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Australian Aboriginal Memoir and Memory: A Stolen Generations

Oct 19, 2015 ... Keywords: Australian Aboriginal literature; trauma theory; postcolonial criticism;. Indigenous studies ... decolonization of the Indigenous self and forms the root of individual survival and cultural survivance. ... the analysis of Stolen Generations trauma within Australian literary culture ([5], p. 14). In the.


Interrogating Europe's voids of memory: trauma theory and

http://eprints.nottingham.ac.uk/end_user_agreement.pdf. A note on versions: The version presented ... Trauma Theory and Holocaust Remembrance between the National and the. Transnational by Larissa Allwork. Abstract ..... in The Future of Trauma Theory: Contemporary Literary and Cultural Criticism, eds. Gert Buelens  ...


Oranges and Sunshine: The Story of a Traumatic Encounter

Oct 20, 2015 ... Keywords: Jim Loach; Margaret Humphreys; trauma theory; memory studies; Australian studies; postcolonial trauma; Lost Children of Empire; biopolitics; missing person; homo sacer. 1. Introduction. Contemporary Australia is still trying to cope with the traumatic unsettlement brought about by the.


political trauma amongst young activists in post-revolutionary Egypt

The activists were interviewed between October 2013 and February 2014: .... human reactions to severe traumatic stress resulting from dangerous political contexts (Eagle and Kaminer 2013; Stevens et al. 2013). CTS thus places the roots of ...... Future of Trauma Theory: Contemporary Literary and Cultural Criticism, edited.


Postcolonial Trauma Theory in the Contact Zone: The Strategic

Nov 20, 2015 ... The main target of criticism has been trauma theory's lack of interest in the traumas experienced by members of .... Since in many postcolonial cultures the past, present and future are not considered ..... she wonders whether the ever- growing influence of trauma theory in literary and cultural studies in.


Drawing on the Past to Meet the Future in Northwestern North

2013. “We might go back to this”; drawing on the past to meet the future in northwestern North American indigenous communities. Ecology and Society 18(4 ): 29. http://dx.doi. ... handed down through generations by cultural transmission.” TEK systems can also reflect .... Their unique historical and contemporary perspective ...


John Storey - Cultural Theory and Popular Culture

Apr 11, 2008 ... more contemporary than where the discussion of post-structuralism ends. There seems to be no ... trations, and the inclusion of a list of websites useful to the student of cultural theory and popular culture. ... allowed critics and theorists, when and where appropriate, to speak in their own words. In doing this ...


Lessons on Cultural Trauma from the Emmett Till Verdict

the Emmett Till murder trial as a case study, this article extends cultural trauma theory by explicating how cultural ... Bernard Giesen, Neil Smelser, and Piotr Sztompka have developed a rich literature for understanding ... Alexander 2004; David 2008; Eyerman 2013, 2015; Hughson and Spaaij 2011; Smelser. 2004). Second ...


The place of memory in diasporic cultures - abstracts

transmission of both damage and resistance, their narrative trajectories aligning with features significant in contemporary trauma theory. However, this paper suggests that as the authors proceed, both suggestively linking colonial and neocolonial atrocities with modern brutalities, they envision these cultural memories quite ...


archaeologies of the future

Jun 3, 2012 ... intersections of philosophical, literary, cultural, textual, visual, medial, art, and aesthetic theories. Founded in 1976, the IAPL brings together thinkers and scholars working in a wide .... IAPL 2013 Call for Papers. ...... about the role of future in the contemporary remembering of a repressive and traumatic past.


Rethinking Historical Trauma

of colonization, cultural suppression, and historical oppression of Indigenous peoples in. North America (e.g. ... sciences literature during the mid-1990s (Gone , 2014; Maxwell, 2014; Prussing,. 2014; Waldram, 2014). ... historical trauma insofar as postcolonial refers to the contemporary as much as to the historical, and ...


Split Wounds: Diverging Formations of Trauma in The Diagnostic

May 24, 2016 ... The Future of Trauma. Theory: Contemporary Literary and Cultural Criticism. Stef Craps: Postcolonial Witnessing: Trauma Out of Bounds. Richard Crownshaw et al .: The Future of Memory. Roger Luckhurst: The Trauma Question. Michael Rothberg: “Decolonizing Trauma Studies: A Response.” Rebecca ...


Survival: Colonialism as a Discourse in Beatrice Culleton's Spirit of

unknown. This premise of misunderstanding and misreading could have been a deterrent to my readings in aboriginal literatures had I not read the opening remarks of Native ... literature in terms of the author's cultural background and tradition, and in terms of the .... As the days pass, the future seems bleaker than usual.



“Trauma and Experience: Introduction” and “Recapturing the Past: Introduction”. 16 See for example the recently published volume The Future of Trauma Theory: Contemporary. Literary and Cultural Criticism (2014), edited by Gert Buelens, Sam Durant and Robert Eaglestone for engaging discussions on trauma theory and ...


Post-Soviet Trauma in the Nordic Imagination: Occupation and Sex

ABSTRACT. The traumas of the twentieth century affected the devel- opment of trauma narrative in literature and cinema. Much of the trauma theory in different disciplines devel- oped largely from the Holocaust literature as well as from gender-based violence. The criticism of many examples in contemporary trauma theory ...


Curriculum Vitae TIMOTHY BEWES Position: Professor, Department

MA English Literature (Critical Theory), University of Sussex. 1988-1992. BA ( Hons) English ... Contemporary Literature; David James, Twentieth Century Literature; Raji Vallury, New. Formations; Francesca ... “To Think Without Abstraction: On the Problem of Standpoint in Cultural Criticism,”. Textual Practice, Vol. 28, no.


Investing in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue: UNESCO

Target 7a: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes; reverse loss of environmental resources. Target 7b: Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of loss. Target 7c: Reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to ...


No Future without Humanities: Literary Perspectives

Feb 4, 2015 ... 4 Department of Literature and Culture, KU Leuven, Blijde Inkomststraat 21-3311, 3000 Leuven,. Belgium ... Keywords: future with humanities; human rights; transnationalism; translation studies; cultural ..... for-runners of contemporary theories of emotion: Stendhal, Hazlitt, Jane Austin, Robert Musil for.


Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future

May 31, 2015 ... States that engage in cultural genocide set out to destroy the political and social institutions .... ent to the future of their children—a judgment contradicted by the fact that parents often kept their children ...... Educating our Youth, video, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, 19 September 2013,.


Acknowledging the Past to Heal the Future: The Role of Reparations

theory of reparations that fits all cultures, all nations, and all peoples. This essay explores the potential ... reparative justice as it might apply to contemporary discussions about achiev ing justice for the Native peoples ... particular, Native peoples are asserting claims for recognition of cultural and political rights, as separate ...