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2011 Product Catalog

A single WhiteWings plane that has all the airfoils numbered for easy tuning and teaching what makes a real airplane fly. 664. 666. 665. 101. T-1. Testors Glue ... find this a great way to learn the principles of flight. 5000. 321. 332. 3 Model Kits. 1000. 10 All Paper. Model Kit. 700. Tri-Linear Series. 500. WhiteWings.


*It is important that only the facilitator reads these instructions* The

Activity: Create and manage a system for making paper airplanes efficiently. ... 4 model airplanes. Laptop. Pre-work for facilitator: Review the instructions below and watch the short video to learn how to facilitate the activity. Watch the ... Plane 1: This is a large, angled wing plane with 1 seat for the red circle customer.

Paper Airplane Factory Activity.pdf

Big 1/4 Scale

whitewinGs. 23 white winGs Competition Kit. Materials to make 30 Sky Cub II racers. 30 sets of easy-to-understand student instructions. A teacher's manual with ... multi plane sets midwest Catapult Glider. 30 pC Class paCK. Biplane 3 - model Kits. • 3 Precut balsa and paper gliders. • Includes Flying Boat, Travel Air 4000, ...


Chapter 15: Ice and Rain Protection

Figure 15-4. An ice detector alerts the flight crew of icing conditions and, on some aircraft, automatically activates ice protection systems. One or more detectors are located on the forward fuselage. Wing and Horizontal and Vertical. Stabilizer Anti -Icing Systems. The wing leading edges, or leading edge slats, and horizontal.



KELVIN® EDUCATIONAL. TRANSPORTATION. KITES. Create A Kite Kit. Create your own colorful decoration on this plain white kite with long streamers. Easy to fly. ... Inch Wing Span. Traditional. Kite Class Pack. Students design their own kites and then build them using colorful tissue paper. This kit includes tissue paper,.


First Flyers

Paper clip. Markers, crayons, pencils. (optional). Selection of ribbons. Painted canvas to show the material that covered the aircraft. A piece of aluminum from pop ... Chart paper. Maple seed. “helicopters”. (optional). Paper Helicopter. Template. (Worksheet 2). Paper. Measuring tape. Paper. Balloon rockets kit. Large long ...


MiG-15 Flying Paper Airplane Model

7. 4. Assembly Instructions. Tools: Scissors, White Glue, Ruler, "Dead" Pen (no ink left) & Hobby Knife. 1. Begin by printing the two design (pattern) pages on 65 #-80# cover weight card stock. This is important because your plane will not fly if printed on too heavy or too light paper. You can usually find this type of paper at an ...



13-14-15. Strobe Power Supplies - HDACF, A490ATSC, A490TCF, A490TCCF. 16-21. LED Light Assemblies - 90520( ) Series. 22-27. LED Light Assemblies .... If the wingtip strobe light convergence is greater than 1200 ft. in back of the aircraft, a 3rd light is necessary. POSITION LIGHTS AND ANTI-COLLISION LIGHT.


BD Diagnostics - Preanalytical Systems

promote the application of best practices ... BD Rapid Serum Tubes. 15. BD EDTA Tubes. 16. BD Cross Match Tubes. 17. BD Plasma Tubes (Heparin). 18. BD Plasma Separation Tubes (BD PSTTM II). 19 ... needle with safety valve, BD Vacutainer® holder and sterile BD Vacutainer® evacuated blood collection tubes with.


Air Intake Systems Product Guide

You get all of this and more with Donaldson air cleaners and filters. We've been delivering air intake systems that have met equipment manufacturers' and customers' needs for more than 100 years. We've been the leader in air filtration since Frank Donaldson invented the first air cleaner for a tractor in 1915. Since then ...


Chapter 5

15 Jan 2017. 5-i. CHAPTER 5. Maintenance Control, Production Control, and Material Control; Aircraft. Logbook (Paper), Reports, and Configuration Management (CM) ... Aircraft, UAS, and Equipment Inspection Procedures and Responsibilities . ... Scheduled Removal Components (SRC) and Assemblies .

Chapter 05.pdf

Science Olympiad Wright Stuff Event Construction Tips

plane. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is rare that a newly-constructed airplane (model or full-size) will fly at its best on the first flight. So, building the .... WING HALF SPAN. 25. 25. 25. 25. STAB ROOT CHORD. 4.5. 4.5. 4.5. 4.5. STAB TIP CHORD. 4.5. 4.5. 4.5. 4.5. STAB SWEEP. 0. 0. 0. 0. STAB HALF SPAN. 15. 15 .


read this manual before starting construction. it contains important

Great Planes® Model Manufacturing Co. guarantees this kit to be free from ... assembled product, the user accepts all resulting liability. If the buyer ..... White. TOPQ0204. Black. TOPQ0208. True Red. TOPQ0227. ·The stabilizer and wing incidences and engine thrust angles have been factory-built into this model. However,.


Aircraft Spruce from Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce. ... Mixing Sticks, Premium Spreader Squeegee · Page 40: Tapered Offset Spatula, Dremel Tools , Model 100 Mototool, Model 395 Mototool, Dremel Two Speed Rotary Tool Kit, Dremel Moto Tool Kit #200-1/15, No. ... Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Series 8 Wash-off Hand Protection , Tyvek Suits, Ply No.



parts damaged by use or modification. In no case shall Great. Planes' liability exceed the original cost of the purchased kit. Further, Great Planes reserves the right to change or modify this warranty without notice. In that Great Planes has no control over the final assembly or material used for final assembly, no liability shall ...


LR-1A Pogo 15e

E-flite LR-1A Pogo 15e ARF Assembly Manual. 3. E-flite LR-1A Pogo 15e ARF Assembly Manual. Specifications. Wingspan: 49.0 in (1244mm). Length: 36.3 in ( 922mm). Wing Area: 375 sq in (24.19 sq dm). Weight w/ Battery: 3.10–3.35 oz ( 1.40–1.50 kg). Weight w/o Battery: 2.60–2.75 lb (1.18–1.25 kg). Contents of Kit/ Parts ...


Hyperloop Alpha

my excellent compadres at both companies for their help in putting this ... Is there truly a new mode of transport – a fifth mode after planes, trains, cars ..... Page 15. Hyperloop Passenger Capsule. The maximum width is 4.43 ft (1.35 m) and maximum height is 3.61 ft (1.10 m). With rounded corners, this is equivalent to a 15 ft2 ...


Non-destructive Testing: A Guidebook for Industrial Management

portions of the book have been directly adopted from the Training Course Series No. 3 entitled Industrial ..... world, for example, railways, automobiles, aircraft, ships, power plants, chemical and other industrial plants, etc., ..... Although a great deal of non-destructive testing is carried out for flaw detection in materials, e.g. the ...


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AERO magazine is published quarterly by boeing commercial airplanes and is distributed at no cost to operators ... AERO is printed on recyclable paper. information ... n identify normal deterioration for a fleet of airplanes. n match the airplanes that perform best to their longest routes. n identify high fuel burning airplanes for.


Parker Chomerics Thermal Interface Materials Catalog

This document and other informa- tion from Parker-Hannifin Corpora- tion, its subsidiaries and authorized distributors provide product or sys- tem options for further investigation by users having technical expertise. The user, through its own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for making the final selection of.