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Oct 9, 2017 ... The Alhambra. A TRULY URBAN COMMUNITY. THE VISION. Building upon the framework of the original. C.F.Braun campus, a new urban community has emerged. In a largely commercial area, an urban neighborhood is envisioned; a place that fuses residential living with a rich network of landscape ...


What Symmetry Groups Are Present in the Alhambra?, Volume 53

A fairly sophisticated discussion, referring specifically to the Alhambra, can be found in the book Classical Tessellations and. Three-manifolds by José Maria Montesinos.” I had visited the Alhambra more than twenty years ago and had seen Montesinos' book soon after it ap- peared; that's a long time ago, and I had forgotten.


1832 THE ALHAMBRA Washington Irving

THE ALHAMBRA. Washington Irving. Irving, Washington (1783-1859) - An American historian, biographer, and essayist who also served as ambassador to Spain. (1842-46). He was the first American author to achieve international literary renown. Alhambra (1832) - The Alhambra is a castle in Grenada Spain where Irving ...


Water management at the Alhambra: A late medieval study

Abstract. The Alhambra is a medieval palace-city that had been the royal residence and seat of government for the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, the last Islamic dynasty of al-Andalus. With the dynasty's founding in 1238 CE, a steady supply of water became a necessity for an expanding palace-city, both in the royal precincts ...


Symmetry Groups In The Alhambra

SYMMETRY GROUPS IN THE ALHAMBRA. Maria Francisca Blanco Blanco. 1. Ana Lúcia Nogueira de Camargo Harris. 2. Abstract. The question of the presence of the seventeen symmetry crystallographic groups in the mosaics and other ornaments of the Arabic palace of the Alhambra (Spain) seems to be not yet settled.


Magic Geometry: Mosaics in the Alhambra

There is much to see and admire in the Alhambra Palace: exquisite rooms, decorated with stone and wood carvings, finest ornaments, and calligraphy; night sky represented in ceilings built of thousands of pieces of wood; gardens, courtyards and fountains; monuments, towers, archways - the list is endless. Quite possibly ...

Magic geometry mosaics in the Alhambra Miroslav Lovric.pdf?sequence=2

The Alhambra Palace of the Eleventh Century

THE ALHAMBRA PALACE OF THE ELEVENTH CENTURY. By Frederick P. Bargebuhr. I. Dramatis Personae. In the personal memoirs written, during his exile in Morocco, by the last. Zirid king of Granada, 'Abd Allah (1073-1090), grandson and successor to. King Badis ibn Habbfis (1038-1073), there is so much reference to ...


Biomineralization Processes in the Fountains of the Alhambra

The most notable form of deterioration in the fountains of the Alhambra is mineralization, which can cover practically the entire surface of basins colonized by algae. We have studied two types of alterations related to the mineralization process in the Alhambra fountains. Accretion, which occurs as a result of precipitation and ...


Pigment and Plasterwork Analyses of Nasrid Polychromed

This paper deals with the description of the stucco (decorative plasterwork) and pigments used in the Alhambra (Granada, southern Spain). The nature, structure and deterioration of these materials are described in detail, as well as the painting and stucco techniques employed. A cast plaster technique is found throughout ...


the ornament of the Alhambra and the past-facing present

Journal of Art Historiography Number 6 June 2012. History in the making: the ornament of the. Alhambra and the past-facing present. Lara Eggleton. The Alhambra, a palatine fortress perched on a mountainous outcrop above the city of Granada, has held a unique place in the historiography of Islamic architectural.


Quasi-stellar objects in the ALHAMBRA survey⋆

Quasi-stellar objects in the ALHAMBRA survey. ⋆. I. Photometric redshift accuracy based on 23 optical-NIR filter photometry. I. Matute1, I. Márquez1, J. Masegosa1, C. Husillos1, A. del Olmo1, J. Perea1, E. J. Alfaro1, A. Fernández- Soto2,. M. Moles1,3, J. A. L. Aguerri4, T. Aparicio-Villegas1, N. Benítez1, T. Broadhurst5, ...


Alhambra's Famed Pyrenees Castle

On a hilltop, overlooking southwest Alhambra, sits a fabulous castle. The dense walls of the Pyrenees Castle embrace much history. In 1926, Sylvester Dupuy's dream of building a castle had come true. The Pyrenees Castle was the culmination of his childhood dream to build a replica of a beautiful chateau he had admired ...


High redshift galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey

of high redshift galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey data. Aims. Our aim is to develop a less biased methodology than the traditional dropout technique to study the high redshift galaxies in. ALHAMBRA and other multifilter data. Thanks to the wide area ALHAMBRA covers, we especially aim at contributing to the study.


Rafael Contreras and Architectural Models of the Alhambra in the

Many models of the Alhambra survive today in major museums and institutions worldwide. Most of these were made by the head restorer of the Alhambra Rafael Contreras, who carried out a major restoration in the. Nasrid palace between 1847 and 1889. He aimed to change the look of the. Alhambra to create a more ...


The Alhambra/Bermuda Triangle Connection

Alhambra Post-Advocate and community activist in Alhambra. Jenkins was born April 26, 1914, in Crookston, MN, and began his journalism career in 1934 at the South Bay Daily Breeze. After serving in the U.S. Navy during WWII, he returned to the Daily Breeze, and later was managing editor of the. Marin Journal before ...


Unity in Multiplicity: Lessons from the Alhambra

63. Unity in Multiplicity: Lessons from the. Alhambra. Randy K. Schwartz teaches mathematics at Schoolcraft College, a community college in. Livonia, Michigan. He has degrees in mathematics from Dartmouth College and the Univer- sity of Michigan, with additional study of Arabic at UM. While medieval Arab science is his.


The Bride Unveiled: Influences on and Interpretations of the Alhambra

The Bride Unveiled: Influences on and Interpretations of the Alhambra. Iram Ahmad. Tucson, Arizona. Few buildings from the Middle Ages have increasingly captured the imagination of visitors throughout time like the Alhambra. According to Lonely Planet, 6,000 tourists visit the. Alhambra in Granada, Spain, per day1 to  ...



ABSTRACT. This paper presents the characterization of the optical range of the ALHAMBRA photometric system, a 20 contiguous, equal-width, medium-band CCD system with wavelength coverage from 3500Å to 9700Å. The photometric description of the system is done by presenting the full response curve as a product of ...

The alhambra photometric system.pdf?sequence=1


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The Planar Crystallographic Groups Represented at the Alhambra

The geometric patterns that cover the walls, ceilings and floors of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain have been the subject of study by many mathematical researchers ever since 1944, when E. Müller first reported the number of distinct planar crystallographic groups found there. In subsequent years, the count has varied,.