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Gauge field theory of market dynamics: Toward a solution of the

Jun 25, 2015 ... [email protected] The current economics and psychology are developed within the Newtonian tradition ... that Einstein spent many years in pursuing a unified field theory of different forces. In addition, the ..... special relativity, the proper time is the clock time that may vary from one inertial system to another.


Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist's Perspective

ing his geometric theory of gravity, known as general relativity, to include the electromag- netic force. Unfortunately, the theoretical tools and understanding needed to achieve such a unification were not yet available, and his quest for a unified field theory remained largely unfulfilled. Within the past decade, there have been ...


Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature

the principles of relativistic quantum field theory; the second problem is to understand whether, strictly within quantum ... banished from classical physics by Einstein's theory of relativity. But the idea resurfaced at the ..... unified way provides a conceptually simple and logically coherent theoretical foundation that heals the ...


Einstein, Ether and Unified Field

Einstein, Ether and Unified Field by Roger J Anderton. [email protected] com. 1. Introduction. Einstein derived his theory of Special Relativity (SR) from the philosophy of Positivism. However he derived his theory of General Relativity (GR) from a different philosophic point-of view than positivism. Yet, Quantum ...



Unified. Field Theory), I have found that although we do not know the theory of Tesla; possibly the greatest scientist of the 19th/20th Century because the papers of .... of; Einstein published an article in 1928 in which he expressed approval and admiration for what Meyerson said about the psychology of relativity physics. [7] ...


Why was Relativity Accepted?

theories of relativity. Based on a review of these studies, and my own research on the role of the light-bending prediction in the reception of general relativity, .... categories: first, empirical tests; second, social or psychological factors; third, ..... mechanistic tradition taught him that the unification of various physical theories.


A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology

The Corruption of Reality: A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis, and. Psychopathology. John F. Schumaker, Amherst, New ... suggestion as a psychological version of a unified field theory in physics. However, in going as far as he has, ... avoidance of a pure relativity intriguing. Object relation theorists infatuated with a.


On the History of Unified Field Theories. Part II. (ca. 1930–ca. 1965)

Jun 23, 2014 ... Abstract. The present review intends to provide an overall picture of the research concerning classical unified field theory, worldwide, in the decades between the mid-1930 and mid-1960. Main themes are the conceptual and methodical development of the field, the interaction among the scientists working ...


Time and Consciousness in a Quantum World

Sep 23, 2017 ... The second paper. (Blutner et al) proposes a quantum cognitive model for Jung's psychological type structure. We ... The concept of a relativistic quantum field theory (RQFT) was introduced in order to describe ...... proach a unified and scientific panpsychist approach to the problem of consciousness and.


Is a Final Theory Conceivable?

a "grand unified theory" or a "theory of everything" has become prominent in elementary .... General relativity requires tensor analysis. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics depend on the theory of probability and stochastic processes. Thus, .... who understood the implications of evolutionary biology for psychology.


A Unified Field Theory of Literature

According to the unified field theory of literature presented here, the level of consciousness of the writer determines the .... of literature in terms of linguistics, anthropology, sociology, or psychology, particularly neo-Freudian .... by Einstein's general theory of relativity into a subtler understanding of space and time where, for ...


Theory of Everything

Mathematical Foundations of the Relativistic Theory of Quantum Gravity. 2. Gravity Control by means of Electromagnetic Field through Gas or Plasma at Ultra-Low Pressure. 3. Physical Foundations of Quantum Psychology. 4. The Gravitational Spacecraft. 5. Possibility of controlled nuclear fusion by means of Gravity Control.


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physical and life sciences, philosophy, psychology, music, art and many more. This theme is ... way for the development of relativity theory as it came to be understood (but not as Čapek, following Bergson, understood it). ... 8 The search for a General Unification Theory underlying all physical laws continues. Bohm's hidden ...


The Unified Field in Practice

psychology, it is the body of ideas and way of thinking built around the ... such divisions, but denoting them as provisional and relativistic. ... In present-day Gestalt writing, there is ever more emphasis being given to field theory. Both Yontef (1993) and Resnick (1995) have suggested that field theory is one of the three legs ...


SPACE, TIME, AND ETERNITY According to the theory of relativity

According to the theory of relativity, measurements of space and time intervals ( determined with yard sticks ... in 1921 that a unified field theory could be developed if a fifth dimension were added to the four-dimensional ..... for Psychical Research in several countries and by the Psychology. Departments in some Universities, ...


ordinate system in which the Pythagorican theorem is satisf

velop a unified theory of the gravitational and electromagnetic field by in- troducing into the scheme of ... It is in the theory of the space of distant parallelism that Einstein has hoped to find hislong-sought unification of ... normal coordinates introduced into the theory of relativity by Birkhoff3 and later discussed by the writer.4 ...


Reflections on field theory by Malcolm Parlett

psychology. (Marrow, 1969). Associated with his name are not only field theory but also action research, group dynamics, and sensitivity training. ..... Field theory thinking is thus relativistic. If the field is in flux, if our .... "Participating consciousness" is a fine alternative way of describing the unified field in which there is no hard ...


Conformal relativity with hypercomplex variables

Jun 18, 2014 ... Majorana's arbitrary spin theory is considered in a hyperbolic complex representation. The underlying differential equation is embedded into the gauge field theories of Sachs and Carmeli. In particular, the approach of Sachs can serve as a unified theory of general relativity and electroweak interactions.


Why Psychology Isn't Unified, and Probably Never Will Be

Jun 15, 2015 ... respective fields by more recent developments—relativistic and quantum mechanics in the case of physics, and the “synthesis” of evolutionary theory with genetics in the case of biology, but these details need not detain us here. 3 Some have argued that psychology can never be unified in the ways.


Einstein's Unification

collaborators), and also provides a psychological explana- tion, in that ''an emotionally defining moment [i.e., the discovery of general relativity] was instrumental in locking him, eventually, in a belief in his idealized method and the pursuit of unified field theories …, validated by a one-sided recollection of the experience of ...