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Guide d'utilisation BC75XLT

lire et observer les instructions suivantes. IMPORTANT. Cette radio de type ' scanneur' a été ... pas expressément approuvés par Uniden ou l'utilisation de celui-ci d'une façon qui n'est pas décrite dans ce guide ..... de fréquences portative bC75XLT d'Uniden. Cette radio est polyvalente, compacte et facile à utiliser. en plus ...


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DImage_090515/Manual/UnidenScannersUsersGuides.html (1 of 3)5/26/2009 11:11:28 AM .... q You can download a planning worksheet for conventional systems as a pdf file or an Excel spreadsheet file. q Programming a Conventional ...... Uniden® and Bearcat® are registered trademarks of Uniden America Corporation.


Manual para el usuario BC75XLT

Uniden® y Close Call® son marcas registradas de Uniden. America Corporation. otras marcas registradas y usadas en este manual son la propiedad de los poseedores respectivos. Este rastreador ha sido examinado y cumple con los límites para un receptor de rastreo, en la parte 15 de los reglamentos de la FCC.


Scanner manuel “UBC 92 XLT”

La fonction recherche turbo, une nouveauté sur les scanners Uniden, peut par ex . rechercher dans les bandes VHF à une vitesse trois fois supérieure à celle atteinte jusque maintenant. Quand le UBC 280 XLT recherche des stations actives, il le fait en mode recherche turbo. Si vous interrompez la recherche avec la touche ...


Uniden BC370CRS

Uniden® and Bearcat® are registered trademarks of Uniden America. Corporation. Other trademarks used throughout this manual are the property of their respective holders. Important: If you use the supplied AC adapter to power the scanner but have not installed batteries in the scanner, never turn the scanner off by.

Uniden BC370CRS.pdf

UBC125XLT Scanner

29 maart 2013 ... toestemming van Uniden, of gebruik van het product op een andere manier dan beschreven in deze ..... Dank u voor de aanschaf van een draagbare Uniden UBC125XLT handheld scanner. De scanner is ...... onder eigen verantwoordelijkheid, dat deze apparatuur: Uniden Bearcat model UBC125XLT in.


Handleiding Uniden Bearcat 69xlt (Engelstalig)

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UBC 69 XLT.pdf

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Handleiding Uniden Bearcat 92xlt (Nederlandstalig)

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UBC125XLT Scanner

Mar 29, 2013 ... by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, could void ...... inside front cover of this Owners Manual. Do not use the scanner in high-moisture ...... Uniden Bearcat model UBC125XLT is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant ...


Handleiding Uniden Bearcat 69xlt (Duitstalig)

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Full List of Faceplates

Feb 27, 2017 ... Faceplate ordering instructions (every order number includes a pair of faceplates ). 1. Note the ..... Galls Street Thunder ST280 Siren W/ Light Control. 3.00 ...... Uniden Bearcat 560. 1.75. 5.50. 7140-0270. Two Piece Brackets. 1.75. Uniden Bearcat BC350A. 1.63. 5.25. 7140-0246. Two Piece Brackets. 1.63.


Handleiding Uniden Bearcat USC230 (Engelstalig)

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M nitoring

Feb 2, 1996 ... owner's manual and one year limited warranty from Uniden. CB /GMRS Radios matron The ...... TABLE 1: English Language Programming from Balkan Countries. Target Areas: af: Africa as: Asia ...... Bearcat 200 XLT's will never die, but will always show up on the used market. Right now the market for ...


Guide to the AR1000

This PDF version of the Guide to the AR1000 is made available for free down- ... Removing search bank limits 32. Holding a frequency during a search 32. Copying a frequency to a scan channel 32. Using Delay/Hold 33. Manual Mode 33 ..... If you also use or have used a Uniden Bearcat or Radio Shack scanner, you will.



C09'9o1.5. An illustration of the Raytheon RC -11 broadcast console, as it appears in its instruction manual. (Courtesy Rick Goodwin, Illinois.) Save on ALL ® ..... new Uniden Bearcat scan- ners that are just what you've been searching for . Order your Bearcat scanner today. Radio Scanners. NEW! Bearcat® 2500XLT-F .


NCIC 2000 Code Manual with TOUs incorporated

must be used. Treat an article name containing two words as one word, using the first six letters. If an article name is three words, the initials of the first two words and the first four letters or the last word must be used. Additional coding instructions can be found in the Article File chapter of the NCIC 2000 Operating Manual.

NCIC Code Manual Full.pdf

Around Afric

Sep 6, 1990 ... Uniden -Bearcat BC200 XLT. 200 Channels, 800 MHz...$255. Channel Master 5094A. Scanner Antenna /Ccax -..$45. GRE All Band Scanner Antenna. Tapered Duck, BNC Connector..$18. New! Sangean ATS -803A. SSB/PM /AM/SW Portable....$188. Clearance! Regency INF -5. Base Turbo Scanner_$89.



UNIDEN BEARCAT. Couverture: 25 MHz à 87,6225 MHz (FM). 108 MHz à 136, 5875 MHz [AM]. 138 MHz à 173,990 MHz (FM). 406 MHz à 512 MHz (FM) ...... selon les bondes. UNIDEN. BC-280XLT. - Fréquences : 25-88/ 108- 137/137. - 174/406-512/806. □ 956 MHz. -Modes: AM/FM selon les bandes de fréquences. NOUS.


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uniden Qaxesi.t-. With a Bearcat® Scanner, You'll be the First to Know. When you 're looking for news of the minute: instead of news of the day, nothing beats a Bearcat. Uniden. Bearcat Scanners .... AD1000 AC Adapter/Charger for 50 XL. 12.95 (. ) 3P55 Ni -Cad ...... tery, antenna, instruction manual and one year Limited ...