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The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation and Comparative Research

searchers working on gender politics and the state became interested in doing a systematic study of government agencies established to address women's status and gender equality. this first scholarly collaboration pro- duced Comparative State Feminism in 1995 and then led to the establish- ment of the research network ...



book for the state feminism project, The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research (McBride and Mazur 2010, 258–260): 12. Women's policy agencies can and do form alliances with women's move- ment actors to achieve procedural access and policy change in favor of movement goals. Agencies can  ...


Tracking Change in the French-Style Gender Gap

Jul 10, 2017 ... For more information on the issues surrounding state feminism and its development over the years, see. Dorothy MacBride Stetson, Amy G. Mazur, The Politics of State Feminism. Innovation in Comparative Research. (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010); Sandrine Dauphin, L'État et les droits des ...


Policy Analysis: Feminist Comparative Policy

Policy Analysis: Feminist Comparative Policy. Amy G. Mazur. School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Washington State University, Pullman,. Washington, U.S.A.. Abstract. This entry maps out a new area of policy studies, Feminist Comparative Policy (FCP), that seeks to answer the highly complex questions of if, ...


From state feminism to market feminism?

432513IPS33410.1177/0192512111432513Kantola and SquiresInternational Political Science Review. 2012 ... move from state feminism to market feminism impacts on both the political practices and policy priorities of ...... McBride D and Mazur A (2010) The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research.


A Proposed Analytical Roadmap

state feminism over the years: the members of the Research Network on the Gender Politics and the State, undergraduate students in my course on Comparative Public Policy, and the participants of the ECPR Workshop in 2012 on “Thinking Big About Gender Equality. Special thanks go to the editors of this proposed issue, ...


Does Feminist Policy Matter in Post Industrial Democracies?: A

as well as the significant body of scholarly work that has studied it. 1 The ideas in this article come out of the collaboration in my work on feminist policy and state feminism over the years: the members of the Research Network on the Gender Politics and the State, undergraduate students in my course on Comparative Public ...



This course surveys central topics in the study of gender and comparative politics , covering such issues as comparative methods, social movements, political parties, elections, political representation, states and public policy, and institutions. It seeks to map the trajectory of feminist work in various areas of comparative ...


Valerie Sperling

Valerie Sperling, Sex, Politics, and Putin: Gender, Activism, and Political Legitimacy in Russia (Oxford ... Valerie Sperling, Altered States: The Globalization of Accountability (Cambridge University Press, June ..... “The Contribution of The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research” to a Comparative.



Oct 1, 2012 ... how the organizational form of feminist mobilization varies as political oppor- tunities change. Taking these ... ments in the United States in the 1840s and in Spain in the 1930s (Kanter 1972;. Ackelsberg 1991) ... Historical research has changed the conventional story of women's suffrage as the first ...


Politics & Gender Does Gender Have an Effect on the Selection of

Aug 22, 2012 ... Gender, Power, Leadership and Governance, ed. Georgia Duerst-Lahti and Rita. Mae Kelly. Ann Arbor: Michigan University Press. Lovenduski, Joni, and Marila Guadagnini. 2010. “Political Representation.” In The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research, ed. Dorothy E. McBride and.


The Committee of the Bulgarian Women's Movement and State

See, for instance, Johanna Kantola and Judith Squires, “From State Feminism to. Market Feminism?,” International Political Science Review 33, no. 4 (September 2012): 382–. 400; Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G. Mazur, The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in. Comparative Research (Philadelphia, 2010); Dorothy ...


Paper for 4th European Conference on Politics and Gender

privileged autonomous forms of women's movement organising over feminist institution-‐ building within existing .... Research Network on Gender Politics and the State), for example, was about 'how the state-‐ ..... comparative study of structures for women MPs women's parliamentary bodies in the OSCE region, Warsaw:.



The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative Research (McBride &. Mazur 2010) is the capstone publication that completes the final analysis across all issues and countries in the study and sets forth an empirical theory of state feminism. The theory of state feminism documents and explains the important role.


Feminist Comparative and Transnational Research

Gender, Policy, Politics, and Work: Feminist. Comparative and ... This article reviews feminist comparative and transnational research on workplace policy, politics and the state. The first section examines a range of theoretical approaches to the topic. ..... One innovative approach by T.J. Pempel (1998) derives a puzzle from.


New Institutionalism Through a Gender Lens: Towards a Feminist

Feb 3, 2015 ... McBride D and Mazur A (2010) The Politics of State Feminism: Innovations in Comparative Research. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Mackay F (2009) Institutionalising 'new politics' in post devolution Scotland: 'nested newness' and the gen- dered limits of change. Paper presented at the European ...

New Institutionalism.pdf

State Feminism and Political Representation (PDF Download

Should feminism be. established in state institutions to treat women's concerns? Written by. experts in the field, this book uses an innovative model of political ..... Descriptive representation has received perhaps the most extensive treatment in theoretical and comparative research, with scholars presenting various reasons ...


Political Representation Handbook Entry

contemporary research agenda on substantive representation are identified and then discussed in ... political scientists. Those who did so were mostly feminists. The subsequent feminist study of political representation has both theoretical and empirical ...... 2010 The Politics of State Feminism: Innovation in Comparative.


Inglehart, Ronald and Pippa Norris. (2003). Rising Tide: Gender

design good theory building studies in the field of comparative gender and politics. ... other comparative gender and politics studies with a focus on the state. ... Social Politics, Gender and Society and the new journal Politics and Gender are particularly strong. International Journal of Women's Studies. Feminist Studies.


of Gender Analysis in Canada: An Interprovincial Comparison

Jun 6, 2013 ... recently, studies confirm the importance of WPAs in articulating women's movement demands (e.g., McBride and .... are the locus of most policy innovations and experimentations (see Mcarthur, 2007). Thus, the ... Gender, Politics and the State (RNGS), state feminism explores policy debate and subsequent ...