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Design and Analysis of Prototype Tesla Turbine for Power

Nikola Tesla claimed that total effectiveness of this turbine could reachupto98%. [ iv].Later on, different prototypes design models used compressed air and showed the total effectiveness round about 40% [v]. Numbers of properties of TDT were discussed in current studies. Unlike other conventional ways of power generation  ...

Design and Analysis of Prototype Tesla Turbine for Power Generation Applications.pdf

Modern improved and effective design of boundary layer turbine for

motors etc. but the new optimized design of tesla turbine will make it more efficient to be used in different applications of power generation. Tesla turbine uses water or air as its fuel so it is one of the greenest source for the generation of power. Global warming is increasing very rapidly and the world will face an enormous ...



Prototypes of Tesla microturbine generators working on air or wa- ter steam were designed at Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc. (http://phoenixnavigation.com). They operate on up to 10.5 bar of inlet pres- sure and are manufactured in two options of the disk diameter: • Turbogen-1 – 4.5” generating 250 W of electric ...


Proposed applications with implementation techniques of the

2.1. Renewable energy resource. Like any other rotating machine Tesla turbine can also be used to rotate the rotor of a generator and thus it can be used for the generation of electric power. Usually Tesla turbine uses the water or pressurized air as a fuel thus its running cost is lowest than any other engine or turbine and its  ...


Air Force Research Laboratory

Apr 23, 2015 ... Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle (EV). Efficiencies (%). Li Battery Pack. 97-98 %. Electric Power. Control. 97-98 % (peak). Electric Motor. 93 %. Total. Drivetrain+ Fuel. 88 %. (from Tesla) .... “VoltAir's two next-generation lithium-air batteries would power two highly efficient superconducting motors…which ...


mhd generator and accelerator experiments in seeded and

at the International Symposium on MHD Electric Power Generation in Salzburg ... imbedded in the seeded air shock layer flow field about a blunt model and observations ... model in a combustion driven shock tunnel (2) having a 76 cm test section diameter. An air core electromagnet which produced a 1. 4 Tesla pulsed. 2 ...


Powerwall Welcome Guide

Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power. Energy Savings. Reduce your electricity bill, if your utility offers a time-of- use rate plan*. Home Energy Control. Manage and control your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app. *Available at a later date by an over-the- air ...


Toyota Motor Corporation and Tesla Motors

Feb 26, 2013 ... navigation and audio systems. This reduces the power generation re- quired by the alternator, which re- sults in an overall load reduction on the engine and improves the vehicle's fuel economy. DENSO's battery pack is naturally air cooled and therefore does not require a dedicated battery cooling system.


A revised Tesla Turbine Concept for ORC applications

Sep 15, 2017 ... cover the requirements of heat and power generation both in domestic buildings and industrial facilities, with an emphasis on smart grid solutions ... demonstrated for air expanders at lab scale - has some attractive features when applied to ORC expanders: it is suitable for handling limited flow rates (as is ...


Closed-loop Hybrid Tesla Turbine

There is plenty of interest in using Tesla turbines with organic rankine cycle systems, to enable power generation with waste heat or solar power. A number of major changes have been made to make this turbine useable in a closed-loop system (working fluid is constantly reheated and cooled ). In the other words no air, gas ...


Tesla turbine torque modeling for construction of a dynamometer

laminar and a turbulent flow regime at different air pressures, rather than the assumed laminar ..... Figure 11: Air pressure vs. vortex method torque . .... power shaft. One difficulty in coupling an electric motor or generator to a Tesla turbine for diagnostic or power generation applications is that the electric motor/ generator ...


Government Clean Air Regulations and Tesla Motors

May 3, 2014 ... Clean Air and Tesla Motors 4. Tesla Motors was formed in 2003 with the idea of building a car with an alternating current (AC) electric motor. In 2013, Tesla earned its first profit - $11.25 million in the first quarter. The company also makes money from its competitors in a very crafty way: it sells carbon credits ...


Experimental study on bladeless turbine using incompressible

The bladeless turbine has a promising future as a new power generation system. To explore ... Nikola Tesla in 1913,1 whose rotation shaft was driven ... Hoya and Guha16 designed a bladeless turbine with air as the working medium and used the angular acceleration method to calculate its energy loss and output power.


OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP) List

Dec 1, 2017 ... Categories. (next page). 1. Emergency and Standby Power Systems. •. Generators. •. Automatic Transfer Switches. •. Paralleling Switchgear Controls ... Data Room Air Conditioners. •. Inline Fans and Terminal Air Conditioners. •. Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units. •. Humidification Systems. •. Air Filters.


Laser-guided energetic discharges over large air gaps by electric

Jan 5, 2017 ... waveform was optimized for the maximum laser-guided discharge length (> 95%) over the 200-cm air gap. This was achieved by matching the laser-generation of plasma filaments with one peak of the Tesla coil electric field8,9, which accelerates the laser-produced free electrons along the plasma channel.


Free Energy Secrets

The Free Energy Secrets of. Cold Electricity. Peter A. Lindemann, D.Sc. Published By: Clear Tech, Inc. PO Box. 37 Metaline Falls, WA. 99153 (509) 446- 2353 .... power, anywhere - on sea or land or high in the air - humanity will be like an ant heap stirred up with a stick: see the excitement coming!" ...Nikola Tesla, 1904 ...


Certification Summary Information Report

Jul 5, 2017 ... Tesla, Inc. Manufacturer Code. TSL. Test Group. HTSLV00.0L13. Evaporative/ Refueling Family. --. Certificate Number. HTSLV00.0L13-004. CARB Executive Order #. -- .... Rated Motor/Generator Power. 192. Mfr Fuel Cell Description. -- ... Air Aspiration Device Configuration. --. Charge Air Cooler Type. --.


Zilano Design for "Reverse Tesla Coil" Free Energy Generator

Aug 6, 2011 ... Energetic Forum so that other researchers can experiment and build their own working free energy generator to power their homes. Zilano stated that this design was based on the combination works of Don Smith, Tesla, Dynatron, Kapanadze and others. Design Summary. Key points: - "Reverse Tesla Coil" ...


Tesla Transformer based 500 kV pulser for Low Emittance Te…

generator was needed in order to study low emittance beams generation and ... A high electric gradient was needed at the electron gun cathode to minimize space charge degradation of the electron beam. Figure 1. 500 kV pulser in LEG test stand. Three ... The 500 kV pulser is based on a critically coupled air- core (Tesla ) ...


Field Fabrication of Solar-Thermal Powered Steam Turbines for

Thesis Supervisor: Neil Gershenfeld. Title: Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, School of. Architecture and Planning. AMY SUN: FIELD FABRICATION OF SOLARTHERMAL POWERED. 3 OF 78. STEAM TURBINES FOR GENERATION OF MECHANICAL POWER ...