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Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue, Resistance and Authoritarian Rule. HIROKI TAKEUCHI. London and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014 xvii + 234 pp. £60.00. ISBN 978-1-107-05684-8 doi:10.1017/ S030574101500051X. Much has been written on rural governance in China, especially with regard to tax.


Review of An Chen, The Transformation of Governance in Rural

Hiroki Takeuchi, Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue,. Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule (2014). As this literature has been closing the gap between reality and our un- derstanding of the rapidly changing Chinese countryside,. Chen's most recent book helps to advance our knowledge of the buildup of internal political ...

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Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue, Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule. By. HIROKI TAKEUCHI. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. xix, 234 pp. ISBN 9781107056848 (cloth; also available as e-book). doi:10.1017/ S0021911815001801. In Tax Reform in Rural China, Hiroki Takeuchi puts rural governance ...


A Fiscal Sociological Theory of Authoritarian Resilience: Developing

Taxation's infrastructural power mechanisms explain the China case well. China has experienced three and a half decades of rapid economic growth and with it, rapid tax revenue growth. China's authoritarian government benefits from rapidly increasing tax revenue in many ways, including increased funding for repressive  ...


Sample Essay

Abstract. Studies on Chinese politics frequently utilize the safety valve analogy to describe various political decisions that allow space for feedback and challenges . Drawing upon these empirical studies and the theoretical literature on institution , authoritarianism, and democratization, this review essay de- lineates the logic ...

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The Political Economy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Implications

latest book is entitled Tax Reform in Rural China: Revenue, Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule. (2014). He can be reached at . KEYWORDS: TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP; UNITED STATES; JAPAN; CHINA;. DOMESTIC POLITICS. Paper prepared for Stanford Summer Juku (SSJ), August 10–13, ...

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Feb 17, 2017 ... authoritarian regimes, and international relations of East. Asian, as well as applying game theory to political science. He has published articles in numerous professional journals and is the author of Rural Tax Reforms in Contemporary China: Revenue, Resistance, and Authoritarian Rule (Cambridge.


Survival Strategies of Township Governments in Rural China: From

and Japanese politics, comparative political economy of authoritarian regimes, and political economy and ... and Mingxing. Liu, 'Rural taxation and local governance reform in China's economic transition: origins, policy ... and Lianjiang Li, Rightful Resistance in Rural China (New York: Cambridge University Press,. 2006). 3.

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Land Institutions and Chinese Political Economy: Institutional

of fiscal revenue declined to less than 50 percent, without an accompanying recentral- ization of the expenditure burden. Local governments, particularly in rural areas, lost further fiscal resources between 2002 and 2006, when the CCP sought to eliminate local fees (called “tax-for-fee reform”) and then dramatically ...


Social Unrest in China pdf

As a general rule, urban protests are more dangerous to the regime than rural protests because the former cannot ... Local governments' imperative to augment their tax revenue explains why they are likely to ... state's responses to social unrest. For most of the past 30 years since China entered the 'Reforms and Opening.


"Peasants' Burdens" and State Response

Oct 10, 2005 ... Exploring State Concession to Popular Tax Resistance in Rural China. *. Ethan Michelson .... political legitimacy. While much has been learned from published research on taxation, tax reform, and their .... authoritarian regimes around the world (O'Donnell, Schmitter, and Whitehead 1986; Huntington. 1993 ...


China's New Income Inequality Reform Plan and Implications for

Mar 12, 2013 ... historically relied on strong economic growth to justify their authoritarian rule, but unless the benefits ... these inequalities, noting that “the urban-rural gap and the difference in citizen's income is relatively large ... “We need to raise income levels of the poor and adjust taxes on the excessively wealthy.”13.

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Land Takings and Political Trust in Rural China

land, particularly rural land on the urban periphery; consequently, leasing farmland to local enterprises or urban developers has become an attractive source of revenue to local officials. Second, several waves of tax and fiscal reforms—often aimed at improving rural living standards—have chipped away at local government ...


Interjurisdiction Political Competition and Fiscal Extraction in China

Jan 20, 2014 ... Abstract. We argue that interjurisdiction competition in authoritarian regimes engenders a specific logic for taxation. Promotion-seeking local officials ... The fiscal revenue refers to the budgetary revenue (yusuan nei shouru), and includes all levels of government in ...... Rightful Resistance in Rural China.


the strategic transformation of grassroots control in China

China; elites control; governance; grassroots democracy; strategic transformation . Introduction. In an authoritarian regime, there is a perennial dilemma: how to ..... guish rural protests. After the tax-sharing reform, local governments lost a major part of tax income while still having to assume major responsibilities of public ...


The Rural Developmental State: Modernization Campaigns and

The Rural Developmental State: Modernization Campaigns and Peasant Politics in China,. Taiwan and South ... this dissertation advances a theory that specifies the varying contributions of land reform, farmers' ..... farmers.18 Most revenues collected by the government went towards developing local industry. 14 Naughton ...


Mutual Empowerment of State and Grassroots Democracy in Rural

authoritarian state, the gradual emergence of some genuine grassroots self- government, especially in rural areas. The major argument is that the practice of self-government in rural China was promoted by the state to regain the legitimacy and governability it had lost during the economic reforms. It is a critical process in  ...



unjust taxation in rural China that draws from the contentious politics literature (O' Brien. 1996, 2013; O'Brien ... rightful resistance in China is episodic, the challenges in India and Brazil are sustained. Whereas rightful ... ment to enforce the rule of law, distribute land, regularize land holdings, implement reform, and provide ...

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Economic Development and the Implementation of Village Elections

Rural China. RONG HU*. Based on survey data from rural Fujian Province of China, this paper shows that economic development, especially village collective ... national differences in the implementation of democratic reforms. ... China, which are the only grassroots elections under an authoritarian regime, is different .


DISCONTENTS IN CHINA: Authoritarianism, Unequal Growth, and

Dec 30, 2005 ... challenges for the ruling elite and for China's political development. INTRODUCTION .... finally pushed through much-delayed fiscal and tax reforms to replace the particularistic fiscal contracting ... 1994 reforms to (successfully) bolster the central government's revenue base, the reforms also served to ...