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The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962 The Power of Plagues

Clinical Infectious Diseases 2006;43:1374–5. Permission to reprint a book review in this section may be obtained only from the reviewer. The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. By Frank M. Snowden. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005. 304 pp., illustrated. $40.00 (cloth). The resurgence of malaria and the con ...


Curriculum Vitae Frank M. Snowden Secondary Education St

York: Palgrave, 2002). The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900ана1962 (New Haven : Yale University Press,. 2006). Italian edition: La conquista della malaria: una modernizzazione italiana, 1900а–а. 1962 (Turin: Einaudi, 2008). Articles: “The Social Origins of Agrarian Fascism in Italy,”аEuropean Journal of Sociology.

Snowden - Apr08.pdf

Mosquito Wars: Malaria and Bioterrorism in Italy, 1943–1945

The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. New. Haven: Yale; 2006: chap 7. Hering R. Nazi Persecution and the Pursuit of Science: Corre-. Spondence between Erich Martini and Otto Hecht, 1946-1947. Jewish Culture Hist. 2000;3:95 -124. McCormic AO. Abroad: undoing the German campaign of the mosquito. New York ...


Program to Eradicate Malaria in Sardinia, 1946–1950

1947;27:177–200. 3. Snowden F. The conquest of malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. New Haven. (CT): Yale University Press; 2006. 4. Packard RM, Gadelha P. A land filled with mosquitoes: Fred Soper, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Anopheles gambiae invasion of. Brazil, 1932–1939. Parassitologia. 1994;36:197 –214. 5.


The Long Struggle Against Malaria in Tropical Africa. Bulletin of the

The story of why the first malaria eradication failed has been well told previously, 2 and, sensibly, Webb does not go over this ground again in any detail. 1. Frank M. Snowden, The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962 (New Haven, Conn.: Yale. University Press, 2006). 2. Socrates Litsios, The Tomorrow of Malaria ( Karori, ...


The interaction of scientific evidence and politics in debates about

Snowden FM. The conquest of malaria: Italy (1900–. 1962). New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2006. 14. Parrot L. Sur les produits de la quinine et des autres alcaloıdes du quinquina. Rapport C.H. Malaria/28. Geneva: SDN, 1924. 15. Majori GC. Short History of malaria and its eradica- tion in Italy. Medit. J. Hematology ...


albopictus Mosquitoes

Sep 27, 2012 ... Snowden FM (2006) The conquest of malaria: Italy 1900–1962. New Haven & London: Yale. University Press. 2. Di Luca M, Boccolini D, Severini F, Toma L,. Barbieri FM, et al. (2009) A 2-year entomological study of potential malaria vectors in central Italy. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis 9: 703–711. 3. Lazzara ...


New Osteological Data on Malaria in Sardinia from Antiquity to the

Jun 14, 2017 ... Infectious Disease, 15, 1460-1466. https://doi.org/10.3201/eid1509.081317. [12] Logan, J. (1953) The Sardinian Project: An Experiment in the Eradication of an In - digenous Malarious Vector. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. [13] Snowden, F. (2006) The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900-1962.


Introduction: Fascism and nature

La bonifica in Italia: legislazione, credito e lotta alla malaria dall'unita` al fascismo . Milan: Franco Angeli. Ruzzenenti, Marino. 2011. L'autarchia verde: un involontario laboratorio della green economy. Milan: Jaca Book. Snowden, Frank M. 2006. The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. New Haven: Yale University Press.


Pioneers in the anti-malaria battle in Greece (1900–1930)

Pioneers in the anti-malaria battle in Greece. (1900–1930). Maria Mandyla, Costas Tsiamis, Alexandros Kousounis, Eleni Petridou. Summary. The aim of the study ... the Greek Anti-Malaria League in 1905 was founded by a group of eminent ...... Snowden, Frank, The Conquest of Malaria in Italy: 1900–1962 ( London 2006).


Are tyrants good for your health?

