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Educational Systems and Inequalities in Educational Attainment in

largely through privatization and marketization of education, to enable higher education access on a mass scale ... social inequalities in education is a central aim of social stratification research. Particularly in ... comparative studies on the social inequality of educational attainment largely pertaining to Western societies  ...


Social inequalities in higher education participation in a period of

The increased participation in higher education and the reduction of inequality of educational opportunity (IEO) is a ... complete university studies decreased substantially, making tertiary education less selective. 1. For a more detailed ..... Stratification in Higher Education: a Comparative Study, edited by Y. Shavit, R. Arum,.


A Comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio-Economic

Campbell, Matthew () "Book Review: Education, Occupation and Social Origin: A Comparative Analysis of the Transmission of. Socio-Economic Inequalities by Fabrizio Bernardi and Gabriele Ballarino," International Social Science Review: Vol. 93 : Iss. 1 , Article. 12. ... s (2007) Stratification in Higher Education. The.


Richard Arum Curriculum Vitae (1/14) [email protected]

Social Inequality.” ▫ Arum, Richard and Melissa Velez, “Class and Racial Differences in U.S. School Disciplinary. Environments”. Shavit, Yossi, Richard Arum and Adam Gamoran, eds. 2007 [2010 paperback]. Stratification in Higher Education: A Comparative Study. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. • Arum, Richard, Adam ...


From Higher Education to Work Patterns of labor market entry in

Previous comparative studies describing the transition from school to work and national patterns of labor market ... social inequalities, depending on the social composition of those who decide to prolong and complement ... study leading to one level of final graduation, in the US higher education is stratified more diversely.


Differentiation in higher education and its consequences for social

Oct 16, 2010 ... diversification in higher education, only a few studies examine the influence of a changing structure on ... researchers have examined stratification in higher education and its changes over time, a systematic ... on consequences of differentiation on these different dimensions of social inequality are scarce.


Investigating stratification within higher education through

Apr 23, 2016 ... stratification within higher education through investigating cultural, social and economic capital of the students studying different academic majors across universities. LITERATURE REVIEW. There are two general approaches regarding the domain of inequalities in education and the relationship between.


Higher education, economic inequality and social mobility

This is the pre-publication version, prior to final proofs. Higher education, economic inequality and social mobility: implications for emerging East Asia. Simon Marginson. UCL Institute of Education, University College London, UK, and. Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne, Melbourne,.


Ethno-Religious Differences in Israeli Higher Education: Vertical and

expansion has also produced stratification within higher education by granting prominence to the horizontal dimension of inequality: privileged social groups take advantage of the differentiation within higher education to preserve their labour market advantages (e.g., Ambler and Neathery, 1999; Shavit, Arum and Gamoran, ...


Understanding Inequalities in, through and by Higher Education

Education provides cogent analysis and comparative perspectives on these and ... Remediation, Practicality, Diversity and Social Justice: Understanding .... education. As access expands, inequalities within the higher education system also grow. Conditions of study for many students deteriorate. More of them fail to.


Patterns of Social Inequalities in Access to Higher Education in

Jul 10, 2014 ... Education in France and Germany. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, SAGE Publica- tions, 2008 ... Key words: field of study • higher education • social inequality. INTRODUCTION ... fields of study constitute a second 'axis of stratification' in higher education be- cause they differ with respect to ...


Access to Higher Education: What counts as fairness in both an

empirical studies, it seems straightforward to ... their tertiary studies. Moreover, research shows that schooling careers are currently marked by social inequalities, concerning both attainment and choices of ..... Study of Expansion and Stratification in 15 Countries” in Stratification in Higher Education: A Comparative Study,.


Stratification and Diversity in the Israeli Expanded System of Higher

The diversification of higher education systems into 'first tier' and 'second tier' institutions raises the issue of who gets to study where. The diversity approach suggests that the institutional enrollment of students will be mainly influenced by their social origins, whereas the stratification approach underscores the role of.


A comparative study of Finland and Singapore

school students' achievements and self-beliefs: A comparative study of Finland and Singapore. Lim Ai Hong. Faculty of Education. Department of Education .... Education is perceived as both a means to achieve social mobility as well as a tool for the reproduction of social inequalities (Sadovnik, 2008; Saha, 2008). Over the ...


How stable is the stratification of Higher Education in England and

This paper is a product of the research project on Changing Transitions to a Differentiated Higher Education. System .... 1960-1995 finds relatively stable levels of inequality in total HE participation, with the social differentials between the sectors ..... In Stratification in Higher Education: A Comparative Study, eds. Y. Shavit, R.


Understanding the persistence of inequality in higher education

Key words: higher education policy; participation; access; social class; students; intergenerational mobility .... studies, however, their payment is reduced by 50 cents for each dollar they earn over $236 per fortnight (Centrelink 2011). ..... Stratification in higher education: A comparative study, eds. Y. Shavit, R. Arum, and A.


Introduction: international academic mobility and inequalities

study of the nexus between inequalities and international ... mobility; social inequalities; higher education; transnationalisation; capital. Introduction. Within the context of transnationalising labour markets and social life worlds, ... It is hence not surprising that over the last two decades, a myriad of studies have been pub-.


The Persistence of Persistent Inequality Yossi Shavit, Meir Yaish

Sociologists view education as the pivot in the process of social stratification in economically advanced societies. .... higher education, and those tracks that prepare them for immediate entry into the labour force. Track placement is .... on educational attainment. In their comparative analysis of thirteen countries, Shavit.


Social inequality at school and educational policies; Fundamentals

The social context of educational planning, C.A. Anderson. 6. ... Higher education and social stratification: an international comparative study, T. Husén. 35. ..... Studies of this kind would be all the more interesting in that a worsening of inequality cannot be ruled out. Many developing countries are young countries in which ...


Curriculum differentiation and social inequality in higher education

Apr 22, 2016 ... explaining social inequalities in access to higher education (HE) in Scotland and Ireland. These two countries .... Some studies have analysed in more detail the role of different fields of study (Van de Werfhorst et al., ... standardisation in school examinations and curriculum stratification and reached the.