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The Psychodynamics of Work: Action Research in an Academic

students' relationship to their work organization in an economic context characterized by competition, job insecurity, ... In what way do action theories generate a dynamic understanding of prob- lems encountered by students ... ure and suffering related to their involvement in their university program as well as the defence ...


Organizational Attachment: Exploring the Psychodynamics of the

system. I extend this theory and apply it to relationships between individuals and the organizations for which they work. Thus, I posit that individuals have " organizational attachment styles" that can be used to predict how employees will perceive and respond to situations that may threaten their relationship to their employing ...


The contribution of Christophe Dejours psychodynamics of work

Feb 22, 2017 ... psychodynamic theory of Christophe Dejours—who is yet to be known in English language ... Parisa Dashtipour, Department of Leadership, Work and Organisations, Business School, Middlesex University, ...... Czander, W. (1993) The Psychodynamics of Work and Organizations: Theory and Application.


Work as affective experience: The contribution of Christophe

We draw from the French psychodynamic theory of Christophe Dejours—who is yet to be known in English language organization studies—to make the following contributions. First, we show the relationship between affect and working by discussing Dejours' notions of affective suffering, the real of work, the significance of ...


Psychodynamic Group Executive Coaching: A Literature Review

applying a balanced combination of these components or techniques ( psychodynamics, group facilitation, and coaching) ... and work on one's leadership development,” participants rated the intervention on average 4.253 ( on a 5- point scale ...... The psychodynamics of work and organizations: Theory and application. New.


The Psychodynamics of Anxiety in Organisations

Unconscious collaborative defences against anxiety can shape an organisation's structure and processes .... Stokes, J. (1994): The Unconscious at Work in Groups and Teams: Contributions from the Work of Wilfred ..... 1 The literature uses the terms “psychodynamic” and “psychoanalytic” interchangeably in most contexts,.


Contemporary Psychodynamic Models

no interest in long-term, exploratory or insight-oriented work, psychodynamic ... The theory, or more accurately group of theories is complex and the language often overly compli- cated. Adding to the difficulty, today there are a number of ... sons for resisting the program, including what she was beginning to see as his fear.


Psychodynamic Perspective of Organizational Change

Design. ADELA BARABASZ. Psychodynamic. Perspective of Organizational Change. 1. Introduction – The basic assumptions of the psychodynamic approach ... Application of the psychoanalytic paradigm assumes focusing on interpersonal ... Reference to the psychoanalytical theories enables identification of intra-.



Because human behavior is complex and the social work profession is broad, numerous theories are utilized for social work ... adaptation & organization ... APPLICATIONS. SOME PRACTICE. INTERVENTIONS. PSYCHODYNAMIC. THEORY. Includes: Classical psycho- dynamic theory,. Ego-psychology,. Object- relations.

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Key Concepts That Inform Group Relations Work

San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Czander, W. (1990). The psychodynamics of work and organizations: Theory and application. New York, NY: Guilford Press. Devanna, M. & Tichy, N. (1990). Creating the competitive organization for the 21st century: The boundaryless corporation. Human Resource Management, 29, 455-.


Theoretical Perspectives Article [PDF]

conflict perspective, rational choice perspective, social constructionist perspective, psychodynamic perspective, ... of applications across dimensions of human behavior, and are used in empirical research. Each has been ... Theory: A Critical Perspective for Social Work (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 2006a). Besides ...


Identity work - moving the 'theory of the subject' from 'division' to

Identity work - moving the 'theory of the subject' from 'division' ... Much recent critical discussion of the character of work organizations focuses directly on ... approaches that might be identified with the labels: 'discourse theory', critical theory and psychodynamics. The core approach understands the self as a series of ...

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Chapter 1 - Understanding Groups as Psychodynamic Systems

The theoretical framework that we work from in this text can broadly be called group relations ... 2—RACIAL AND CULTURAL DYNAMICS IN GROUP AND ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE. Open Systems Theory and Experiential Learning. Applications of systems theory facilitate the understanding of the context in which a behavior ...


social defense structures in organizations: how a lack of

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATION THEORY AND BEHAVIOR, 12 (3), 475-501 FALL 2009. SOCIAL DEFENSE ... Abstract. The systems psychodynamic perspective was used to explore the functioning of a .... manifest aspects of a group (the work group) imply behaviors that are geared towards rational task ...

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Cheat sheet for field instructors Major Theories

1. Theories, models and perspectives - Cheat sheet for field instructors. Major Theories – Used in Social Work Practice. • Systems Theory. • Psychodynamic. • Social Learning ... among individuals, groups, organizations, or communities and mutually influencing factors in the ... This model is the one that uses the miracle ...


Christophe Dejours' psychodynamic theory of work and its

Sep 15, 2016 ... organizational lives. In contrast to such approaches, in this paper we draw from Christophe. Dejours' psychodynamic theory of work, in order to explore what ... concerned with the issue of leadership in work organizations. ... concrete work activity; something(s) interrupt(s) the direct application of rules and.


Insead Faculty & Research Working Paper

in Freud's psychoanalytic concepts and techniques with clinical patients to its application on a larger scale to the dynamics and functioning of leaders and organizations. Through the work of researchers and practitioners working at the interface of psychoanalysis and organizational studies, the psychoanalytic theory and ...


Five Theories in Social Work

Summary: Characteristics in psychodynamic theories in social work. ........... 60. Chapter 3: Interactionist .... Social work with groups, treatment programs directed towards families and solution focused approaches . ..... organisations, are to guide the social workers in their practice and to present the profession to the outside ...


Applying Learning Theories to Healthcare Practice

Applying Learning. Theories to. Healthcare. Practice. Margaret M. Braungart. Richard G. Braungart. KEY TERMS. O learning. O information processing. O learning theory. O cognitive ... Psychodynamic Learning Theory. Humanistic Learning Theory ... ing, workplace organization and human resource management, and ...



How does. “psychodynamic theory” differ from & relate to. “psychoanalysis”? 6. Freud's “couch” ... EARLY THEORISTS. What theorists & theories represent the 4 classical schools of psychoanalytic theory? Drive Theory. Ego Psychology. Object Relations. Self Psychology. 8 ... adapt & have coherence, identity, & organization.