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Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development

Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development. Sammantha L. Magsino. 1. , Paul H. Gilbert, P.E.. 2. , Samuel T. Ariaratnam, M. ASCE,. P.E.. 3. , Nancy Rutledge Connery. 4. , Gary English. 5. , Conrad W. Felice, DGE, M. ASCE ,. P.E.. 6. , Youssef M.A. Hashash, F. ASCE, P.E.. 7. , Chris T. Hendrickson, D.M. ...


A framework for the future of urban underground engineering

exploration of urban resilience, and build knowledge as we develop and test theory and models that ... underground engineering developments. It starts by .... Therefore, the concept of stewardship also comes into urban sustainable space utilization, a kind of ''Urban Infrastructure Stewardship.” Engineers need to.


Strategic use of rock caverns and underground space for

15th International scientific conference “Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for. Sustainable Development”. Strategic use of rock caverns and underground space for sustainable urban development of Hong Kong. Ying-Kit Ho a,*, Ka-Wah Shum a , Jeffrey Chun-Fai Wong a a Civil Engineering and Development ...


Sustainable Urban Development as a Driver of Safety System

Keywords: sustainable urban development, emergency situation, enterprise architecture, process simulator, safety system, urban underground, business processes ... imaginable without using appropriate business engineering technologies, such as business process management and information systems. The first one ...


Design the Future Urban Plan of the Underground Construction from

Procedia Engineering 165 ( 2016 ) 641 – 648. Available ... development is defined by urban development plans, underground construction needs to be properly and efficiently ..... [4] Committee on Underground Engineering for Sustainable Development, Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering, Board on.


Transitions to a high density urban underground space

Keywords: Urban Underground Space, Infrastructure, Urbanization, Urban Development, Future Cities, Indicators, Planning, Sustainability, ... Nikolai Bobylev / Procedia Engineering 165 ( 2016 ) 184 – 192. 1. ... questions on how the planet should be further developed by humans in a sustainable way (Bierman et al., 2012;.


Underground Urban Development: An Overview

contributes to finding solutions for sustainable urban development, in particular in regions with harsh climatic conditions. ... tives and challenges related to underground urban development with special emphasis upon the role of engineering ... G. Lollino et al. (eds.), Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 5,.


The Use of Underground City Space for the Construction of Civil

Keywords: Construction, civil residential buildings, housing development, underground structures, underground city space, sustainable ... Such issues as lack of urban areas, the constant urban population growth, traffic jams, the inability of urban ... Ekaterina Nezhnikova / Procedia Engineering 165 ( 2016 ) 1300 – 1304.


A Framework for Assessment of the Influence of China's Urban

Nov 27, 2014 ... Sustainability 2014, 6, 8536-8566; doi:10.3390/su6128536 sustainability. ISSN 2071-1050 www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability. Article. A Framework for Assessment of the Influence of China's Urban .... of the underground space engineering development and utilization on urban microclimates.


reviewed paper The Way to Plan a Sustainable “Deep City”: From

engineering constructability and development value. Based on the macro-zoning of urban underground space. (UUS) at a city scale, an economic model is developed to perform micro-analysis for specific project evaluation. The economic analysis will take into account direct and indirect costs generated along the project.

CORP2012_6_Li paper.pdf?version=1&origin=publication_detail

Conservation of Underground Water with the Ecosystem Approach

b Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia. cArchitecture ... urban development affects the structure of the patch, resulting in changes in the size, shape, interconnectivity, and .... the ecosystem approach to the development of a new towns that affect the sustainability of the city. 2. Methods.


NSF: Epicenter of the Science, Engineering & Education Enterprise

1. The Resilient and Sustainable. Infrastructure (RSI) Cluster Core Programs at the. National Science Foundation (NSF). 1. Directorate for Engineering. Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation. (CMMI). Webinar. January 7, 2015 ...


Sustainable Urban Underground Development

disasters and the effects of climate change through urban resilience-building, will be critical for urban planning and engineering in the coming decades. This White Paper will explore these themes and the contribution and impact of underground space use to achieving sustainable urban development and creating resilient ...


Optimising subsurface use for future cities

Through its development, the use of urban underground space has progressed from the shallow subsurface to a much ... Sustainable utilisation the urban subsurface to its maximum potential in the future will require a greater ... Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 42, 307-312. BÉLANGER J.R. ...


Urban Underground Space

Non-geotechnical Engineering for Underground Space Development. Conclusion ... and underground spaces has perhaps been the most important issue for sustainable underground property development. As much of this work is also carried out unofficially ... The Greater Helsinki area is the world's northernmost urban.


Fulvio Tonon, Ph.D., P.E.

5) Committee on Underground Engineering for Sustainable Development (2013). Underground. Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development. The National Academies Press, Washington, D.C.. ISBN: 978-0-309-27824-9. 10.1.2 Co-edited . 1) F. Tonon and J.T. Kottenstette (eds.), (2007); Proc. of the workshop “Laser and ...


London Calling to the Underground: Waste Heat in Urban

It has been accepted for inclusion in Sustainable Development Law & Policy by an authorized administrator of ... Thies, Nicholas J. "London Calling to the Underground: Waste Heat in Urban Morphology is Going Down the Tube. .... ments for Crossrail, U.K., 167 ENGINEERING SUSTAINABILITY 118, 119 (2014). 3.


Sustainability and geotechnical engineering: perspectives and review

Jun 11, 2014 ... influence the sustainability of infrastructure development because of its early position in the construction process. In this paper, the scope of geotechnical engineering towards sustainable development of civil infrastructure is reviewed. ..... infrastructure and society, breakdown of underground water pipe-.


Engineers and Sustainable Development

Welcome to this CD about engineers and sustainable development. This CD, prepared by the World. Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), has three objectives: 1. To describe the roles engineers play in improving human living standards and protecting and restoring the environment. 2. To review the ...


Achieving sustainable underground construction in Birmingham

demolition materials, treatment of contaminated land, sustainable water supplies and sustainable urban drainage systems. The paper also highlights the sustainable options for underground development that should be considered when constructing on a city centre Brownfield site, including controlling rising groundwater ...