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Totality and Infinity

Martinus Nijhoff Philosophy Texts. Volume I. Page 3. TOTALITY AND INFINITY. AN ESSAY ON EXTERIORITY by. EMMANUEL LEVINAS translated by. AL PHONSO LING IS .... seem to have stirred up original thinking along new lines in his native country. The present book Totality and Infinity, of Emmanuel Levinas, shows,.


Vulnerability and Salvation: Levinas and Ethical Teaching

been taken up by philosophers in North America and more recently by educators. A central theme in Levinas's ... philosophical correlation between Knowledge and Being, knowledge represents, as Levinas explained in the 1982 ..... Levinas, E. ( 1969). Totality and infinity: An essay on exteriority (p. 70). Lingus,. A. (Trans.).


Introducing Levinas to Undergraduate Philosophers

This paper was originally presented as a colloquy paper to the Undergraduate Philosophy. Association at ... 1 The process presented in this lecture follows the lines established in Totality and Infinity. Between the .... 6 Levinas, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, translated by Alphonso Lingis (Pittsburgh: Duquesne ...


A Key to Totality and Infinity

The composition of Totality and Infinity can be understood as the unfolding of its twofold title. As we will see, ... essay on exteriority") characterizes the Other as a reality that cannot be integrated or Usublated" into any ..... prophet, Levinas will try to show from a philosophical perspective that the only way of taking morality ...


A Philosophy of Vision Sándor SAJÓ We shall discuss the meaning

Lacan, Jacques. "The Mirror Stage". In Ecrits. A Selection. Trans. Bruce Fink, New . York/London: W.W.Norton, 2004, pp. 1-8. Lévinas, Emmanuel. Totality and Infinity. An Essay on Exteriority. Trans. Alphonso Lingis. The. Hague/Boston/ London: Martinus Nijhoff, 1979, pp.187-193. Marion, Jean-Luc. The Erotic Phenomenon.



Södertörn Philosophical Studies is a book series published under the direction of the Department of Philosophy at. Södertörn University. The series consists of monographs and anthologies in philosophy, with a special focus on the Continental-European tradition. It seeks to provide a platform for innovative contemporary ...


Towards A Levinasian Care Ethic: A Dialogue between the

Emmanuel Levinas's philosophy to the care ethic, particularly as it is represent- ed by the author Joan Tronto, one of the most .... to show where the justice paradigm is incomplete and re-draw the boundaries of the understanding of ...... Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority. Duquesne Studies: Philosophical Series 24.


Introduction to Emmanuel Levinas: 'After you, sir!'

said to capture the entire thought of Emmanuel Levinas, a Lithuanian philosopher whose reflection on the importance of ethics and ... It is enough 'to show oneself, to express oneself, to associate oneself to be ..... Beginning with Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority published in. 1961, Levinas's work is firmly set on a ...


Levinas and the Triple Critique of Heidegger

cal philosophy in Heidegger, and also identi- fies a new space for such ... system of tools serving a series of purposes,. Levinas objects to ..... ENDNOTES. PHILOSOPHY TODAY. 412. 1. Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, trans. Alphonso Lingis (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1991). 2. Alphonso Lingis, “A ...


Jacques Derrida: Towards morality beyond the human

Gioia, Dennis A. (1994). Pinto fires and personal ethics. In: Birsch, Douglas and John. H. Fielder (eds). The Ford Pinto Case: A Study in Applied Ethics, Business and. Technology. State University of New York Press, pp. 97-116. Levinas, Emmanuel 1969. Totality and infinity: An essay in exteriority, Philosophical. Series, vol.


Humanizing Philosophy of Religion: On Language in Levinas and

problem of philosophy of religion, just like other subfields in philosophy, is that it gets tied up in knots ... beginning to show (as a promissory note) how Levinas might be used to explain not anything about the link .... 3 Robert Bernasconi, “ Rereading Totality and Infinity,” in The Question of the Other: Essays in. Contemporary ...


Direct Address, Ethical Imagination, and Errol Morris's Interrotron

especially for this purpose, is 'essentially a series of modified teleprompters… ... Film-Philosophy, vol. 12, no. 2: pp. 17-29. . ISSN: 1466-4615 online. 19 application of frontality may not have ..... Levinas, Emmanuel (1991) Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority.


Philosophy & Social Criticism

Derrida's essay 'Violence and Metaphysics' made on Levinas' thinking. Derrida made Levinas aware of the profound difficulties inherent in the latter's ethical project – difficulties broadly concerning philosophical language. In Totality and Infinity, Levinas launches a fundamental critique of western philosophy. Western  ...

The Ethical Residue of Language in Levinas and Early Wittgenstein.pdf

Levinas and the Other in psychotherapy and counselling

held in North America on a European philosopher, for example the series of seminars held at ... me' and 'do not let me die alone'. These ideas, coupled with the notion of the Other as infinite may be seen by some as denominationally religious. In his philosophy, .... Totality and infinity: An essay on exteriority (trans. A. Lingis).



Oct 15, 2012 ... his major philosophical texts, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, and. Otherwise than Being, or Beyond ... and particularism, which are, then, discussed in relation to “chosen people” discourse, reflected in philosopher ..... your father's house to the land I will show you. And I will make you a great.


Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame

In his first major work, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority. (1961), Levinas develops and extends the critique articulated in “Philo- sophy and the Idea of Infinity” and launches an attack on the primacy of ontology in Western philosophy since Plato. In an oft-repeated statement,. Levinas observes that “ Western ...


Review: Sybille Krämer, Medium, Messenger, Transmission: An

Philosophy. David W. Hill. University of Liverpool. Abstract. This review of Medium, Messenger, Transmission outlines and introduces the media philosophy of Sybille Krämer. Her argument that communication initiates .... Levinas E (2007) Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, trans. Lingis. A. Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne.


Mortal Ethics: Reading Levinas with the Dardenne Brothers

Aug 2, 2007 ... pp. 66–87. . ISSN: 1466- 4615 online .... the western philosophical tradition principally in his two major works: Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority (Totalité .... made series of associations through their casting. (Actors Émilie Dequenne, Olivier.


Todd McGowan

Aug 2, 2007 ... Downing, Lisa (2007) 'Re-Viewing the Sexual Relation: Levinas and Film', Film- Philosophy, vol. 11, no. 2: 49. 1 In Totality and Infinity (Totalité et infini, 1961), Eros manifests primarily in the concept of. 'fecundity', problematic to ... . ISSN: 1466-4615 ...


10 Hinsdale 2013.pm7

Emmanuel Lévinas, “Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority,” in Duquesne Studies,. Philosophical Series, vol. 24 (Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 1969). 17. It is beyond this essay's scope to situate Oliver's theory of witnessing in relation to other work on the topic; see, for example, Michalinos Zembylas, ...