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The Hypnotic Treatment of the Major Symptoms of Hysteria: A Case

This article is devoted to the description of a case, called by the fictitious name of Mr. Jones, presenting several of the major symptoms of hysteria, all successfully treated by hypnosis more than 14 years ago. It is worthy of being presented for several reasons. First, it possesses interesting and even dramatic features ...


La belle indifference La belle indiffe¤rence in conversion symptoms

disease. Analysis of odds ratios indicated that one controlled study found la belle indifference indiffe´rence to be significantly more common in hysteria (Barnert, 1971), whereas the other three found no sig- nificant differences between patients with conversion symptoms and controls with organic disease (Raskin et al, 1966;.


The Classification of Hysteria and Related Disorders: Historical and

Nov 6, 2015 ... organ or part of the body” and which are “unaccompanied, as a rule, by any obvious physical signs. [or]…any gross or microscopic anatomical changes” [38] ( p. 5). Later in that century, Savill's characterization of hysteria was further affirmed in America by the Washington University psychiatry group in St.


From hysteria to somatic symptom disorders: searching for a

signs and symptoms that can be elicited during a clinical visit, rather than by way of exclusion of other organic or psychiatric disease only. Key words. Somatic symptom and related disorders • Hysteria • Alexithymia • Hy- pochondriasis • Health anxiety • Thanatophobia • Conversion symp- toms • Anniversary reaction • New ...


Hysteria—Multiple Manifestations of Semantic Confusion

He listed as symptoms coughs, headaches, colonic spasm, vomiting, diarrhea, poly- uria and back pain. The contagiousness of certain forms of hysteria, so- called, was noted in the 18th century and Pinel. (1745-1826) reintroduced sex as a major factor, identifying amenorrhea, nympho- mania and sexual abstinence.


APHONIA: (Is aphonia always a “hysterical” symptom?)

A major requirement has probably always been the finding of psychogenic disorders as reflected by “somatic” symptoms, while “real somatic changes” may not be demonstrable even by the most careful clinical examination. In addition to this, Janet (8) has drawn atten- tion to the relation of hysterical symptoms to tendency ...



Spaeth, E. B.: Differentiation of Ocular Manifestations of Hysteria and Ocular Malingering , Arch. Ophth. 4:911-918 ( (Dec.) ) 1930.Crossref. 14. Janet, P. M. F.: The Major Symptoms of Hysteria , ed. 2, New York, The Macmillan Company, 1920. 15. Freud, S.: Selected Papers on Hysteria , translated by A. A. Brill, Nervous and ...


The Dissociation Theory of Pierre Janet

Historically Janet's approach to hysteria consisted of studies of observable behaviors followed by etiological studies. ... or schizophrenic excitement. In France the concept of dissociation became linked with hysteria and hypnosis. ...... The Major Symptoms of Hysteria, Macmillan, London/New York. Second edition with new ...


Hysterical Amblyopia in Children | JAMA Pediatrics | The JAMA

However, one area of involvement is usually predominant while others must be sought out. In this series the presenting symptom was impairment of vision, a complaint sufficiently serious to warrant the most thorough investigation. Studies in the literature on hysterical amblyopia have come for the most part from the military.



It is common for paediatricians to be faced in outpatient clinics with children whose presenting complaints cannot be adequately explained on organic grounds. Perhaps abdominal pain and enuresis form two of the commonest of these disorders. A third group of symptoms that leave many doctors perplexed are those ...


A Bayesian account of 'hysteria'

May 29, 2012 ... Abbreviation: FMSS = functional motor and sensory symptoms. Introduction. For thousands of years, a core pursuit of medical science has been the careful observation of physical symptoms and signs. Through these observations, supplemented more recently by investigative techniques, an understanding ...

A Bayesian account of hysteria.pdf

Hysteria following brain injury

Hysteria following brain injury. Peter Eames. Abstract. Of 167 patients referred to a unit treating severe behaviour disorders after brain injury, 54 showed clinical features closely resembling those of gross hysteria as des- cribed by Charcot. Close correlation was found with very diffuse insults (hypoxia and hypoglycaemia ) ...


Disturbed Mental Imagery of Affected Body-Parts in Patients with

May 20, 2014 ... with Hysterical Conversion Paraplegia Correlates with Pathological. Limbic Activity ... Abstract: Patients with conversion disorder generally suffer from a severe neurological deficit which cannot be ... Keywords: conversion disorder; hysteria; body-processing; mental-imagery; insular cortex; anterior cingulate ...


Paralysis: The Rise and Fall of a "Hysterical" Symptom

unexplored is the history of hysteria as a genuine psychiatric disorder, just as schizophrenia and depression, also real disorders, have as yet unwritten histories of their own. "Hysteria" may be taken to mean simply physical symptoms of psychological origin. But a major difficulty for the historian is separating symptoms that ...


Epidemic Hysteria: A Review of the Published Literature

diagnosing such epidemic hysteria because first there is the need to exclude other etiologic factors and because there also may be a hesitancy to recognize such outbreaks (17). Characteristics of such illnesses include sudden onset of symptoms among a number of persons, moderate-to-severe symptoms without the.


Freud - Complete Works

The disproportion between the many years' duration of the hysterical symptom and the single occurrence which provoked it is what we are accustomed invariably to find in traumatic neuroses. Quite frequently it is some event in childhood that sets up a more or less severe symptom which persists during the years that follow.


The Dissociation Theory of Pierre Janet

Historically Janet's approach to hysteria consisted of studies of observable behaviors followed by etiological studies. ... or schizophrenic excitement. In France the concept of dissociation became linked with hysteria and hypnosis. ...... The Major Symptoms of Hysteria, Macmillan, London/New York. Second edition with new ...


Somatoform Dissociation: Major Symptoms of Dissociative Disorders

correlation between dissociative and somatoform disorders (see also Darves-. Bornoz, 1997) indicates that dissociation and so-called conversion symp- toms, and particular somatization symptoms, may be manifestations of a single underlying principle. The major symptoms of hysteria, which involve both mind and body–a.


Dissociative psychopathology, non-epileptic seizures, and neurology

dissociative convulsions, and waste basket categories included to capture uncommon, impure, or less severe instances of dissociation. Other symptoms previously viewed as hysterical are placed within the somatoform dis- orders category of ICD-10, on the grounds that their primary characteristic is an apparent disturbance ...


Conversion Reactions in Childhood and Adolescence

a distinction between the diagnoses of hysterical per- sonality and conversion disorder (Chodoff and Lyons,. 1958; Guze, 1967, Stephens and Kemp, 1962). Ziegler. (1967) suggested criteria for a diagnosis of conversion reactions in adults which include: (1) prominent sen- sory or motor symptoms not involving organs inner ...