Apr 26, 2014 ... in the Congo. The New York. Review of Books Sept 24, 2009. King E. From classrooms to conflict in Rwanda. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. Rosen G. A history of public health. Baltimore, MD: Johns. Hopkins University Press, 1993. Snowden F. The conquest of malaria in Italy, 1900–1962.


Historical Review: Problematic Malaria Prophylaxis with Quinine

May 16, 2016 ... The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 33. Christophers SR, 1942. The treatment of malaria and some points about the drugs in use against this disease. Trans R Soc. Trop Med Hyg 36: 49– 59. 34. Findlay G, 1949. Blackwater fever in west Africa, 1941–45; black-.


Mario Coluzzi (1938–2012) | Malaria Journal | Full Text

Jan 22, 2014 ... Coluzzi's first paper [1] reported DDT resistance in several anopheline species of Italy, including members of the Anopheles maculipennis complex. In that same year, (1958) George Davidson ..... Google Scholar; Snowden FM: The conquest of malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. 2006, New Haven: Yale University ...


Neglected malarias: The frontlines and back alleys of global health

Abstract Among the public health community, 'all except malaria' is often shorthand for neglected tropical diseases. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's cause ce´le`bre, malaria receives a tremendous amount of funding, as well as scientific and policy attention. Malaria has, however, diver- gent biological, behavioural ...

Neglected Malarias Kelly & Beisel.pdf?sequence=8

Evaluating Cinchona bark and quinine for treating and preventing

to prevent malaria.89. [As an aside, Bryson goes on to remark that, given claims that tobacco possessed prophylactic proper- ties, there were 'not any just grounds ...... Igiene Sperimentale 1903; 13: 322–343. 113. Snowden FM. The Conquest of Malaria: Italy (1900–. 1962). New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2006. 114.


The history of the Greek Anti-Malaria League and the influence of

died of malaria [5]. The sanitary campaigns against malaria in. Greece started in the beginning of the 20th cen- tury and can be divided into three periods. The ...... [33] Snowden F. The Conquest of Malaria in Italy: 1900-1962. 2006, 27-52.Yale University Press, London. [34] Savvas C., Kardamatis I., Malaria in Greece and.


A 'Textbook Pattern'? Malaria Control and Eradication in Jamaica

gradually. As Hilary Beckles has argued, 'Emancipation' was a 'process, rather than an. 13 Frank Snowden, The Conquest of Malaria. Italy, 1900–1962 (New Haven, CT, and London: Yale University. Press, 2006), 219. 14 Harrison, op. cit. ( note 12), 236. 15 See for example, Cueto, Cold War, Deadly Fevers; Packard, op. cit.


The decline of malaria in Finland–the impact of the vector and social

May 7, 2009 ... Vuorinen HS: Tautinen Suomi 1857 – 1865 Tampere, Tampere Uni- versity Press ; 2006. 47. Snowden FM: The Conquest of Malaria – Italy, 1900–1962 New Haven,. London, Yale University Press; 2006. 48. Swellengrebel NH, de Buck A: Malaria in the Netherlands Amsterdam,. Scheltema & Holkema Ltd ...


A Research Agenda for Malaria Eradication: Drugs

Jan 25, 2011 ... Snowden FM (2005) The conquest of malaria. Italy 1900-1962. New Haven: Yale University Press. 20. Bruce-Chwatt LJ (1959) Malaria research and eradication in the USSR. A review of Soviet achievements in the field of malariology. Bull World Health. Organ 21: 737–772. 21. Kaneko A, Taleo G, Kalkoa M ...


Mario Coluzzi (1938-2012)

Jan 22, 2014 ... Snowden FM: The conquest of malaria: Italy, 1900–1962. New Haven: Yale. University Press; 2006. 7. Coluzzi M, Sabatini A: Cytogenetic observations on species A and B of the. Anopheles gambiae complex. Parassitologia 1967, 9:73– 88. 8. Frizzi G, Holstein M: Etude cytogenetique d'Anopheles gambiae.