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Do You Want to Keep Your Customers Forever

Customers, whether consum- ers or businesses, do not want more choices. They want exactly what they want – when, where, and how they want it – and technology now makes it possible for companies to give it to them. Interactive and database technology permits companies to amass huge amounts of data on individual ...


Negotiating 1. What you want 2. Understanding their position

If you are keen to deal with them regularly, you need a deal that will last. ... you are selling, do you understand what the customer is asking for? Do they need all the features you offer? What extras will they value most (eg free delivery)? What are their ... Do not wring every last penny out of suppliers and customers you value.


On Paradigms and Methods: What Do You Do When the Ones You

On Paradigms and Methods: What Do You Do When the Ones You. Know Don't Do What You Want. Them To? Issues in the Analysis of Data in the Form of Videotapes. Alan H. Schoenfeld. Education and Mathematics. The University of California- Berkeley. This article examines a range of issues related to the development ...


tips to help you deliver great customer support and keep your

The only way to achieve this of course is to provide the best possible support you can to each and every customer. This .... You don't want your advanced or back line support answering phone calls or checking emails. You wan them resolving issues. If you're an executive or small business owner and find yourself checking  ...


Tips on Serving Customers with Disabilities.

Your customers with disabilities know if they need help and how you can provide it. • Find a good way to communicate. A good start is to listen carefully. • Look at your customer, but don't stare. Speak directly to a person with a disability, not to their interpreter or someone who is with them. • Use plain language and speak in  ...

Accessibility Tips.pdf

Ten Laws

ing tile effort to take the money to the register. They were happy to transfer flint effort to the restaurant. The lesson is clear: Guests will appreciate any- thing you can do to make things easier and more convenient for them. V: Facilitate customer decision making. Customers don't like to make decisions. Your job is to assist ...


Allergen information for loose foods

customers . You can find out more about FIR here: http://food .gov .uk/science/ allergy- · intolerance/label/. Who is this booklet for? This booklet is for you if, for .... that you don't know what allergens are in the food you serve . You are also not allowed to say that all the foods you serve could contain an allergen . You will need ...



with the public, the image you and your people project to customers is very important. From grooming to attitude, your people need to know what that image should be and how to convey it. Develop and recognize employees. "If you don't hire the right kind of people, we can never make anything out of them." "The right kind ...



Where necessary ask the caller if you can place him/her on “hold” while you find the answer to their question or ask ... Problem: Oftentimes messages do not get returned in a timely manner or do not get returned at all. ... Place the call to the home number to see if the employee wants to talk with the individual placing the call ...

Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service Training.pdf

Improving Survey Participation

questions—typically easy to spot by their negative phrasing (“Wouldn't you like … ?” or “Don't you agree … ?”) Also avoid double negatives, which can cause ..... Don't let the same hold true for your customers—give them a reason to provide feedback. If they're taking the time to provide feedback, they'll want to know what  ...


SAW Ch3.qxd

to do both. Work Ethic. Being an Excellent Employee. Benefits of Excellence. You experience many benefits when you develop a positive work ethic .... want you. Nor will they want you if you are incredibly productive but steal from them. Together, a good work ethic and the qualities of excellence make you valuable to any ...

SAW Ch3.pdf

New Jersey's “Do Not Call” Law

Requires telemarketers and sellers to maintain in-house “Do Not Call” lists pertaining to “existing customers” ... call from the telephone number you want to register. To register online, you will need an active e-mail address. If you have more than one telephone number, be sure to register each one or you may still get calls ...


Customer Service 101: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

all customers. Bonus: This document can serve as a convenient handout for your colleagues who are always asking you to explain why customer service matters to them. ..... If you don't have the data to impress decision-makers, wow them with dramatic quotes and resolutions of major customer problems. All the numbers in.


LogistiCare “Where's My Ride?” 1-866-527-9934 LogistiCare

dialysis? A. Tell a LogistiCare customer service person what you need. They will call your medical office and ask them to send us a form that says you need regular rides. We will make sure that you get rides until you or your medical office tells us that you don't need them anymore. Q. Can I ask for a specific transportation.


Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act

Before your service is shut off, your utility company will take the following steps: ○ Send you a 10-Day Notice. Once you get the notice, the utility company has up to 60 ... you the opportunity to contact them to make ... You do not have good credit or if you do have good credit, but have a bad payment history with the utility .


Customer Analytics The three-minute guide

can help answer your questions? Don't underestimate the strength of your current data. It doesn't have to be complete to be valuable. Along the way, you should not settle for aggregate views, or someone else's summary of what they think you need. You should have the technology muscle to zoom directly to the most ...


Customer-focused presentations

Forget about what you want. Think about what your customers want. What products or services do you offer that will help your customers meet their challenges, relieve their pain points, or achieve their objectives? 2. Make it personal. Don't give the same presentation every time. It's true that it takes extra time to customize ...


How To Write a Good PRD

not resonating with customers. It could be that your product is trying to solve a non- problem; maybe you have a technology that you're still trying to find an application for. The value proposition should also make clear how this product helps deliver on the product strategy. Note that you do not need to talk about every little ...


Food labelling: giving food information to consumers - GOV.UK

Apr 27, 2015 ... Find out the information you must give to customers on food products and how to give it. ... You don't need a QUID for ingredients that can vary in quantity without altering the character of the food or distinguishing it from similar foods. For example, you don't need to show a QUID for flour in a flour tortilla.


DAS Customer Service 101

many people do you tell? ______. 2. A customer is ____ times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related rather than price or product related. 3. For every customer complaint, there is an average of ____ other unhappy customers who have remained silent. 4. 96% of unhappy customers don't ...

DAS Cust Svc training - Learner Guide.pdf