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Recovering After a Stroke: A Patient and Family Guide

For the rest of their lives, they are people who happen to have had a ... stroke, but only lasts for a few hours or a day and does not cause permanent brain damage. A ... Before acute care ends, the patient and family with the hospital staff decide what the next step will be. For many patients, the next step will be to continue ...


Making decisions A guide for people who work in health and social

A guide for people who work in health and social care. Making .... decision because the way their mind or brain works is affected, for instance, by ... enabling the individual to make his/her own decisions. If they are unable to do this it emphasises that they should be involved in the decision making process as far as possible.


Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide for Patients

A Guide For Patients. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a sudden trauma, such as a blow or jolt to the head, causes damage to the brain. Such injuries can result in .... People frequently report feeling as though they are “going crazy.” .... When they do sleep, their sleep is lighter and less restful, and they frequently.


Facts About Concussion and Brain Injury

office, some people must stay in the hospital overnight. Your doctor may do a scan of your. Persons taking blood brain (such as a CT scan) or other thinners should be seen tests. Other tests, known as immediately by a health. “ neuropsychological” or care provider if they have a. “neurocognitive” tests, assess bump or blow ...



When people have the facts and the right tools, they can take action. This guide gives you the knowledge and tools you need to take action against underage drinking. ... It's time to stop looking the other way. It's time to tell children and teens that underage drinking is not okay. It will take a lot of work over time to change how ...


Severe Brain Injuries

DOES THAT MEAN. THEY ARE BRAIN DEAD? No. Coma is not the same as brain death. Coma is also not the same as another condition with which it is ... organs of their loved one when possible so that others might live. The doctors say my loved one is in the vegetative state. What does this mean? The vegetative state is ...


MAC14313 End of life: a guide

If you live alone. It may be very hard to keep positive and be optimistic if you live alone. Even though you may value your independence, being ill can make you feel very lonely and frightened. It's all right to ask for help. People who care about you will want to help in any way they can. Some people will find it difficult to talk ...


The Teen Years Explained

The authors of The Teen Years Explained: A Guide to Healthy Adolescent Development would like to express our sincere gratitude to the .... development professionals the knowledge they need to ensure that healthy adolescent development is an explicit goal of their work. .... when they experience them in their own lives.


Killing Us Softly 4 - Study Guide

reference point for students as they work on assignments. Questions for Discussion & Writing encourage students to reflect critically on the video during class discussions, and guide their written reactions before and after these discussions. These questions can therefore be used in different ways: as guideposts for class ...


Haudenosaunee Guide for Educators

NMAI photo by Katherine Fodgen,. P26530 ear Educator,. The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian is pleased to bring this guide to you. ... f the material contained within this guide may be familiar to you, some of it will be ew. ... people live — how they are to treat each other within their communities, how.


A guide to benefits and financial help for people affected by cancer

The aim of this guide is to explain what financial benefits are .... for people who do not have to sign on for work, such as carers and ..... John and Maria are a married couple in their 30s. They live in a rented flat, although they have been saving hard for a deposit on a flat of their own. They have managed to save £ 5,000 so far ...


Choosing a Stroke Rehab Provider

Not only do they have different brain injuries and disabilities, but also different interests, lifestyles and priorities. What is best for you may not be the best for someone else. ... Use this guide to learn more about stroke rehab programs and to help you find a ... An inpatient program will assign you a room to live in while you are.


Radiation Therapy and You: Support for People with Cancer

They may suggest that you read certain sections or follow specific tips. Because radiation therapy affects people in different ways, they may also tell you that some of the ..... radiation therapy depends on the cost of health care where you live, what .... will discuss external beam radiation therapy, its benefits and side effects,.


A Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship

guardianship established. Guardians advocate for their wards, either make decisions for them or help them make decisions, including: • Where they will live. • Medical treatments they will receive. • Who has access to the ward. Family members may no longer be involved in decision-making if they are not appointed guardian.


Understanding and responding to children's needs in inclusive

to illnesses; they may be beaten; their parents may have separated; they are refugees or survivors of war. Sometimes they live on the streets. They may abuse drugs. Impairments. Some children are born with impair- ments such as eyes that do not see well; arms and legs that are deformed, or a brain that is not developing ...


Health Ministers Guide - Zika virus

baby's brain has not developed properly during pregnancy. Babies with ... Most people infected with Zika won't have symptoms or will only have mild symptoms. .... partner who has traveled to or lives in an area with Zika should take steps to prevent infection. They should use condoms and dental dams every time they.


When a Parent Has MS: A Teenager's Guide

and aware of other people to feeling more responsible and prepared to deal with whatever life brings their way. They agreed to share their stories and suggest .... will that affect me?” are questions that invade the thoughts of many a teen whose parent has MS. “If someone were to ask me if I wanted my life to be different ...


Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens: A Parent's Guide

They can result in damaged relationships, poor school performance, and even suicide. But bipolar disorder can be treated, and people with this illness can lead full and productive lives. Bipolar disorder often develops in a person's late teens or early adult years, but some people have their first symptoms during childhood.


Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

But research shows that a number of vital tasks carried out during sleep help people stay healthy and function at their best. While you sleep, your brain is hard at work forming the ..... a lack of sleep, either because they do not spend enough time in bed .... Rats, for example, normally live 2–3 years, but they live only. 5 weeks ...


Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Through their experiences with. PD they have come to find acceptance, mental strength and quality of life. These are all perfectly reasonable expectations of a future with Parkinson's disease. I've Got What? My doctor said PD is an “ incurable progressive degenerative neurological brain disorder.” What does that mean in ...