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Investigation of Causal Attributions for the Political Behavior of Muslim Candidates. Politics and. Religion 2(2):247-276. Braman, Eileen and Thomas E. Nelson. 2007. Mechanism of Motivated ... What's Law Got to Do With It?: What Judges Do, Why They Do It and What's at Stake, Charles. Gardner Geyh (ed). Stanford: ...



“On the Study of Judicial Behaviors: Of Law, Politics, Science and Humility,” in What's. Law Got to Do With It? What Judges Do, Why They Do It, and What's at Stake (C. Geyh, ed. 2011). “Private Enforcement of Statutory and Administrative Law in the United States (and. Other Common Law Countries),” in Procedural Justice ...



The more reliable a judge was politically, the more accepted he was in the eyes of the communist ... 16 JNi.Media, “Ayelet Shaked Appoints First Female Qadi”, http://www.jewishpress.com, (26 April 2017). .... Law Got to Do With It?: What Judges Do, Why They Do It, and What's at Stake, (Stanford University Press,. 2011) ...

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All Judges Are PoliticalExcept When They Are Not: A Response

fundamental question posed by legal realism: How can the judicial process be permeated ... All Judges Are. Political—Except When They Are Not: Acceptable Hypocrisies and the Rule of Law (2010) takes up an enduring challenge posed by legal realism. ..... What Judges Do, Why They Do it, and What's at Stake, ed.


The Rule of Law is Dead! Long Live the Rule of Law!

Polls show that a significant proportion of the public considers judges to be political. ... contending legal and political beliefs is not necessarily fair or just. But it can be stable. At least in the context of law and courts, a house divided may stand. ******. Paper prepared for presentation at the “What's Law Got to Do With It ?” ...


Muckraking: The Case of the United States Supreme Court

4 (2014) – Law in the Age of Media Logic ... Director, Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media at Syracuse University; Paul E. ...... Geyh, ed. What's law got to do with it? What judges do, why they do it, and what's at stake. Stanford University Press, 306-327. Bybee, K.J., 2011b. Will the real Elena Kagan ...


independence and impartiality of judges, prosecutors and lawyers

Human Rights in the Administration of Justice: A Manual on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers. 113 ... prosecutors and lawyers in this regard; and secondly, will focus on the various legal limitations on, and de facto ..... appointed or elected because of the political views they hold or because, for instance,.


Legal Realism, Common Courtesy, and Hypocrisy

There is a growing political science literature organized around this view. The central claims and texts of this literature are usefully reviewed in Howard Gillman, ''What's Law Got to Do. With It? Judicial Behavioralists Test the 'Legal Model' of Judicial Decision Making,'' Law and. Social Inquiry 26 (2001), pp. 465а/504. 7.


Attack Advertising, the White Decision, and Voter Participation in

ical office and the negativity that can be a part of aggres- sive, well-financed campaigns have been a central focus in political science. Particularly relevant is the ...... In What's. Law Got to Do with It? What Judges Do, Why They Do It, and What's at Stake, edited by Charles Gardner Geyh,. [AQ: 5]. Stanford, CA: Stanford  ...

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refocusing recusals: how the bias blind spot affects disqualification

A. The Bias Blind Spot Defined and Disqualification Deconstructed..... 250. B. Self -Enhancement and ... “See” the World the Way I Do. ................... 259. 3. If Other People Don't “See” the World as I Do, Then They .... importance of impartial judges in our legal system and the historical presumption of impartiality that permits the ...


The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2000-2009: Decade of Change

the Brennan Center combines scholarship, legislative and legal advocacy, and communications to win meaningful ... This report was prepared by the Justice at Stake Campaign and two of its partners, the Brennan Center for Justice and the National ... It represents their research and viewpoints, and does not necessarily.


Maintaining the Public Trust: Ethics for Federal Judicial Law Clerks

Maintaining the Public Trust. Ethics for. Federal Judicial. Law Clerks. Second Edition. Federal Judicial Center 2011 ... refrain from inappropriate political activities. ... should you do? You or your judge may ask the Codes of Conduct Committee for ad- vice. The Committee is composed of 15 members: a judge from each circuit ...


Voter Ignorance and Judicial Elections

ticipants at the International Legal Ethics Conference, for their helpful comments and suggestions. The author would .... political ignorance in other elections by relying on cues and heuristics such as party labels and ..... Law Got to Do. With It: What Judges Do, Why They Do It, and What's at Stake 248, 249 (Charles Gardner .


The Dimensions of Judicial Impartiality

dimensions they occupy not only resolves many of the imponderables that have long plagued the subject, but ... to make legal arguments, score political points, exhort judges, and reassure the public. Unlike judicial .... judicial impartiality do not include the naYve assumption that judges are devoid of bias. Judges have long ...


Doctrine, Data, and High Theory

Apr 14, 2017 ... Stewart Macaulay, The New Versus the Old Legal Realism: “Things Ain't What They Used To Be,” 2005. WIS. ... (new and old) legal realists, law and economics scholars, and political theorists, as ..... 89, 109 (2005); Howard Gillman, What's Law Got to Do With It? Judicial Behavioralists Test the “Legal.


ethics and plea bargaining

Does the “negotia- tion process,” where the defense wields minimal bargaining power, provide for a system to achieve reliable results? The system has been vigorously justified and premised on the notion that ... What's Discovery Got to Do With It? By Ellen .... the Jacob Burns Ethics Center in the Practice of Law, Benjamin.


Crusading Against the Courts

Justice at Stake Campaign partners educate the public and work for reforms to keep politics and special interests out of the courtroom—so judges can do their job protecting our Constitution, our rights and the rule of law. The positions and policies of Justice at Stake partners are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those ...


Preempting the Police

that we vest the police with extensive discretion so that they can effectively identify and arrest .... ure ofthe interests at stake); Kerr, supra note 7, at 857-81 ( describing the advantages that legislatures have when it comes to ... 12 See Sara Sun Beale, What's Law Got to Do with It? The Political, Social, Psychological and.


Electing Political Delegates or Judicial Trustees? Professional

Jan 31, 2013 ... Abstract. When do voters select the “best” candidates to office and by what criteria is that ideal defined? The literature on judicial elections often prioritizes ...... What's Law Got to Do With It? What Judges Do, Why they do it, and. What's at Stake ed. Charles Gardner Geyh. Stanford University Press:195–222.



MOMMIE DEAREST: WHAT'S GENDER BIAS GOT TO DO WITH IT. Robert Z. Dobrish ... admissions directors are watched carefully to see that they do not make their selections, promotions or ... 4 Several excellent articles on this subject have been written by Timothy Tippins for the New York Law. Journal. See, e.g. Timothy ...