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2015 Local Exam

Local Sections may use an answer sheet of their own choice. The full examination consists of 60 multiple-choice questions representing a fairly wide range of difficulty. A periodic table and other useful information are provided on page two of this exam booklet for student reference. Only non-programmable calculators are to ...



A practice test has been included in this study guide to help you prepare for the upcoming ALARM ... After you have taken the test, you can refer to the answer key on Page 11 to check your answers. GOOD LUCK!!! 1 ... Black smoke is usually the result of burning hydrocarbons such as rubber, tar roofing, oil, or plastics.


Emissions Inspector Study Guide

Produced by the Texas Department of Public Safety. VIE-28 (3/09). ASM. OBDII. TSI. Emissions. Inspector. Study. Guide .... The 5-gas emissions analyzer measures Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon. Monoxide (CO), Nitric Oxide (NO), Carbon ..... With the ignition key off, locate the vehicle's Diagnostic. Link Connector (DLC) and ...


1 ES486 Petroleum Geology Mid-Term Exam Study Guide Winter

Feb 14, 2017 ... Exam Format. Two-Part Exam, Tuesday February 14, 2017. Part 1 - Closed Book, short answer essay – terms and definitions, draw sketches, long answer ... Key Words from Notes. (Web links provided below). Introduction http://www.wou.edu/ las/physci/taylor/es486_pet ro/1_Introduction.pdf hydrocarbons.


Academic Upgrading Chemistry 10 Placement Test Study Guide

This study guide is designed to prepare students for the Academic Upgrading Chemistry 10 Placement test. An answer key is included at the ... Check your answers with the answer key provided at the end of this guide. • You may choose to utilize a Science .... c) hydrocarbon combustion reaction d) decomposition reaction.


08 Chemistry

Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments Study Guide. 2-1. TM. PART 2: FIELD -SPECIFIC INFORMATION. Field 08: Chemistry. INTRODUCTION. This section includes a list of the test objectives, practice questions, and an answer key for the selected- response questions. Test objectives. As noted earlier, the test objectives ...


Teacher's Guide to SAT Subject Tests in Science – SAT Subject

to skip the question as the test penalizes random guessing. • If your students opt to purchase a study guide, encourage them to take the practice tests with a timer set for 60 minutes. This will help students learn to pace themselves and get used to taking a one-hour test. • Students should check their answer sheets regularly ...


College Composition/ College Composition Modular

Most people who take CLEP exams do so to show that they have already learned the key material taught ... 15-16. Most. Sample Questions. Answered. Correctly. Select Exam Title from Table of. Contents. (pp. iii-v). Assessing Your Readiness for a CLEP Examination ...... of PET releases hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxides,.


Scoring Guidelines

AP teachers for course and exam preparation; permission for any other use must be ... K if the initial partial pressures are those given above. Justify your answer. Since Q > Kp , the numerator must decrease and the denominator must increase, so the reaction must ... Answer the following questions related to hydrocarbons.


Teacher's Guide

consider completing an online survey. ... Answer keys are in this guide as part of the activity outline or following the student worksheets. .... 20–A3.4k identify hydrocarbons as a source of fossil fuels and explain the processes of fractional distillation to refine petroleum and catalytic cracking to produce ethene (ethylene) .


Energy Industry Fundamentals Study Guide

The first part of this study guide uses concept maps to help you organize the content of the Energy. Industry Fundamentals Course. ... Completed samples of the concept maps are included at the end of this study guide for you to check your maps and add anything you might .... Answer Key for Module 1 Review Questions .


Petroplague Study Guide

Hydrocarbons. Metabolic wastes. Gases and liquids. Flammability. Energy: Tar sands. Fossil fuels. Biofuels. Photosynthesis. Oil refining. Carbon cycle. Global warming. Peak Oil. Geology: Earthquakes. La Brea Tar Pits. Answer Key for Reading Comprehension questions of the Official Petroplague. Teacher's Guide is ...


CH111: Study Guide Including Assigned Homework and Reading

CH111: Study Guide Including Assigned Homework and Reading – 2015. 1 How to ... must critically evaluate your performance using the answer keys provided. ..... Define hydrocarbon. 24.3. Define isomer (12.37). 24.4. Identify and draw structural formula that correspond to the same compound, dif- ferent compounds, or ...


A guide to taking the Green Battery Tests for Administrative job families

practice problems, or study guide) in several relatively short periods rather than a ... make certain your answers are entered darkly and clearly. Be sure all your answer changes are erased completely and there are no stray marks on the answer sheet. ... D. a gas manufactured from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases ...


Scoring Key and Rating Guide

Jan 24, 2013 ... on the student's answer sheet. The scale score is the student's final examination score. Schools are not permitted to rescore any of the open-ended questions on this exam after each question has been rated once, regardless of the final exam score. Schools are required to ensure that the raw scores have ...



Home Study Courses. The home study program is one of the delivery channels the Emergency Management Institute uses to deploy ... the text where you can make notes. (The more you interact with the ... You can score the pretest yourself, using the pretest answer key, to determine how much you know before you begin  ...


Physical Setting/Chemistry Core Curriculum

ings in this guide will also allow teachers more flexibil .... evaluate the appropriateness of an answer, based on given data. STANDARD 1. Analysis, Inquiry, and Design. SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY: Key Idea 1: The central purpose of scientific inquiry is to develop ..... on a straight chain hydrocarbon backbone, when given.


©2016 TPC Trainco SGEPA 101 0116

EPA 608 Technician Certification Study Guide. 1. ©2016 TPC Trainco. SGEPA 101 0116. Table of ..... Examination and contains all the information required to answer questions on the test. Information in this manual reflects the most .... Mark your answers on the sheet carefully. Completely fill in the circle indicating your.


A guide to taking the Red Battery Tests for the Technical job families

practice problems, or study guide) in several relatively short periods rather than a ... your answers are entered darkly and clearly. Be sure all your answer changes are erased completely and there are no stray marks on the answer sheet. .... C. a combination of non-hydrocarbons, ethane, and heavier hydrocarbon gases.


ORA Lab Manual Vol 4 Section 3 Answer Key

ORA Lab Manual, Volume IV, Section 3- Drug Analysis. Page 37 of 56 ... For the most current and official copy, check the Internet at http://www.fda.gov/ ScienceResearch/FieldScience/default.htm. 3.7 Answer Key. 3.3 Methodology. 1. ..... nitrogen or phosphorus compounds but have low sensitivity for other hydrocarbons.