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Lorenzo Benadusi. The Enemy of the New Man: Homosexuality in

Evoking military theorist Carl von Clausewitz's famous dictum on war and politics, When Soldiers Fall: How. Americans Have Confronted Combat Losses from World. War I to Afghanistan proposes that wartime casualties, like war itself, have often served as a continuation of political intercourse in twentieth-century confficts.


War and Peace in Time and Space

Feb 9, 2015 ... 47 See LUTZ, supra note 36; see generally STEVEN CASEY, WHEN SOLDIERS FALL: HOW. AMERICANS HAVE CONFRONTED COMBAT LOSSES FROM WORLD WAR I TO. AFGHANISTAN (2014). 48 See generally Finkelstein, Ohlin, & Altman, supra note 30. 49 See generally CASEY, supra note 47.


Tomaz Jardim. The Mauthausen Trial: American Military Justice in

When Soldiers Fall: How Americans Have. Confronted Combat Losses from World War I to Afghan- istan. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. Pp. x,. 310 . $29.95. Evoking military theorist Carl von Clausewitz's famous dictum on war and politics, When Soldiers Fall: How. Americans Have Confronted Combat Losses ...


Casualties of War

Dec 9, 2004 ... Though firepower has increased, lethality has decreased. In World War II, 30 percent of the Americans in- jured in combat died.3 In Vietnam, the proportion dropped to 24 percent. In the war in Iraq and Af- ghanistan, about 10 percent of those injured have died. At least as many U.S. soldiers have been in-.


Invisible Inequality: The Two Americas of Military Sacrifice

overlook these Two Americas of military sacrifice. But in this. Article, we show that ignoring this invisible inequality has not made it go away. Through a series of empirical investigations—including analysis of over 500,000 American combat casualties from World. War II through Afghanistan, combined with seven unique ...


Part II, Paper 26 The American Experience in Vietnam, 1941-1975

David C. Carter, The Music Has Gone Out of the Movement: Civil Rights and the Johnson. Administration, 1965-1968 (2009), chapter 6. Steven Casey, When Soldiers Fall: How Americans Have Confronted Combat Losses from World War I to Afghanistan (2014), chapter 5. Michael S. Foley, Confronting the War Machine:  ...


Ethics, Combat, and a Soldier's Decision to Kill

Apr 30, 2015 ... This essay proposes that the principles of just war theory can help soldiers develop a clear moral vision when they have to measure out whether to kill. Ideally, soldiers take life in the belief they will make the world a better place—or at least prevent it from getting worse. They believe their actions in war,.


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with PTSD in The Criminal Justice

Another Emerging “Storm”: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with PTSD in. The Criminal Justice System. William B. Brown. Volume 5 – No. 2 – Fall 2008 ... military power. Not since World War II has America been engaged in combat along two theaters of combat operation – Iraq and Afghanistan. We now have extended our ...


Providing for the Casualties of War: The American Experience

Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. The American Experience. Through World War II. Providing for the. Casualties of War. Bernard Rostker ...... American Battle Casualties—Killed in Action and Battle Injuries, by Month . ..... troops joined battle in Afghanistan, Congress passed the Defense Authorization Act of.


Combat Trauma Lessons Learned from Military Operations of 2001

Mar 9, 2015 ... The survival rate of Service members injured in combat has significantly improved during the recent decade of military conflict due to advances in trauma care and knowledge gained by medical personnel in the pre-hospital far forward environment. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, the ...

DHB Report Trauma Care Lessons Learned 150309.pdf

A Historical Analysis of Resiliency Following Failure in Battle

When Soldiers Fall: How Americans have Confronted Combat Losses from World . War I to Afghanistan. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. Cohen, Elliot A. and John Gooch. Military Misfortunes: The Anatomy of Failure in War. New. York: Free Press, 1990. The Collins English Dictionary Online. Accessed December ...


The Difficult Reintegration of Soldiers to Society and Family After

Apr 1, 2011 ... trauma and mindset of combat behind them can make the return home from combat stressful and difficult for both the soldier and family. During World War I, soldiers returning home who had trouble reacclimating to civilian life were determined to have "shell shock" (Ritchie 11). Soldiers who returned ...


Do the Military's Frontline Psychiatry/Combat and Operational Stress

Jan 30, 2017 ... the potential benefits and harmful effects of the military's century-old doctrine of frontline psychiatry or combat and operational stress control (COSC). Since the Second World. War, psychiatric casualties have outnumbered the combined total of American service members both wounded and killed- in-action.


Expanding Brigade Combat Teams: Is the Training Base Adequate?

Nov 6, 2017 ... World War II, doubling the number of BCTs is complex and without modern parallel. ... 4 Eric Schmitt, “Iraq-Bound Troops Confront Rumsfeld over Lack of Armor,” New York Times,. December 8, 2004. 5 The goal .... replacing combat losses or soldiers whose term of service has expired. A 25 percent overage ...


National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

people around the world. And we will seize these opportunities. This combating terrorism strategy further elaborates on Section III of the the National. Security Strategy by expounding on our need to destroy terrorist organizations, win the “ war of ideas,” and strengthen. America's security at home and abroad. While the  ...


Banal Time: War After Grand Narrative

Dec 21, 2015 ... When Soldiers Fall: How Americans Have Confronted Combat. Losses from World War I to Afghanistan. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ellsberg, Daniel. 1972. Papers on the War. New York: Simon and Schuster. . 2002. Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. New York: Viking. Franklin, H.


Suicides in the Military: The Post-Modern Combat Veteran and the

Keywords Military . Suicide . Veteran . Combat . Interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide . Military transition theory . Modern veteran . Hemingway effect ..... wars. Most notably, the modern veteran will be rejoining a civilian community that has not served in the Afghanistan or. Iraq wars and one that has little direct ...


The Wrong Track: Errors in American Tank Development in World

Crews in the M4. Sherman tank thus suffered extreme casualties in the fight to liberate mainland. Europe from Nazi Germany. This thesis contends that the U.S. Army had another tank available by the fall of 1944 that could have saved the lives of many American soldiers and might have also ended the war sooner than May.


Assessing the Human Toll of the Post-9/11 Wars: The Dead and

Jun 13, 2011 ... exact numbers of dead and wounded during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are disputed. ... soldiers or civilians outside of the context of any reciprocal threat of lethal force (e.g. execution of prisoners of war)." Bethany Lacina, "Battle Deaths Dataset 1946–2008 Codebook for Version 3.0," Centre.

Assessing the Human Toll of the Post911 Wars.pdf

Talk Is Cheap: Getting Serious About Preventing Child Soldiers

local tribal elements in the Paktia province in Afghanistan.3 Chapman's unit was ambushed, and he was hit by sniper fire.4 While many Americans expected the War on Terror to claim casualties, one aspect of the battle surprised many: Sgt. Chapman's killer was an Afghani child.5. The threat of child soldiers continued in  ...