Schein, "The. Cassandra Scene in Aeschylus' Agamemnon," GandR 2 (1982) 13; ...


This is Not an Exit: A Reexamination of Euripides' Hippolytus In

Cambridge University Press. Koehnken, A. 1972. “Goetterrahmen und Menschliches Handeln in Euripides' Hippolytos.” Hermes. Vol. 100. pp. 179-90. Knox, B.M.W. 1952. “The Hippolytus of Euripides.” Yale Classical Studies 13, 1- 31; repr. in id., Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. 205-230. Baltimore: Johns.

204.This is Not an Exit.pdf


Cambridge: 472-7. Kleijwegt, M. (1991) Ancient Youth: The Ambiguity of Youth and the Absence of. Adolescence in Greco-Roman Society. Amsterdam. Knox, B. (1979) Words and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. Baltimore and. London. --- (1985) 'Euripides', in The Cambridge History of Classical Literature: Volume.


Brandi uckler

History of Ancient Greece. New York: W.W. Norton, 1966. Hopman, Marianne. “ Revenge and Mythopoiesis in Euripides‟ Medea.” Transactions of the. American Philological Association 138.1 (2008): 155-183. Knox, Bernard. "The Medea of Euripides." Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. Vol. 1. Baltimore: ...


Women and Oaths in Euripides

28 See Bernard Knox, Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theatre ( Baltimore: Johns Hopkins. University Press, 1979), 295–322.The intensity of Medea's anger and her ability to escape the scene of her crime with impunity suggest to Knox that she has affinities with Aphrodite and other vengeful deities in Euripides.


Protofeminist or Misogynist? Medea as a case study of gendered

Medea as a case study of gendered discourse in Euripidean drama. Conference Paper · November 2009 with ... prevailing norms and his sympathy with the plight of women in ancient Greece. Knox. calls the speech more than simply ...... Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. Baltimore: Johns. Hopkins University  ...

Medea Feminist or Misogynist.pdf

Aristophanes, Old Comedy, and Greek Tragedy

Methuen. Knox, Bernard. (1979)- "Euripidean Comedy." In Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater, ed. В. Knox. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 250-74. Lada-Richards, Ismene. (1999). Initiating Dionysus: Ritual and Theatre in Aristophanes' Frogs. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Olson , S. Douglas.


A Man Out of Time: Aias 646-692 by Sophocles

Mar 4, 2016 ... Knox's interpretation in “The Ajax of Sophocles” in Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979), pp. 125–160. The tribunal's “democratic” decision thus robs the community of its best defender. Ajax's example suggests, perhaps, that modern efforts to cultivate.


Reflections on Plato's Poetics: Essays from Beijing

Knox, Bernard. 1979. Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theatre. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Unversity Press. Kuhn, H. 1941. “The True Tragedy: On the Relationship between. Greek Tragedy and Plato.” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, 52,. 1-140. Kurke, Leslie. 2006. “Plato, Aesop, and the Beginnings of Mimetic.

Reflections on Plato's Poetics_Front_Intro._Biblio._Indices.pdf

Drama Analysis

In other words, the audience is informed about the 'who', 'what', 'where', 'when' and 'why' of the story at the beginning of plays. This is called the exposition. Consider the ... the audience from the action presented on stage in order to impede people's emotional ... Thus, ancient Greek drama traditionally made use of a chorus ...


The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama

'Theatre' and 'drama': this familiar but invariably troublesome distinction requires a word of explanation in this context, since it has important consequences with regard to the objects and issues at stake. 'Theatre' is taken to refer here to the complex of phenomena associated with the performer-audience transaction: that is, ...


The Greek Chorus Dynamic in Ancient and Contemporary Theatre

Since its origin in classical Greek theatre, the theatrical device of the chorus ... From musicals to contemporary plays like Mac Wellman's Bad Penny, the ... action of the play. This dichotomy between directly plunging into the play versus watching and commenting on it creates an interesting dynamic, catching the audience ...


The interpretation of cultures: selected essays, Geertz, Clifford

THE. INTERPRETATION. OF. CULTURES. SELECTED ESSAYS. BY. Clifford Geertz. Basic Books, Inc., Puhlishers. NEW YORK ... would say peculiar, view of what culture is, what role it plays in social life, and how it ought properly to be stud ...... ducted in multiple tongues and as much in action as in words. Claiming his 'ar ...


Question Everything

Rºund Barthes's collection of essays Mythologies can be best described as an elucidator. Barthes's work is the ... it is through the written word that Barthes often illuminates the world's devices. What I mean by that is, ... must have been that of the ancient theaters” (“Striptease” 167, “Toys” 59, “In the Ring” 3). Here. Here. Here.


The Death of Nicias

Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. (Baltimore). Konstan, D. ( ) Greek Comedy and Ideology (New York and. Oxford). Lateiner, D. ( ) 'Nicias' Inadequate Encouragement',. CPh : – . Lebeck, A. ( ) The Oresteia: A Study in Language and. Structure (Cambridge, Mass.). Marinatos, N. ( ) 'Nicias as Wise Advisor and ...


One Voice Too Many: Echoes of Irony and Trauma in Oedipus the King

Nov 9, 2017 ... Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins. University Press. Lambek, Michael. 2003. Introduction: Irony and Illness —Recognition and Refusal. Social Analysis: The International. Journal of Social and Cultural Practice 47: 1–19. [CrossRef]. Pucci, Pietro. 1988.



by B. M. W. Knox, The Medea of Euripides, Yale Class. Stud. 25 (1977), 193-225, especially 198-199, 201-202, 224 = Word and Action: Essays on the Ancient. Theatre, Baltimore 1979,295-322, especially 297-298,300,315 (cf. E. Schlesinger , loc. cit. 50, 53 - only partially translated in Segal's book). For the theme of friends .


Philia in Euripides' Medea

Apr 1, 1990 ... B. M. W. Knox, “The Medea of Euripides,” YCS 25 (1977) 197-202 = Word and. Action: Essays on the Ancient Theater (Baltimore and London 1979) 297-302. 14. On the fundamental significance throughout the play of Jason as an oath-breaker , see B. Vickers, Towards Greek Tragedy (London and New ...


Review of Greek and Roman Actors: Aspects of an Ancient

tell us about ancient performance, and that performed drama did not end with Terence, or (possibly) Seneca -. - in other words, that we have moved beyond most of the old orthodoxies and prejudices. Several main ques- tions are raised here which many of the essays attempt to answer: what did ancient acting look like, and ...