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PE Unit Adventure Races

MIDDLE SCHOOL. TASK CARD. Rules. • Keep your group together for the entire race. • On the 1st loop do only the Think About It Station to help spread out groups. • After the 1st loop, continue for 3 more loops, completing all Task Stations. Use proper technique for each task. • All boxes on the back of this card must be ...



Feb 3, 2009 ... MIDDLE SCHOOL QUESTION TASK CARDS. Design questions that require students to find the main idea of the passage. Support answers with details and information from the text. MAIN IDEA. (LA., LA., LA. •. What is the main idea of this article? •. What would be another good title for ...

Middle Grades Task Cards.pdf?rn=2780586


Jul 3, 2012 ... HIGH SCHOOL QUESTION TASK CARDS. MAIN IDEA. (LA.910.1.7.3). MAIN IDEA. • Which statement best expresses the main idea of the article? • What is the main idea of this article? • What would be another good title for the article? • Based on all the information given, how does each piece contribute to ...


Task Card Sort

2013 UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH. 1. Supporting Rigorous Mathematics. Teaching and Learning. The Instructional Tasks Matter: Analyzing the. Demand of Instructional Tasks. PARTICIPANT HANDOUT. Tennessee Department of Education. High School Mathematics. -1- ...


Context Clues Task Cards

Instructions for Making the Cards. 1. Print the question cards onto heavy weight paper or cardstock. 2. Laminate for repeated use. 3. Cut the cards apart. ... b) high-quality c) servitude d) freedom. As they drew near, the cow suddenly gave a kick and kicked over the stool, the pail, and even the milkmaid herself, and all fell on ...


Effects of Response Cards on Performance and Participation in

cards with this population, the purpose of this study was to determine if academic perfor- mance and on-task behavior would increase when response cards were used to review key lesson concepts during social studies instruc- tion in middle school E/BD classrooms. Method. Design. Five middle school classes of students  ...


Designing Effective Activity Centers for Diverse Learners

The Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence is funded by the Institute of Educational Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education to assist the nation's diverse students at risk of ed u ca tion al failure to achieve academic excellence. The Center is operated by the Uni ver si ty of. Cal i for nia, Santa Cruz , ...


Take A Break! Teacher Toolbox

of high school students and 36.3% of middle school students get the recommended ... The Printable Activity Cards contain over 100 secondary appropriate ...... Task Master. Have students stand up and push in their chairs. Explain that you are going to give them a series of tasks and the goal is to complete them as quickly as ...



HEALTHFUL LIVING MIDDLE-SCHOOL ENERGIZERS. 1. Revision: June 2015 .... Upon completion of that action, the students are to complete the academic task . • Station One: Physical Activity: Teams are to .... Task cards, 1 piece of paper and pencil for each group; (optional) ball, textbook. RULES/DIRECTIONS: 1. Set up ...


Fitness Education Unit Plan G. Matt Dalrymple Delta State University

1. Middle School. Physical Education: Fitness Education Unit Plan. Developed By : G. Matt Dalrymple. Delta State University ..... Warm-Up Task Card. NASPE Standard: 4. Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. Objective: To engage students in immediate activity and increase their heart.

BCBS Fitness Unit Plan.pdf

Characterizing the Cognitive Demands of Mathematical Tasks

Copies of the sixteen-task card sort at the appropriate grade level (i.e., 3-5, 6-8, 9 -1 2). • Copies of ... school sort task A (a high-level task) and task N (a low-level task), both require an explanation. The point is to ... Tasks: From Research to Prac tice." Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 3 (Feb ruary 1998): 344- 50.

Cognitive Demand Task Sort.pdf

Where Did the Water Go?: Watershed Study – Middle School

http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. Educators may use or adapt. Where Did the Water Go?: Watershed Study – Middle School Sample. Classroom Task. Introduction. In this task, students will demonstrate their understanding of the water cycle by considering the inputs and outputs of water as it moves through a  ...


The Harlem Renaissance - The Journey to Freedom: An

This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Middle School at [email protected] ..... Task Card. Situation: Diary entries give us an insider's view to what people are thinking about the various situations in which they find themselves. The most memorable diaries can help us understand our world and ...


Math Resources by Elementary, Middle, High School & All Levels

Amazing math resources from Howard County Public School System-includes pacing guides, resources, enrichment opportunities ... Instructions for each activity are presented in large print on a task card in child- .... large part of the high school curriculum, it gives less detail about how each standard might be addressed.

Math Resources.pdf

Cross-Curricular Fitness Training Circuit

HPE Activities and Assessments Task Force. High School Physical Education – Fitness. Lesson Title: Cross-Curricular Fitness Training Circuit. Objective: Students will solve ... 48 index cards with a cone assignment will be spread out in the middle of the floor (see below). 4. One team member will run (or any locomotor skill ...


Middle School Activity Breaks

to the Attention of: CATCH Middle School Program, CATCHy Ideas Kit Activity Break Submission at (512) 346.6802. ... PASS & CATCH. − Texas Education Agency, “Physically fit students more likely to do well in school, less likely to be disciplinary ..... presented. Sign each other's card after you have performed the task.


Enhanced Physical Activity Manual

Aug 5, 2013 ... Jump Rope Stations Cards … .... Hatch Elementary, Brooks Middle School, Oak Park and River Forest High School students for their willingness to take photos for the manual. Thank you to ... between physical activity and learning, behavior and health, visit the Illinois Enhance P.E. Task. Force Website at ...


Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

About Us · The Leader in Me · District & School Boundaries Map · LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) · SARCs (School Accountability Report Cards). About Us. Board. Agendas & Minutes · Board Meetings · Board Members · Board Policies · Public Notices. Board. Calendars. District Event Calendar · Important Dates ...


Middle School

Aug 15, 2016 ... implementation of the grading and reporting systems to be used in all middle schools and centers and for all sixth grade students in ...... 10%. Assessment. Includes but is not limited to. ○ Skill assessments. ○ Written assessments. ○ Rubrics. ○ Tasks cards. ○ Pre and post fitnessgram assessment.


Circulatory System

“The Me I Can't See” pretest, Stations' Task Cards, actual animal hearts (sheep and cow), water, heart diagrams (1/student), notebook starters, scissors, glue, red and blue yarn, science notebook. Master graphs for class data, class set of: 2x15in. strip of yellow paper, red crayon, 1in. circles of red paper, slightly larger, wavy ...

Circulatory System.pdf