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Medical aspects and challenges in an armed conflict

Holloway, D., 9/11 and the War on Terror. Mcgill Queens Univ Pr. Montreal. 2008. Bergen,. P.L., The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al- Qaeda. Free Press. New York, 2011. Buckley, M., The Bush Doctrine and the War on Terrorism: Global Reactions,. Global Consequences. Routledge. New York ...

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The Bush Doctrine—A Minority View

May 6, 2010 ... containment. As a consequence, the Bush doctrine should be based on the President's speech to. Congress nine days after the September 11, 2001 attack, in which he divided the world into two camps, those who side with the United States and those who side with the terrorists, and declared a global war ...


First Strike, Preemptive War in Modern History.pdf

—Robert Singh, co-editor of The Bush Doctrine and the War on. Terrorism: Global Reactions, Global Consequences (Routledge). “Matthew Flynn's First Strike presents a hard-hitting, provocative assess- ment of the Bush administration's doctrine of preemptive warfare and its application to Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime in ...

First Strike, Preemptive War in Modern History.pdf


equally, the reaction from the Middle East to US policy carries important consequences for US hegemony globally. The Iraq war is the pivotal event around which these developments .... upon as a way to turn the 'war on terrorism' against Iraq; to do so, Bush had to claim that Saddam Hussein was linked to al- Qaida and was ...



Yordan look at the United Nations' reactions to the 9/11 attacks and the Security Council's establishment of new global counter-terrorism system. Keywords: 9/11, USA, United Nations, socio- political ... known as the 'Bush Doctrine'. Carolin Goerzig's analysis maintains that the. Bush administration's “global war on terror” is.


1 Explaining the Impact of the Global War on Terrorism on ASEAN

Explaining the Impact of the Global War on Terrorism on ASEAN: the New Regionalism. Revisited? ... July 2008. ABSTRACT. This paper examines how the global war on terrorism has affected regionalism within the. Association ..... The US approach to the post-9/11 world order as stated in the Bush's administration revised ...


A Work in Progress: The Bush Doctrine and Its Consequences

world. … I will not wait on events, while dangers gather.” Elsewhere in his speech , President George W. Bush singled out Iraq, Iran, and North. Korea as constituting an “axis of evil.”1 Later, on June 1, 2002, Bush clarified the implications of the strategic shift in his West Point com- mencement speech, where he compared ...


International Law and the Preemptive Use of Military Force

This article will assess the lawfulness of the Bush doctrine and then seek to make several policy ... Treaties are written agree- ments between states; in effect, they are the international equivalent of con- tracts. Bilateral ... The Effect of the UN Charter. As the Second World War was coming to an end, the delegates from 51.


America's Quest for Global Hegemony:

Forthcoming: Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory, vol. 53, no. 2, issue 110 (August 2006). America's Quest for Global Hegemony: Offensive Realism, the Bush Doctrine, and the 2003 Iraq War. Carlos L. Yordán. *. Abstract: Research in the discipline of international relations finds that the democratic great powers ...



World War II, no idea has moved faster or farther in the international normative arena than The ... Thomas G. Weiss eds., 2004); and WARS ON. TERRORISM AND IRAQ: HUMAN RIGHTS, UNILATERALISM, AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY ( Thomas ..... using force for human protection. The Bush doctrine “has had the effect.


National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in Washington, D.C., New York City, and. Pennsylvania were acts of war against the. United States of America and its allies, and against the very idea of civilized society. No cause justifies terrorism. The world must respond and fight this evil that is intent on threatening and ...


The Consequences of Unlawful Preemption and the Legal Duty to

Johannes van Aggelen, The Consequences of Unlawful Preemption and the Legal Duty to Protect the Human Rights of Its Victims, 42 Case. W. Res. J. Int'l L. ... self-defense, the Bush doctrine, the war on terror, and its consequences for ... numerous institutions world-wide and is a prolific writer on international law in various.


The Bush Doctrine:

with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.”4). The purpose of this paper is to examine the Bush doctrine and its impacts on world politics. This paper is premised upon that security strategies are not just reactions ...


The National Security Strategy United States of America

Sep 11, 2001 ... The war against terrorists of global reach is a global enterprise of uncertain duration. America will ..... speak the language of right and wrong. I disagree. Different circumstances require different methods, but not different moralities.” President Bush ... have a disabling effect upon the terrorists' ability to plan ...


Double-edged Hegemony and the Management of Global

'The United States National Security Strategy and its Consequences for European Defence', Document. A/1824, 4 June 2003, ..... The so-called Bush Doctrine was asserted in the context of the war against global terrorism. It has its root in previous anti-terrorist strikes. In the aftermath of the bombing of US embassies in ...


International Terrorism: Threat, Policy, and Response

Jan 3, 2007 ... “Bush Doctrine.”1. Given the potentially catastrophic consequences of terrorist attacks employing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), Administration ... President Bush, in his January 28, 2003 State of the Union ..... global war on terror,” and shortly after the report's release, Libya was removed from the U.S. ...


The Bush Doctrine and the Emerging Norm of Anticipatory Self

September 2003. The Bush Doctrine and the Emerging Norm of. Anticipatory Self -Defense in Customary. International Law. John Alan Cohan. Follow this and additional works at: .... mediate disarmament; and promised serious consequences if the .... be a significant contribution to the war on terrorists of global reach.


The Bush Doctrine and War with Iraq

of the emergence of a “nexus between terrorist networks, terrorist states, and weapons of mass destruction . . . that can make mighty adversaries of small or im- poverished states and even relatively small groups of individuals.”2. The Bush Doctrine identifies three threat agents: terrorist organizations with global reach, weak ...


Robert Jervis, “Understanding the Bush Doctrine”

from 1500 to 2000 (New York: Random House, 1987); Robert Gilpin, War and Change in World Politics .... the doctrine as our policy against Iraq “preemptive,” as the Bush administration does, is to do violence .... Huddy, Stanley Feldman, Theresa Capelos, and Colin Provost, “The Consequences of Terrorism: Dis-.


The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism

but the Iraq War, the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, and the indefinite detention of enemy combatants at ..... become America's longest war. The attacks also prompted America's global campaign against terrorists and .... America's Response to Terrorism. But Americans can reduce the effects of terror by their own reactions.