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“The Jesuit Mission and Dialogue with Culture”

modern Christian apologetic which mounted proofs of the existence of God, independently of his action in Jesus and religious experience, as a hypothesis necessary to explain the existence of this kind of ... in a secular and critical culture, built upon respect and friendship, is the only successful starting point; Our ministry ...


Excerpts from General Congregation 32 and 34

In our experience since GC 32, we have come to see that our service of faith, directed ... Christ. "All are called to a common destiny, the fullness of life in God." Our Mission and Critical Post-Modern Culture. 102 19. This is true even of those cultures where ... Gospel to "animate, direct and unify" contemporary secular culture.



of God in all the diversity of human experience, in which the. Word of ... 5.1 — Contemporary secular culture, which has developed ... discovery of God."7. 87. 8. The mission of the Society, in service to the. Crucified and Risen Christ, is directed to the ways in which he makes his presence felt in the diversity of human cultural.

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Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization

Parish Life. The Liturgical Life of the Church: Popular Devotions and Piety. The Christian Family. Catechists and Teachers of the Faith. Religious Experience. Part V: Key ... The New Evangelization seeks to invite modern man and culture into a relationship with Jesus Christ and his ..... Secularism has led to a diminishing.


World religions in the context of the contemporary culture: new

Christianity and Islam in the Context of Contemporary Culture: New Prospects of Dialogue ..... UNESCO Chair based on their experiences conducting large-scale international projects dedicated to various aspects ..... secular” world in general — need to focus more of their attention on the dialogue between the secular and  ...


Pop Music and the Church's Mission

Jesus,' noted one young Christian, 'when we think of our souls soaring as we play. U2's complex “Pop” album loud on our CD player at home'.4. Despite this relationship between spirituality and pop music, the principal attitude towards secular popular culture among churches in the UK today has long been one of apathy ...


Psychology and Christianity

a microcosm of the universe, “a rare example of God's power, goodness, and wisdom, and contains within . . . enough .... Many of the most influential shapers of modern culture openly dispar- aged traditional religious ... moved from Judeo- Christian to secular sensibilities over the past 150 years. Institution by institution ...


Newbigin's Missionary Ecclesiology

tianized culture. European churches were established churches that lacked a missionary self-understanding because they found their identity as part of a ... ology. First, his missionary experience challenged his Christendom theologi- cal training .... Newbigin elaborates the relation of the church to God in Christ in three inter-.


Passing on the Gospel: Indigenous Mission in Africa

Keywords. Africa, Christian mission, church-state relations, cross-cultural mission , Ghana, Independent churches, ... tions, creating infrastructures, and bringing modern technologies such as printing presses and med- ical care ..... God's Word , into an indigenous language gives to a people the ability to own Christ within their.


Interaction of Secularism and Religion among Ibibio ethnic group of

Feb 24, 2015 ... The survey was geared to find out the extent of Christian influence and education on cultural modifications and ... information, events and experience in traditional African setting, observation and oral sources (living ... with secular knowledge and modern way of life, the Ibibios in Nigeria like other Africans.


The Lamad Book of Mission

cannot convert people to gospel concepts and teachings in the secularised situation – what post modern people want is an experience based on revelation reality. In the first place Christians who live in revelation intimacy with Jesus will need to forge relationships with secular people based on God‟s genuine love for all of ...

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Intercultural Theology and Missiology

the old and the new, the known and the unknown, God and the gods, the traditional and the eschatological. ... religious monoculture. Altogether, the term intercultural theology points to a past when Christian mission ... mission in the secular West. In my experience, the concept of “culture” invites theologians to employ large,.


Meditation As Mission:

Christendom, or life in the post-World War cultural context.15. In the West, many people look to the Eastern religions for spiritual direction; consequently, the resurgence of formal world religions has taken place in this era. Some Christians have converted to Hinduism or. Buddhism. Some have experienced “double ...


The Big Man of the Big God

that media technology has an innate culture and that popular culture is driven by a different spirit, how can these serve as resources and challenges in Christian evangelism and representation? We first briefly explain the Pentecostal conception and theology of mission that privilege experience of the Holy Spirit as the ...


Some Principles for the Evangelization of Younger Catholics in

adults in secular cultures reach, relatively early in life, a plateau of religious involvement ... Christianity: A Profile of Religion and Convergence the Canadian 80s,” Social Indicators Research 2 (1988):. 169‐181; Eva M. ... 5 George Wiegel, God's Choice: Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church (New York:.



May 24, 2015 ... ourselves Christian, then Christ must be recognizable in us, both personally and in the institutions of his Church. “The Church... exists to evangelize, to invite people to an encounter with Jesus.” This is so because we are also baptized into the mission of Jesus. He tells us he is the way, the truth and the life.


mission: the symbol for understanding the church today

The second supposition resides in the cultural phenomenon that more and more human beings are experiencing a feeling of being at home in this world and of responsibility for much of the human condition. Whether naturalism, or historical consciousness and secularism, or (as some suggest) Christianity itself, or all of ...


Moral Self-fashioning in the Swadhyaya and Chinmaya Mission

Jan 1, 2014 ... Abstract. Swadhyaya and the Chinmaya Mission are two rapidly growing modern Indian religious movements that have ... demonstrates how the modern self understood, fashioned and experienced in relation to .... Asad, Formations of the Secular: Christianity, Islam, Modernity (Stanford: Stanford University.


Can the West be Converted? Lesslie Newbigin

beliefs of Christians. Surely there can be no more crucial question for the world mission of the church than the one I have posed. IICan the experience of cross- cultural missions to the many fre-modern cultures 0 our world in the last two centuries illuminate the task of mission to this modern world?" Can there be an effective ...


The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

Sep 27, 2007 ... each of these intersects with the truth of Christ in our contemporary world. What follows is a brief overview of each chapter. Culture and Truth. David Wells ... (4) experience the full measure of Jesus' own joy; and (5) be with him forever. ... has to change, finding parallels in Jonah and his mission to the great.