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Voting and Collective Decision-Making

The question then arises of what voting rule should be used. Voting and Collective Decision-Making addresses this and other issues through a study of the theory of bargaining and voting power, showing how it applies to real decision-making contexts. annick laruelle is Professor of Economics at the University of Caen,.


Voting and Collective Decision-Making: Bargaining and Power

A second major strength of the book can be found when White addresses the topic of prime ministerial power in Canada. He provides an exceptionally clear rejoin- der to the “governing from the centre” thesis put forward by Donald Savoie and oth- ers. Chapter 3 is dedicated to recapping the prime ministerial government ...

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Voting Power and Decision Making in Environmental Committees

committees and voting rules relate to the voting power of different decision makers in different voting situations. ... in France. Key words: water policy design, collective decision making, voting, power indices ..... argued in [29, 25, 17], the nucleolus is a measure suitable for analyzing the bargaining over a fixed budget, and ...


Models of Decision-Making in the Council of the European Union

move outcomes as close as possible to their ideal positions, either by using their power in bargaining or by arranging ... Early studies on decision-making in the Council effectively put forward plausibility probes to show that ... lists arguing, bargaining and voting as mechanisms for collective decision-making. Scharpf ( 1997: ...


"The Use of Coleman's Power Indices to Inform the Choice of Voting

(Paper prepared for the workshop "Modelling the European Decision Making", San ... power. Third, (2) and (3) are indistinguishable when the decision quota is a simple majority, the distinction becoming important in other voting situations. ... understanding of collective institutions in which decisions are taken by voting.


Bargaining Power in the European Union

European Union; Legislative Decision-Making; Council of Ministers; Spatial Models; Voting. Power Indices; Nash ... relations literature on how bargaining power affects the division of the spoils among contending negotiators ... outcome of a collective decision making process towards her favourite position. In an influential ...


Preferences over Voting Systems for Assemblies of Representatives

Feb 14, 2016 ... The best-known example of such collective decision making is probably the Council of the European Union ... require either (i) that the Banzhaf power index of a representative be proportional to the .... there may be agreement between utility and voting power considerations (particularly voting in bargaining.


Legislative Bargaining under Weighted Voting

setting using a noncooperative bargaining game based on the Baron-Ferejohn. ( 1989) model. ... Collective decision-making frequently in- volves situations in which actors have different numbers of votes. Some institutions assign un- equal voting weights explicitly. ... ses of weighted voting employ power indices such as the ...


Supermajority Voting Rules

This paper presents a model of collective decision making in order to analyze supermajority rules. ... jority is detrimental because it provides a small group of voters with blocking power in the sense that they can ..... bargaining power amongst the members of the coalition in any (exogenous) way and not alter the results, but ...


Responsibility Attribution for Collective Decision Makers

The online ex- periment demonstrates that subjects indeed believe that the decision maker with proposal power has the most influence on the collective decision outcome. We dis- cuss the implications of our findings for theories of vote choice. Key Words: responsibility attribution; dictator game; coalition vote; proposal.


Draft 10.10.2011 The role of deliberation in collective decision-making

Oct 10, 2011 ... Erik O. Eriksen, ARENA, UiO, Oslo. Abstract: What is the explanatory potential of deliberation in a political context of collective decision- making? ... thus seen as a decision-making procedure on par with bargaining and voting. ... legitimacy than if they were brought about by group interests and power.


Fair Representation and a Linear Shapley Rule

Oct 18, 2016 ... of all bottom-tier voters in the top-tier decision making body, but rests on the restrictive assumption of ... Keywords: Shapley value; institutional design; two-tier voting; collective choice; equal representation .... that the delegate's bargaining power in the considered committee equals the Shapley value of the ...


Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research

Sep 18, 2014 ... Matthias Weber. Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making, ... As soon as voting and collective decision making involve some asymmetry – such as different weights or .... its use as a power measure when bargaining takes place in the shadow of a voting rule. To our ...


Legislative Bargaining under Weighted Voting

Collective decision-making frequently in- volves situations in which actors have different numbers of votes. Some institutions assign un- equal voting weights ... can deliver. ... Power is not a trivial function of one's strength as measured by his number of votes. Simple additive or division arguments are not sufficient, but more ...


Legislative Bargaining Under Weighted Voting

Collective decision-making frequently involves situations in which actors have di ®erent numbers of votes. Some institutions use explicit weighted voting rules that ... and \P-power". In this paper we use the terms power and expected payo®s interchangeably. 2This is the most widely used model of legislative bargaining, and ...


Two-Tier Voting: Solving the Inverse Power Problem and Measuring

Feb 19, 2015 ... There are many situations in which different groups make collective decisions by committee voting, with each ... Keywords: inverse power problem; indirect voting power; measuring inequality; com- mittee voting ... Union,1 but it is by far not the only institution making use of some sort of two-tier vot- ing.

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Coallitions and Power: Effects of Qualified Majority Voting in the

Jun 2, 1996 ... decision-making in the Union, namely their (quantitative) influence in the framework of ... Side-payments refer to compensation given to a bargaining party that loses from a particular collective policy measure in ... Council, this article resorts to a well-known measure of voting power: the. Shapley-Shubik ...


Comparing the depth of employee participation in Australian

Sep 30, 2016 ... Comparing the depth of employee participation in Australian collective agreement-making against collective bargaining .... proposed agreement, whereas decision-making power is utilised by official bargaining ... employee participation through a voting procedure over indirect, representative forms of.



Collective bargaining—a mutual exchange of positions fol- lowed by ... tions, and by restoring equality of bargaining power between employers ... union decision making. Members determine union bargaining proposals and participate in a democratic, contract ratifica- tion vote. On the employer side, negotiators speak to the.


Cabinet Decision Rules and Political Uncertainty in Parliamentary

decision-making processes, and a central objective of our analysis is to compare explicitly the effects of unilateral autonomy for the prime minister on confi- dence votes with collective cabinet decision rules. Second, each model except that of Strøm (1994) as- sumes bargaining agents have complete information about the  ...