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War, Aggression and Self-Defence

Library of Congress cataloguing in publication data. Dinstein, Yoram. War, aggression and self-defence/by Yoram Dinstein. – 3rd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 0 521 79344 0 – ISBN 0 521 79758 6 (pb). 1. Aggression (International law) 2. War (International law) 3. Self- defence.


War, Aggression and Self-Defence. by Yoram Dinstein

War, Aggression and Self-Defence. By Yoram Dinstein. Cambridge, England: Grotius Publications Ltd., 1988. Pp. xxx, 292. Indexes. ?52; $95. The past decade has seen numerous instances in which the conduct of states has given rise to the use of force in self-defense, aggression and war itself. While commentators differ  ...


War, Aggression and Self‐Defence

The United States' 'war' on Afghanistan in 2002 was legal as an act of self- defence; so, too, was its 2003 'war' on Iraq as a continuation of collective self- defence in response to the first. Gulf war of 1991. Thus says Prof Yoram Dinstein in his 4th edition of War, Aggression and. Self-Defence. Whether you agree or not – and ...


War, Aggression and Self-Defence

The United States' 'war' on Afghanistan in 2002 was legal as an act of self- defence; so, too, was its 2003 'war' on Iraq as a continuation of collective self- defence in response to the first. Gulf war of 199 1. Thus says Prof Yoram Dinstein in his 4th edition of War, Aggression and. Self-Defence. Whether you agree or not - and ...


War, Aggression and Self-Defence

War, Aggression and Self-Defence. Yoram Dinstein's seminal textbook is an essential guide to the legal issues of war and peace, armed attack, self-defence and enforcement measures taken under the aegis of the Security Council. This fourth edition incorporates new material on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, response ...


Yoram Dinstein. War, Aggression and Self-Defence. Cambridge

by the US and coalition forces have generated a renewed interest in the legal norms that govern the use of force at the international level. It is thus not surprising that the legal problems raised by war, aggression and self- defence have become very topical and the sub- ject of various recent studies. The book under review, ...


Economic Aggression & Self-Defense in International Law: The Arab

Paul Stephen Dempsey, Economic Aggression & Self-Defense in International Law: The Arab Oil Weapon and Alternative American. Responses Thereto, 9 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 253 (1977) .... Legal Issues and Possible Solutions, 4 INT' L LAW. 374 (1970); Bassiouni, The Middle East In Transition: From War to War, A Pro-.


The Doctrine of Preemptive Self-Defense

YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION AND SELF-DEFENCE 167 (Cambridge . Univ. Press 3d ed. 2001); see CHARTER COMMENTARY, supra note 23, at 676 ("An anticipatory right of self-defence would be contrary to the wording of Art. 51 (' if an armed attack occurs') .... ); id. n.138 (citing authorities disfavoring anticipa-.


The Past and Future of the Claim of Preemptive Self-Defense

Jan 1, 2006 ... For an interesting discussion, see YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION, AND SELF-DEFENCE (4th ed. 2005). 6 The inherent difficulty of such exercises is apparent in Taft and Buchwald's contention that the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a lawful use of preemptive military self-defense. William H.


Anticipatory Collective Self-Defense in the Charter Era: What the

AGGRESSION IN THE UNTED NATIONS 127 (1968); 1 OPPENHEIM'S INTERNATIONAL LAW § 127. (RobertJennings & Arthur Watts eds., 9th ed. 1992 ); HANS KELSEN, COLLECTIVE SECURITY. UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW 27 (Nay. War C. Int'l L. Stud., v. 49, 1956); TIMOTHY L.H.. McCORMACK, SELF- DEFENSE IN ...


10th Commission Problèmes actuels du recours à la force en droit

7 I. Brownlie, International Law and the Use of Force by States, Oxford, New York, 1963, 270-. 271. Y. Dinstein, War, Aggression and Self-Defence, 4th ed., Cambridge, 2005, 183. S. Alexandrov, Self-defense Against the Use of Force in International Law, The Hague, London,. Boston, 1996, 80-90. J. Salmon, Droit des gens, ...


Anticipatory Self-Defence Under International Law

defence to circumstances which an actual armed attack had already occurred"). 23. YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION AND SELF-DEFENCE, 167. ( Cambridge University Press 3d ed. 2001); see also Byard Q. Clemmons & Gary. D. Brown, Rethinking International Self-Defense: the United Nations' Emerging. Role, 45 ...



Sep 22, 1980 ... 303. (b) Self-defence and aggression. 305. (c) Self-defence and assistance to insurgents. 309. 2. Limitations and Restrictions on the Exercise of Self-Defence 315. (a) General observations regarding proportionality. 315. (b) Proportionality in the context of the Iran-Iraq war. 323. A. Iraq. 323. (i) In the context ...


Self-Defense Targetings of Non-State Actors and Permissibility of

2009) (“[S]elf-defense against [“non- state actor”] terrorist attacks is not in doubt . . . .”); YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION. AND SELF-DEFENCE 183-85, 204-06, 208 (4th ed. 2005); JUDITH GARDAM, NECESSITY, PRO-. PORTIONALITY AND THE USE OF FORCE BY STATES 150 (2004) (discussing the relevancy of.


Right to Self-Defence in National and International Law: The Role of

requirement of imminence underlines the political character of the self-defence doctrine wherein ... or pre-emptive self-defence 2 is allowed under customary international law, and if so, under what ...... YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION AND SELF-DEFENCE 90-91 (Cambridge University Press 4th ed. 2005) (1988); ...


Closing Impunity Gaps for the Crime of Aggression

Jul 1, 2016 ... aggression. Moreover, the ICC will not have jurisdiction to prosecute all individuals who wage aggressive war, nor will it be free of political cooptation by states parties interested in quashing attempts to seek ..... Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack.



Chapter 5. THE CRIMINALITY OF. AGGRESSION WAR OF 117 '2. (c) Self- Defence as an “Inherent” Right 179. A_ - . . Self—Defence as a Res onse to an Armed Attack 182. I War of Aggressron as a Crime against Peace 117 (a) Armed Attack am? Preventive War 182. B. The Definition of Aggression 125 ' (b) The Scope of ...


Operational Law Handbook, 2015

the use of force: Chapter VII enforcement actions under the auspices of the UN Security Council, and self-defense .... collective self-defense pursuant to Article 51 of the UN Charter and/or customary international law (CIL).7 .... Dinstein in WAR, AGGRESSION, AND SELF-DEFENSE, argue that this gap is “but a hiatus.


Article Rationalising International Law Rules on Self-Defence: The

For instance, though it outlawed 'war', it made no reference to uses of force short of war, thereby presumably leaving open the possibility of such uses of force.); J.L.. Brierly, Some Implications of the Pact of Paris, 10 BRIT. Y.B. INT'L L. 208,. 208 (1929); YORAM DINSTEIN, WAR, AGGRESSION AND SELF-DEFENCE 82- 4.


applying the crime of aggression to the first world war: legal liability

Second Congo War. II. THE CRIME OF AGGRESSION. Individual criminal liability and the crime of aggression are both relatively recent revelations in international criminal law. The first determinations ...... Christopher Greenwood, Self-Defence, in MAX PLANCK ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW. (2011) ...