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¡Saludos!: Greetings & Introductions for Spanish 1 [7th-9th grade]

Subject/Topic Area(s): Spanish 1. Designed By: ... UbD unit was written for an ABc schedule (90/90/45) with the goal of students becoming more confident with their use of ... UbD Template 2.0. Stage 1 – Desired Results. Established Goals ( e.g., standards). Standard 1.1-‐3. Standard 2.1-‐2. Standard 3.1-‐2. Standard 4.1 -‐3.


Spanish Novice Mid

Aug 26, 2013 ... Trenton School District: Spanish Curriculum. CONTENT AREA: World Languages . PROFICIENCY LEVEL: Novice-Mid 9-12. Unit # 1. UNIT NAME: Saludos, compañeros /. Greetings, Friends (23 days). STAGE 1 – Desired Results. Enduring Understanding: • Social interaction in Spanish-speaking countries ...


De Vacaciones (Going on Vacation)

Unit: De Vacaciones (Going on Vacation). Level: End of Spanish I / Spanish 1B ( 8th). Stage 1: Desired Results. Understandings. Students will understand that… -. Travelling requires careful planning and forethought. -. People take vacations for different purposes. Essential Questions. -. How do you plan a trip?


Sample UbD Units

Sample UbD Units. Nutrition p.2. Arts p.5. Algebra p.8. Earth Science p.11. Geography p.13. English p.16. Language Arts p.19. US History p.22. Spanish p. 25 ... Stage 1 – Desired Results ... Introduce the essential questions and discuss the culminating unit performance tasks (Chow Down and Eating Action Plan). M. 3.


A Unit on the Family and Traditions: For Middle School Spanish

Jun 1, 2015 ... Proper, Rebecca A., "A Unit on the Family and Traditions: For Middle School Spanish Classes" (2015). All Theses and ... Keywords: backward design, essential questions, culture-based lesson plans, foreign language teaching, Spanish, family, traditions, ...... Identify desired results. 2. Determine acceptable ...


Framework for Biliteracy - PPT

Apr 17, 2015 ... Integrated Spanish Language Development Lesson. (“Ejemplar de lección para el ... today titled “SDCOE Sample. Designated ELD Lesson Plan” ... be able to... Performance. Tasks. Other Evidence. Learning Activities. Stage 1: Desired Results. Stage 2: Assessment Evidence. Stage 3: Learning Plan ...


Teaching World Languages: A Practical Guide

In this module, we address how to plan curricula, thematic units, and lessons using Understanding by. Design to meet ..... Stage 1: Identify desired results – Standards-based objectives (usually for each standard), enduring ..... Available in French, Spanish, and Japanese, these Standards-based thematic units are targeted ...


Unit title: “Cajas de Carton”

Adapted from “The Big Ideas of UbD” by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, 2004. CELF Summer ... Outcomes (what key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this lesson/unit?) Students will ... speak and write in Spanish distinguishing between the two; students will also review and use season vocabulary ...

SP_Cajas de Carton.pdf

Introduction—The Logic of Backward Design

Written unit reflection. I n t r o d u c t i o n. 7. Introduction. Stage 1. Stage 2. Stage 3. Peer review. Exercises. Process sheets. Glossary. Activity-Oriented Design. ( Before Backward Design). Stage 1—Desired Results. Stage 2—Assessment Evidence. Stage 3—Learning Plan. Established Goals: Understandings: Performance ...


Unit Title: The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire Language

office. For more information see: http://www.carla.umn.edu. Unit Title: The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire. Language: Spanish. Big Idea: Cultural Conflict ...... Desired Results: Lesson Topic: How are past events described in Spanish? An introduction to the 2-week unit of study on the Spanish-Aztec conflict. Learning ...


Model Curriculum Unit

overview of Understanding by Design (UbD) as utilized in these units, and much more. To access the Model. Curriculum Units ... CHAPTER 4: Stage Three – The Learning Plan and Lesson Plans . . . . . . . . . . . . 24. CHAPTER 5: Putting It All .... If the desired end result is for learners to… The Understanding by Design model ...


Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Curriculum Framework for Spanish 1. School: Sussex Preparatory Academy_ .... Unit Concepts. Essential Questions. Assessments concepts learned in other subjects in the target language, including geographic terms and concepts, historical facts and concepts, ..... Stage 1: Desired Results. (Determine What Students Will ...


Backward Design: Stage 3

plan, not a suggested sequence For example, the learning might start with a Hook (H), followed by instruction on the final performance ... WHERETO. Examples for W. C] Directly state the desired results at the beginning of the unit. El Present unit and course goals, syllabus, and schedule on First day. Cl Post and discuss ...

Stage 3 Design Standards.pdf

Annual Report 2014 – 2015

The Ivy School offers a Montessori education with Spanish-language study. ... additional lead guides and two Spanish-speaking assistants were hired. ...... Every Unit throughout the year. Yearlong. Yearlong. Twice yearly for eight weeks. Goal 2. (Desired Result). Strategies. Result. Indicator. (Assessment). Plan of Action.


Instructional Planning & Delivery

Jul 1, 2010 ... Chapter Seven. Lesson Planning, Part III: Making Effective Instructional Choices. 133. Chapter Eight. Differentiation. 147. I. Differentiating Instruction. 148. II. Supporting Students with Special Needs. 155. III. Supporting English Language Learners. 167. Grading Supplement. Recording Results Effectively.


Themes Essential Questions Focus Questions Projects Challenge

What are common Spanish colloquialisms? ▫ Who is a true ... As a result of comparing essential and nonessential questions and studying the additional examples, you should now have an idea of .... Design (UbD) unit-planning template, where targeted understandings are placed next to their companion essential questions.


crafting enduring understandings and essential questions

are statements summarizing important ideas and core processes that are ... just know or do—as a result of studying a particular content area. .... Skills, Concepts )?. • What do they need to understand? • Big Picture, Big Concepts, What is the “ Unit” about? • This can come from the standards and your objectives for the unit.


ELA Grade 11 Nostalgia - Model Curriculum Unit

Stage 1 – Desired Results. ESTABLISHED GOALS. G. CCSS.ELA-Literacy. .... To deepen their understanding of the unit's big ideas, students will read and discuss “Nostalgia is Good Medicine,” an article from. Psychology Today, then write an ... Spanish, words vs. sounds, gain vs. loss, etc. Later, students will reflect on the ...


Long-term Transfer Goals

you about which lesson to plug in here or there: transfer is about intelligently and effectively drawing from your ... The goal of transfer thus requires that an instructional plan (in Stage 3) help the student to become ... encountered; i.e., the task cannot be accomplished as a result of rote learning. • The transfer requires a  ...


Learning Through Student Driven Inquiry In A Spanish Immersion

McGinn, Anne, "Learning Through Student Driven Inquiry In A Spanish Immersion Fourth Grade Classroom" (2017). School of .... a Spanish immersion social studies unit to ​bring Student Driven Inquiry to a suburban elementary .... their skills and desire to learn, instead of worrying about test scores and right answers?