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PIX 270i User's Guide

Throughout this User Guide, the terms Video Mode and Audio Mode will be used. The PIX 270i is capable of recording video and audio together into a QuickTime . mov file (Video Mode) or record- ing audio only to a .wav file (Audio Only Mode). The mode is determined by the Setup Menu option. [System - Video/Audio ...



21. MAP OF MODES AND SETTINGS. MAP OF MODES AND SETTINGS. Auto Low Light. Burst. FOV. FPS. Interval. Looping. Manual Audio Control. Night Photo . Night Lapse Photo. Photo Mode / Photo. Protune. Rate. RAW. Resolution (RES). Shutter. Time Lapse Mode. Time Lapse Photo. Time Lapse Video. Video Mode / ...


Voicemeeter User Manual

Oct 1, 2017 ... without notice (www.vb-audio.com / www.voicemeeter.com ). VOICEMEETER. Real Time Virtual Audio Mixer for Windows. USER MANUAL. OFFICIAL WEBSITE ... IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not reboot after de-installation, virtual audio drivers might not be .... Special Routing Options on Output BUS.


970 User Guide (Firmware v2.10)

Rack Mount Production Audio Recorder. User Guide. Firmware rev. 2.10. E7556 State Rd. 23 and 33, Reedsburg, WI, USA. +1 (608) 524-0625 • Toll-Free: (800) 505-0625 • fax: +1 (608) 524-0655 ..... The 970 supports various external control options: RS422, GPIO, Timecode triggering, and an embedded web server for ...



Connecting to the VP-16x18AK via your Browser. 27. 9.2. The Main Switching Matrix Page. 29. 9.2.1. Switching an Input to an Output. 30. 9.2.2. Setting the AFV Mode. 30. 9.2.3. Operating in the Offline Mode. 31. 9.2.4. Storing and Recalling Setups. 32. 9.2.5. Locking the Front Panel Buttons. 34. 9.3. Audio Input Gain Control ...



Audio Modes (Adaptive and Manual Modes). In External Audio Mode the Adaptive Button can be used to increase the audio input level 6 dB. If you turn the Boost on (Adaptive light green), and the audio material sounds distorted, you should turn the Boost off. The Boost may be automatically disabled if operating MINI with ...


USB microphone User guide

snowball. USB microphone. User guide ... The Snowball benefits from Blue's legendary professional audio heritage to record at a level unmatched in the market. Transducer Type. Polar Pattern. Sample/Word ... For reduction of low- frequency rumble and additional positioning options, mount the Snowball in the Blue Ringer, ...



Figure 26: Recalling a Preset in the Confirm Mode. 34. Figure 27: Audio Gain Page. 35. Figure 28: CONFIGURATIONS Embedded Web Page. 36. Tables. Table 1: Terminology Used in this User Manual. 6. Table 2: Front Panel VP- 4x8AK 4x8 VGA / UXGA / Audio Matrix Switcher Features 9. Table 3: Rear Panel VP-4x8AK ...



this user manual by a bold font, e.g., SLMeter, Parameter, ... 1. Introduction. Thank you for purchasing the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. The XL2 Analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of- the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustic Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. The wide range of ...


User's Guide - PowerLite® 1751/1761W/1771W/1776W

PowerLite. ®. 1751/1761W/1771W/1776W. User's Guide .... Projector Setup and Installation Options ....................................................................................... 23. Projection Distance. ... Connecting to a Computer for USB Video and Audio........... ..................................................... 27. Connecting to a Computer for VGA Video .


SoundStation2 User Guide

SoundStation2 User Guide - 14. Special Audio Mode. This feature allows you to take advantage of the SoundStation2's speaker and micro- phones. For example, if you were in a call on your mobile phone, you could connect your mobile phone to the SoundStation2 and use its speaker and microphones to continue your ...


M-Audio Project Mix Io Manual

User Guide. Control Surface with Motorized Faders and 18 x 14 Audio Interface. English ..... been programmed into MIDI mode), go into the SETUP menu on the device, press the lighted SEL key under the label "Factory Defaults," ... section toward the back of the manual on MIDI Control Mode for more information. 39.


Operation Manual

10. Display overview. Home/Recording Screen. MULTI FILE Mode. STEREO FILE Mode. PAD and inputs affected (→ P. 98). Phantom power voltage and. Inputs affected (→ P. 96). Folder name. Track L/R. Recording format. (During use as an audio interface, computer or iPad setting shown). Stopped. Status icon. Recording.


DaVinci Resolve Reference Manual

User Pop-Up Menu. 58. Saving Projects. 62. Dynamic Project Switching. 63. Archiving and Restoring Projects. 64. 3 Project Settings and Preferences. 66. Opening ... 4. Contents. Versions. 88. Audio. 89. General Options. 90. Capture and Playback. 92. Control Panel. 94. Auto Save. 95. Keyboard Mapping. 96. Metadata. 96.


Founder's Edition User Manual Version 1.4

nosepiece insert and lens cover. Volume can be controlled on the playback device or with an optional audio cable with in-line volume controls. Since the unit is off, you can use it as headphones without worrying about battery power. When you are ready to go back to video mode, re-insert the nose pad you use for video and ...


Owner's Manual

Selecting a sound mode. 55. Adjusting the volume of each channel to match the input source (Ch Level Adjust). 59. Sleep timer function. 60. Using the sleep timer . 61. Quick select plus function. 62. Calling up the settings. 63. Changing the settings. 63. Settings. Menu map. 64. Menu operations. 67. Audio. 68. Surr. Parameter.


User Guide

OPTION 1: Pairing via the Cardo Community®. Easily find and add your friends to your “1+8” Buddy list via the. Cardo Community at: http://community. cardosystems.com. OPTION 2: Flash-Pairing™ (with other G9 or G9x models). Use Flash-Pairing to pair within seconds. 1. Remove both units from their Audio Kits and check ...



We've loaded the H4n with a versatile array of input options to accommodate a variety of recording sources. Any type of microphone (including condensers), electric instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard) or line level source can be connected to the H4n. • It can be used as an Audio Interface/SD card reader for a computer.


MS3A User Manual

Press and hold the MODE button (8) to access the audio menu. Press the MODE button repeatedly to adjust the following settings: BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE, FADER, AS and PS. Use the VOL +/- buttons (3, 2) to choose a value for each setting. See “Radio Mode” for instructions regarding the Auto Store (AS) and Preset ...


ULX-D Dual and Quad Receiver User Guide (English)

Shure ULX-D™ Digital Wireless offers uncompromising 24-bit audio quality and RF performance, with intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware, flexible receiver options, and advanced rechargeability options for professional sound reinforcement. A breakthrough in wireless audio quality, Shure digital processing enables ...