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Jennifer Hornsby, Publications Books Articles and Reviews

“A Contrast Between Two Pictures: The case of perception”. Philosophical Topics . 2014 “Pornography and 'Speech'” in The Philosophy of Pornography: Contemporary Perspectives, eds. L.Coleman and J.Held (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers). 2013 “Basic Activity”. Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 87: 1–18.


Pornographic Values: Hierarchy and Hubris

The contemporary pornography industry is based on a patriarchal gender fundamentalism and pornographic/media fundamentalism that undermine our ability to achieve self-realization in stable, respectful communities. Public Health Significance Statement: The sexual exploitation of women in pornography and the ...


Philosophy (PHIL)

homosexuality, the nature and role of racism in contemporary society, the relationship between biology, gender roles and social status, and various proposals for change from a variety of political perspectives. Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement. PHIL 310: Ancient Philosophy. (Cross-listed with CL ST). (3-0) Cr. 3. F.


From Eroticism to Pornography: The Culture of the Obscene

The purpose of this study is – following philosophical, psychoanalytical and literary research of the obscene – to demonstrate ... amendment of perspectives on sexual representations led over time to cataloging them in a pornographic or ..... Walter Kendrick (1997), in his book The Secret Museum: Pornography in modern.


Pornography and Postmodernism

constituted a way of life for the contemporary individual. Keywords: postmodernism, pornography .... Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification. His theory, for starters, is based on the ... solipsism', in the case of pornography, from the perspective of the. “Woman- object”, of which Baudrillard ...


KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE: Feminist perspectives in epistemology

knowledge and the difference that differences between women make to feminist perspectives. This awareness of difference requires a re-evaluation of issues .... book on Kant's political philosophy and its influence on contemporary political .... Rosi Braidotti's paper 'Body-images and the pornography of representation'.



Philosophical? Patrons of pre-revolutionary French bookshops who requested ' livres philosoph- iques' did not receive what their modern counterparts would expect. As the book ... improbable marriages of philosophy and pornography. ..... these two perspectives may determine how the hybridization of pornography with .


Forced Migration in Vietnam: Historical and Contemporary

Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2006. 159. Forced Migration in Vietnam: Historical and Contemporary. Perspectives. Dang Nguyen Anh. Institute ... intolerable and unacceptable in the philosophy of development philosophy ..... Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and ILO Convention. No.



Stony Brook University/SUNY, Department of Philosophy, 2009, Distinguished Professor. Visiting Professor, PEALS, Newcastle University ..... In Social and Political Philosophy: Contemporary Perspectives. .... *"The Greater Danger: Pornography, Social Science and Women's Rights", Social. Epistemology, 1988, 117-33. 77.


Perspectives on Pornography Demand Ethical Critique

Jan 1, 2009 ... inclusion in Communication and Journalism Faculty Publications by an authorized administrator of UST Research Online. For more information, please contact [email protected] Recommended Citation. Wyatt, Wendy N. and Bunton, Kristie, "Perspectives on Pornography Demand Ethical Critique" ...


Pornography: The Symbolic Politics of Fantasy

contemporary pornography-that it is more violent than in the past, that ... pornography. II. CONTEMPORARY PUBLIC OPINION. Pornography is a contemporary problem for a small, but intense, minority of Americans, somewhat of a problem ..... philosophical approaches are the positions adhered to or advocated by people.


Violence Against Women: Philosophical Perspectives edited by

Violence Against Women: Philosophical Perspectives edited by Stanle. G. French , Wanda Teays, and ... on the relationship of contemporary feminist scholarship to disciplinary methods and traditions as well as to ... such as female genital mutilation, sexual harassment, pornography, pros- titution, domestic violence, rape, ...


Modern Perspectives on Medical Halachah

Modern Perspective in Medical Halacha. 121. An example is the guillotine, which was developed by a ... although it can be used to write pornography. Similarly, technology and medical science do not .... philosophical objection to human interference with internal disease caused by God? Or was his opinion based on ...


Pornography: Social Science, Legal, and Clinical Perspectives

Pornography: Social Science, Legal, and. Clinical Perspectives. Panel Presenters. Edward Donnerstein. Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor, The Center for Communications Research, Univer- ..... One of the underlying philosophical tenets of our outpatient .... under contemporary community standards, the average person.



Contemporary metaethical con- cerns of definition and justification. [GE.] PHIL 304. Philosophy of Sex & Love (3). Analysis of metaphysical and moral issues relating to sex and love, such as: What is love? What sexual activi- ties are natural, moral, perversions? Friendship, adultery, pornography, pros titution, homosexuality,.


Cyberstalking and Internet pornography: Gender and the gaze

It is argued that both cyberstalking and Internet child pornography are two such areas which have a `gendered' aspect which has rarely been explored in the literature. Against a wide ranging feminist literature of potential relevance, the paper explores a number of cases through a focused approach which weaves together ...


contemporary debates in applied ethics

forthcoming) and co-editor of Contemporary Perspectives on Constitutional Interpre- tation (Westview Press, 1993). Daniel Callahan a cofounder of the Hastings Center, is now its Director of Interna- tional Programs and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and is the author, most ...

Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics.pdf

Pornography: a Liberal's Unfinished Business

An early version of this paper was presented at a conference on “Contemporary Political Philosophy' at Monash ... Dworkinian theoretical perspective pornography ought to be censored; see Whose Right? Ronald ... Pornography is defined as the graphic sexually explicit subordination of women through pictures or words ...


Pharmaco-pornographic Politics: Towards a New Gender Ecology

to exemplify the light design of modern disposable American architecture.6 In 1941,. George Henry carried out the .... Contemporary society is inhabited by toxic-pornographic subjectivities: subjectivities defined by the substance (or ..... Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ...


PHIL1550A: Introduction to Ethics and Social Issues

issues by examining basic concepts of moral philosophy and applying them to concrete problems. You will ... You will be required to use this knowledge to engage in selected debates of contemporary, practical relevance. ... Week 10 ( March 11/13): GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES Part 1: War and terrorism. READINGS: 64, 65, 66 ...