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In Human Sexual Response (1966), Masters and Johnson reported

$12.50. In Human Sexual Response (1966), Masters and Johnson reported a rich harvest of fresh physiological findings and insights achieved by means of simple, almost primitive, laboratory techniques. In Human Sexual Inadequacy ( 1970), they report equally impressive therapeutic results from the application of simple,.


Sexual inadequacy in the male

sexual inadequacy. In the majority of cases no gross abnormality is found but the absence of gross hor- monal or neurophysiological abnormality does not necessarily imply a ... Considerable advances in our understanding of these problems have .... puberty in humans is also associated with a relatively low sexual drive ...


Sexual inadequacy in the male

sexual inadequacy. In the majority of cases no gross abnormality is found but the absence of gross hor- monal or neurophysiological abnormality does not necessarily imply a ... Considerable advances in our understanding of these problems have .... puberty in humans is also associated with a relatively low sexual drive ...


Rapid treatment approach to human sexual inadequacy

S I N c E T H E pioneering work of Masters and Johnsonl, 2 in investigating physiologic sexual response1 and their reporting of favorable results with a dual sex therapy team in the treatment of human sexual in- adequacy,2 interest in applying many of their principles in practice has been stimulated. They had demonstrated.


Cultural factors and sexual dysfunction in clinical practice†

prevalence of sexual dysfunction across cultures are scanty, it is likely that prevalences vary, as will pathways ... theoretical frameworks for understanding human sexuality, ranging from evolutionary biology to ..... Archives of Sexual Behaviour 4: 519–28. Masters WH, Johnson VE (1970) Human Sexual Inadequacy. Bantam.


Celebrating Masters & Johnson's Human Sexual Response: A

Susan Ekberg Stiritz and Susan Frelich Appleton, Celebrating Masters & Johnson's Human Sexual Response: A Washington University. Legacy in Limbo .... understanding of sex focused on the couple and based on. 12. ... for family- unit destruction and divorce in this country is a fundamental sexual inadequacy within the ...


the behavioural treatment of sexual inadequacy: a comparative study

tion of directed practice and counselling was associated with most change. particular11 when two therapists were involved. Since the publication of 'Human Sexual Inadequacy' (Masters and Johnson, 1970) there has been a marked increase in optimism and enthusiasm for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in couples.


Overcoming Sexual Inadequacy

In this chapter we are concerned with the understanding and correction of sexual insufficiency or inadequacy (commonly referred to as "frigidity" in the case of females and "impotence" and "premature ..... Are the difficulties associated with human relationships in general rather than sexual contacts in particular? To what  ...


A short-term, intensive workshop approach for the treatment of

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 1976. A Short-Term, Intensive Workshop. Approach for the Treatment of. Human Sexual Inadequacy. Patricia Blakeney, PhD, Bill N: Kinder, PhD, Daniel Creson, MD,. L. C. Powell, MD, and Cindy Sutton, BA. A rapid treatment approach to common sexual dysfunctions ...


Sensate Focus: clarifying the Masters and Johnson's model

definition and understanding of sex as a natural function that underlies these exercises. Following the publication of Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970), the sex therapy field grew richer as a variety of talented clinicians trained with Masters and Johnson. They expanded the medically based, psycho-educational approach ...


Group therapy for nonorgasmic women: Two age levels | SpringerLink

Article. DOI : 10.1007/BF01541375. Cite this article as: Schneidman, B. & McGuire, L. Arch Sex Behav (1976) 5: 239. doi:10.1007/BF01541375 ... C. E., and Gebhard, P. H. (1953).Sexual Behavior in the Human Female Saunders, Philadelphia. ... and Johnson, V. E. (1970).Human Sexual Inadequacy Little, Brown, Boston.


Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving | JAMA | The JAMA

Mar 20, 1987 ... Pioneering sex researchers William Masters, MD, and Virginia Johnson (later to become Mrs Masters) have written Human Sexual Responses (1966) and Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970). Although their impact was dramatic, these two books were stylistically severe and were dubbed "least read ...


Differential Diagnosis of Marital and Sexual Distress: A

Since publication of Masters and Johnson's' Human Sexual Inadequacy, the in- terrelationships between marital and sexual dysfunction therapy have been a focus of increasing discussion and speculation. Sagerz.3 estimates that 75% of couples seeking marital therapy have significant sexual complaints in addition to.


Human trafficking

Understanding and addressing violence against women. Human trafficking. Human trafficking has received increasing global attention over the past decade. Initially ... that those who are trafficked into the sex industry and as domestic servants .... language and cultural differences; inadequate information; limited resources;.


Symptomatology and psychological aspects of male sexual

chogenic sexual inadequacy in men, and thus there are many theories of pathogenesis (Schmidt and Arentewicz, 1978). ... to identify certain types of male sexual inadequacy that seem to be of either predominantly organic or psychogenic origin. ...... Masters, W. H., and Johnson, V. E. (1970). Human Sexual Inadequacy.



the clinical sequel to their research, Human. Sexual Inadequacy. In this book they pro- posed, described, and evaluated a radically different model to clinically treat the most common marital sexual dysfunctions. The major aspects of their therapy model were: (1) Any individual sex problem was a prob- lem of the couple, and ...


Sex Therapy Research: Has it Withered on the Vine?

Johnson's (1970) book Human Sexual Inadequacy, describing a novel treatment approach for couples with sexual ... in general and is virtually unavailable for research in sex therapy. In this review I summarise what I .... nature of the sexual problems, one partner would benefit from special support and understanding from a.


DeÆnition and classiÆcation of erectile dysfunction: Report of the

Ann Rev Sex Res 1997; 8: 68±101. 10 Edwards DA, Einhorn LC. Preoptic and midbrain control of sexual motivation. Phys Behav 1986; 37: 329±335. 11 Masters WH, Johnson VE. Human Sexual Inadequacy The. Little Brown Company: Boston, 1970. DeÆnition and classiÆcation of erectile dysfunction. EF Lizza and RC ...



Universal health coverage depends on having the necessary human resources to deliver health care services. Kenya is among the African countries currently experiencing a crisis in the area of human resources for health (HRH). The major causes of the crisis include inadequate and inequitable distribution of health ...


(2012). Medicalizations and demedicalizations of sexuality therapies

so-called universal ''human sexual response cycle'' first described by Masters and Johnson, 1966, over four ... a certain kind of understanding of sexual problems and a specific range of relevant remedies. It focuses on prob- ..... weakness—inadequate arousal, desire, and inability to perform properly. Consequently, medical ...