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Website Scavenger Hunt

SOUTH CAROLINA CAREER GUIDANCE EFFECTIVE EXERCISES. TITLE: WEBSITE SCAVENGER HUNT. SUBJECT: Guidance Activity. GRADE LEVEL(S): 6-8. SC Career Guidance Standard/Competency. • Learning to Work: Standard 3. Students will explore careers and the connection of school to work. Competency 3.3 ...


Ancient Egypt Internet Scavenger Hunt

Name_______________________________. Ancient Egypt Internet Scavenger Hunt. 1. Use the “Egyptian Life” link. Add five things (in each column) to show the difference between the two groups. Please,. DO NOT use the first five things in the webpage! ☺. Poor Egyptians. Rich Egyptians. 2. Use the “Guardian's Sphinx”  ...

Itotia ancient egypt scavenger hunt.pdf


ONLINE SCAVENGER HUNT. Middle School. Discover facts about colleges in Michigan by searching for the answers to each question using the internet! 1. Find and list the names of five colleges in Michigan and where they are located.


Local Government Scavenger Hunt Level: High School Overview

Title: Local Government Scavenger Hunt. Level: High School. Overview: Students will delve into their local government online. This two day activity will enable students to search various web sites and find out information about people, places, ideas and facts about their surrounding government. They will use this ...

3.4.1 HS Local Government Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Britannica Scavenger Hunt

Level, on the web at school.eb.com/levels/elementary. If you have trouble finding Britannica School, ask your teacher or librarian. When you've finished the scavenger hunt, turn your answers into your teacher or librarian by March 5 ... Answer the questions below using Britannica School, Middle School. Level, on the web at ...


Middle School Transition Toolkit

Middle School Expo Scavenger Hunt. 81 ... middle school transion acvies, 5th grade middle school transion acvies, and 6th grade middle school ..... web resources. All address issues related to age appropriate social/emoonal topics, developmental concerns related to transion, movaon, career exploraon, and academic.

Final Middle School Transition Toolkit.pdf

STEM Educator Resources

Apr 12, 2011 ... High School. • Internet Robotics Scavenger Hunt - http://spark.irobot.com/ materials/HighSchoolScavengerHunt.pdf. • Build 1 of 6 simple bots. Click on the picture of the bot you wish to build and it will provide a resource list and step by step instructions to build. http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Bots/.


Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is here! ... Based on your grade, select the appropriate information scavenger hunt below, and have fun exploring a world of information on Britannica Online School Edition. ... Answer the questions below using Britannica Online School Edition, Middle School Level, on the web at k8.eb.com/ comptons.


Scavenger Hunt

Materials: For students: ▫ Computers with Internet access. ▫ Pencils. ▫ Map of Africa (one for each group of 3-4 children). ▫ Colored dot stickers. For Group Leader: ▫ One copy of each Scavenger Hunt handout for every four children: - Afterschool in Ghana. -Traditional Homes – South Africa. -A School Day in Wundanyi, Kenya.


The Lunch Line with Recycling in Mind

Close the Loop: Internet Scavenger Hunt. Grade level: 4-5. Students learn how to use ... This website offers lesson plans that relate to garbage, recycling, and composting and are all aligned with the North American Association of ... designed for middle school students in Clark County, WA. The lesson plans are designed to ...



across the elementary and middle school curriculum, including language arts, math ... establishment of our first school garden at Charles Drew Elementary in ..... The Food Web. • Pollinator Habitats. • What can we do about Garden Pests? • My Munching Mouthparts. • Garden Scavenger Hunt. • Seed Study. Language Arts.

Gardens Curriculum 2010-- one doc.pdf

Virtual College Scavenger Hunt

Virtual College Scavenger Hunt. Goal: Students will choose a college and do research by taking a virtual online tour of the campus. ... Choose the school and do the virtual scavenger hunt: Have each student choose a ... Ask students why it is important to start researching colleges before high school? • Ask students why is it ...


Middle School Energy Curriculum 1 | P a g e

Feb 27, 2012 ... Pre Session Activities. 5 b. Homework/In-Class Activities. 5 c. Curriculum Alignment. 7 d. Assignment Details. 8. 3. Course a. PowerPoint Slides. 10 b. Script for PowerPoint. 56. 4. Activities a. Web Scavenger Hunt. 61 b. Home Energy Audit. 66 c. Biggest Energy Loser Challenge. 71. 5. Additional Resources .


Common App Scavenger Hunt

College Happens Now: Common Application Scavenger Hunt (Part One of Two). 1. Tell advisees that colleges look at a ... Application website: https://www. commonapp.org/CommonApp/. DownloadForms.aspx. Scavenger Hunt ... Enrolling in college prep courses in high school. – Students should take the most rigorous ...

Common App Scavenger Hunt - CollegeBoard Advisory Guide.pdf

KnowHow2GO Scavenger Hunt

The KnowHow2GO Scavenger Hunt is a fun and interactive way to get students to tour a local university and become comfortable ... Still, the game is suitable for most middle and high school students, provided there is adult supervision. ... and including a mention on your Web site, if applicable. You may localize the flyers.


6/7/8 South Brunswick Middle School Topic: Safety precautions

Subject: CTE-Digital Literacy. Grades: 6/7/8 South Brunswick Middle School. Topic: Safety precautions when using online resources. 6.7.8 SE.1.2. Teacher: Mrs. Jayne Slease. Date: 5 lessons ... Directions: Visit each of the websites on the USA-SOS Scavenger Hunt webpage by clicking on the numbered circles. Read the ...


Bullies Be Gone!

Bully Graphic Organizer and Text – Student Handout page 5-7. Broward Character Core Standards Activity page 8-9. Bullying Climate Survey – Elementary School page 10. Bullying Climate Survey – High School page 11. Pink Shirt Day Activity page 12-13. On-line Web Scavenger Hunt page 14-15. Give Peace a Chance.


Pace High School

Have fun while supporting a Pace High family by participating in Santa's Race through Pace scavenger hunt on Dec. 16! Click here for details. More Contact Information. Need stocking stuffers? Buy twisted pens from our ESE department! Click here for more details.

Richter BiologyFall EOC_Review.pdf


“The Great CDC Scavenger Hunt”. Educational Level: Middle or High School. Student Instructions. Follow these steps to complete this activity: You will be given ten communicable disease items to look for on Centers for Disease. Control and Prevention (CDC) web site: www.cdc.gov . If you cannot find an answer, please.


Scavenger Hunt: Identifying Unreliable Sources

Scavenger Hunt: Identifying Unreliable Sources. Unit Targets: Students will produce an ... Each student or group must find on the Web at least three sources that make claims that directly contradict each fact.* ... evaluate at least three online sources. You can also assign “Source Hunt” as a follow-up activity to help students.