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Taiwan's Quest for Greater Participation in the International

A Report of the CSIS Freeman. Chair in China Studies. Author. Bonnie S. Glaser. November 2013. Taiwan's Quest for. Greater Participation in the International. Community ...


Understanding Taiwan

claim sovereignty over Taiwan. The attacks Chinese nation, that Beijing makes on the legitimacy of the democratic government affront the people of Taiwan and the prevailing values of the international community. Such attacks also threaten world peace and stability. This is where international perceptions of Taiwan play a ...


The International Standing of the Republic of China on Taiwan

The International Standing of the Republic of. China on Taiwan*. Michael Yahuda. In the 1990s Taiwan began to pose a complex new challenge to the international community. At issue is Taiwan's attempt to revise the so-called "one China" policy as it had been previously understood. By seeking to be treated as a separate ...


Taiwan's WTO Membership and its International Implications

WTO do more to assist Taiwan in carrying out its WTO obligations that involve the international community. In joining the WTO, Taiwan has enhanced its sovereignty in the. *. George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C. A preliminary version of this study was delivered at the “International Conference on the ...


Taiwan's Participation in International Organizations

states.6 However, its international relations have been severely restricted by. China's obstructionism and by the international community's acquiescence to China. Consequently, Taiwan is the most prominent of a handful of "de facto states": "entities which feature long-term, effective, and popularly- supported organized ...


Taiwan in International Organizations

Taiwan is unfairly excluded from many international organizations. But as an important member in the international community, Taiwan should commit itself, as a sovereign nation, to abide by the U.N. Charter and various international conventions, and to exercise its proper rights and obligations by contributing to world ...


'Taiwan as a de facto state participant in the international community'

May 15, 2008 ... European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 'Taiwan as a de facto state participant in the international community'. Dr. Michael Kau, Taipei Representative Office, Brussels. It is a great pleasure for me to get back to an academic setting so we can really engage in a debate on issues related to de facto states.

dr. michael kau.pdf

Taiwan's International Space

Taiwan's visibility in the international community is crucial to its very national survival. To overcome the limitations imposed by China and the international system, Taiwan has been striving hard to prove to the world the inherent value of its nation, society and culture. While China's power and ability to internationally.


The International Standing of the Republic of China on Taiwan

In the 1990s Taiwan began to pose a complex new challenge to the international community. At issue is Taiwan's attempt to revise the so-called "one China" policy as it had been previously understood. By seeking to be treated as a separate state that was distinct from mainland. China, Taiwan was embarking on a new ...



Apr 26, 2016 ... Taiwan is relegated to second-hand informa- tion from friendly nations, including the United States. (7) Taiwan is unable to swiftly share information on crimi- nals and suspicious activity with the international community, leaving a huge void in the global crime-fighting efforts and leaving the entire world at ...


Taiwan's Global Fisheries Modestly Advance its “International Space”

Jul 27, 2015 ... By pursuing international space, countries can shape international policy debates and gain greater international and domestic legitimacy. Bonnie S. Glaser , “Taiwan's Quest for Greater Participation in the International. Community,” Center for Strategic and International Studies, November 2013, 1.

Taiwan Fisheries.pdf

Volunteer Taiwan

through the 1970s, the concept of Taiwan making its own contribution to the international community began to take hold. A number of private organizations were established to encourage public service and volunteerism. Volunteer service commissions were gradually established within municipal and county governments to ...

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The International Legal Status of the Republic Of China

should be recognized as a state in the international community and ... name “ China Taiwan”; the ICAC has changed the ROC's name to China Taiwan and the ... There is also a controversy in international law as to whether a government of a recognized state can represent that state in the inter- national community.



friendships with our allies, deepen bilateral cooperation, and expand multilateral participation, enabling Taiwan to keep pace with the international community. We will also apply the principle of mutual assistance for mutual benefit to strengthen interaction with allies and other important partner countries, creating a win-win.


2017 Huayu (Mandarin) Enrichment Scholarships Registrations for

Mandarin Chinese language study at a university- or college-affiliated Mandarin training center in Taiwan. It also aims to provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interactions between Taiwan and the international community.


The Entity that Dare Not Speak Its Name: Unrecognized Taiwan as a

6 JAMES CRAWFORD, THE CREATION OF STATES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW 198-221 (2d ed. 2006). 7 Id. at 219, 221. 8 This middle position between statehood and “renegade province” status might be seen as the most expedient for both the Taiwanese population and the international community. A December 2008 poll ...


An Assessment of Civil Society in Taiwan (2005)

The Civil Society Index-Shortened Assessment Tool (CSI-SAT) was implemented in Taiwan by the Center ... International NGO Studies (CINGOS) at National Sun Yat-sen University, in cooperation with the. National ..... mature, its influence within Taiwan and its presence within the international community will grow as well.


The Mutual Non-Denial Principle, China's Interests, and Taiwan's

Mar 19, 2014 ... tages that IGOs and INGOs present to aspiring members return benefits to the international community by includ- ing Taiwan. The next section will elaborate the functional- ity of the “mutual non-denial” principle in cross-Strait relations. The third section will survey the general status of Taiwan's international ...


Taiwan's International Personality: Crossing the River by Feeling the

Jan 20, 1998 ... Taiwan's International Personality. 225. Historically, the international community has maneuvered to maintain relations with both the PRC and Taiwan, attempting to preserve the benefits of continued contact with both. 9 Thus, the historical policy of "one country, two governments" embraced by both the PRC ...


Taiwan's Voluntary National Review

the UN SDGs, the report also elaborates on Taiwan's own sustainable development goals formulated in accordance with the UN SDGs. The report calls on the world to work together with Taiwan to actively tackle sustainable development tasks, fulfill responsibilities as members of the international community, and pursue a ...