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the superpave mix design manual for new construction and ove

The Superpave Mix Design Manual for New Construction and Overlays. Ronald J . Cominsky. University ofTexas at Austin. With contributions by: Gerald A. Huber. Heritage Research Group. Thomas W. Kennedy. University of Texas at Austin. Michael Anderson. The Asphalt Institute. Strategic. Highway. Research. Program.



rience of engineers across the country, including the WesTrack designers, in the initial years of Superpave mixture design and placement. It would be a useful companion to the. National Asphalt Pavement Association's Superpave Construction Guidelines. This publica- tion, Superpave Mixture Design Guide, was prepared ...


Mix Design Manual

Job Mix Formula Approval. Date Submitted: Proprosed Starting Date: Specification: *Mix Design No.: Based on the Attached SUPERPAVE Mix Design. (Itemized Below). Approval and Issuance of a Mix Design is Requested. Check Block if Attached. M & T 601 Form, Report on SUPERPAVE Method of An Asphalt Mix Design.

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Superpave Fundamentals

U.S. Department of Transportation. Federal Highway. Administration. NHI Course #131053. Superpave Fundamentals. Reference Manual. NATIONAL HIGHWAY INSTITUTE ... Asphalt mixture volumetrics remain a primary element of the Superpave mix design system, and a review of basic volumetric principles precedes a ...


Standard Specification for Superpave Volumetric Mix Design

NCHRP Report 452: Recommended Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in the Superpave. Mix Design Method: Technician's Manual. National Cooperative Highway Research Program. Project D9-12, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, 2001. ▫ NCHRP Report 752: Improved Mix Design, Evaluation and ...

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Basic Asphalt Materials Mixture Design and Testing

Table of Contents. Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design Manual . ..... go about this process , of which the Marshall and Superpave methods are the most common. By manipulating the variables of aggregate, ..... Superpave Mix Design Method. This section of the manual will cover the essentials to the Superpave Mix Design process.

McAsphalt Asphalt Technician Training Manual.pdf

ETL 01-7 Large Aggregate Asphalt Mixtures

Jun 5, 2001 ... UFC 3-260-02, Pavement Design for Airfields. · UFC 3-250-03, Standard Practice Manual for Flexible Pavements. 3.2. Asphalt Institute (AI):. · Manual Series No. 2 ( MS2), Mix Design Methods for Asphalt Concrete Hot-. Mix Types. · Superpave Series No. 2 (SP2), Superpave Level 1 Mix Design. 3.3. National ...


Jan 2015

QA Manual. 1. Section 100.01 Conflict of Interest. • Made changes to be consistent with Laboratory Operations Manual. 2. Section 110.00 Quality Assurance Specification Team .... 260.01 Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) ( Standard Specification Section 405). 260.01.01 Mix Design Requirements and Review Procedure.



approved list found in the Materials Division's Manual of Instructions at the manufacturer's recommended dosage, or a combination of both. (This test is covered in the Asphalt Plant. Mix Design class). For production tests, the mixture shall produce a tensile strength ratio (TSR) value not less than 0.80 for Superpave mixes.


MTR Tables

See QA Manual. Section 215.00. ITD Project. Personnel. ITD Project Personnel. INDEPENDENT. ASSURANCE. In-Place. Density. IA. Inspector. IA Inspector. ITD- 857. 1 observation ...... Temporary paving on the NHS with divided highways will require the same mix design as the mainline paving. Acceptance will be by ...


GlasGrid Brochure

conventional hot asphalt mixes that are placed with proper compaction to at least 97% of bulk ... (1800 lbs); or, b) Superpave method (Asphalt Institute Manual SP2 ) for surface course hot mix asphalt subject to heavy traffic ... Saint-Gobain ADFORS has no control over installation design, installation workmanship, accessory.


Effects of Aggregate Angularity on Mix Design Characteristics and

Superpave method, ASTM D5821, in that it was more objective and was very simple to perform with much less testing time. For the fine ... fatigue damage was positive because aggregate blends with higher angularity require more binder to meet mix design criteria, which ... Figure 4.2 APA test results of SP2 mixtures. 68.


S:\Drawings\Standard Drawings\2015 ACHD Supplementals\2015

other gradations shall be classified as fine graded. (This classification is based on the Contractors JMF and not individual gradation tests.) TABLE 2. SUPERPAVE MIXTURE REQUIREMENTS. Minimum Use. Temporary Paving. Local, Arterials & Collectors. Quality Characteristics. SP2. SP3. SP5. Design ESALs (million) (1).


effects of aggregates on properties and performance of mastics

EFFECTS OF AGGREGATES ON PROPERTIES AND PERFORMANCE OF. MASTICS AND SUPERPAVE HOT MIX ASPHALT MIXTURES. Francisco Thiago Sacramento Aragão, M.S.. University of Nebraska, 2007. Adviser: Yong-Rak Kim. Superpave, a set of advancements in testing devices and specifications for asphalt.


Assessing the Appropriate Construction Quality Index for Florida

All Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) pavement projects are accepted in accordance with one or more construction specifications. The purposes of these specifications are to provide guidance and establish minimum requirements that enable a quality product to be built. The final product must meet the ...


Spray Applied Polymer Surface Seals

Advisory Guide: a method of adding asphalt to an existing pavement surface to ... adjustment of the initial binder rheology for typical changes during hot mix asphalt. (HMA) mixing and compaction. The long-term ..... and Bonaquist, R.F., “ Volumetric Requirements for SuperPave Mix Design”, NCHRP Report #567, TRB , 2006 ...

Spray Applied Polymer Surface Seals Workshop.pdf

Standard Specifications Road And Bridge Construction

These specifications are expressed in United States Standard Measure (English units). The international System of Units (SI, Modernized Metric) is used only where standardized testing requires metric units. For clarity, aggregate sieve sizes appear in both SI and English Units. The dimensions, measurements, and ...


Alteration of intermolecular interactions between units of asphaltene

May 27, 2016 ... is less susceptible to oxidative aging.31 In addition, mixing BB with crumb rubber and asphalt binder to produce ..... nitrogen, which leads to sp2 hybridization for the N atom and ultimately the planarity of the amide ...... in superpave mix design, National Academy Press,. Washington D.C., 2001, ch. 2, p. 11.


Wisconsin Highway Research Program

According to the December, 2016 edition of the WisDOT Construction and Materials Manual (CMM) Section 4- ..... and mix design data from the pilot projects can be used in conjunction with testing the cores according to AASHTO .... Full suite of Superpave M320/M332 Testing & recommendations from NCHRP 09-50.

WHRP Investigation of Tack Coat Materials on Tracking Performance_UW Madison_Final Work Plan_Revised budget May 2017.pdf

Η Οικονομική Λύση Πλεονεκτήματα και Χαρακτηριστικά

a) Τη μέθοδο Marshall (Asphalt Institute Manual MS2), για να επιτυγχάνεται σταθερότητα τουλάχιστον 8000 Ν, ή, b) Τη μέθοδο Superpave (Asphalt Institute Manual SP2) για επιφάνεια θερμού ασφαλτομίγματος που υπόκειται .... Anti- Reflective Cracking Design of (Reinforced). Asphalt Overlays. De Bondt, A. H., Ph .D thesis, ...