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Sorvall RC BIOS 6 Centrifuge with F8-6x1000y Fiberlite Rotor and

Instruction. Manual. Thermo Scientific. Sorvall RC BIOS 6. Centrifuge with F8- 6x1000y Fiberlite Rotors. Thermo Scientific. Sorvall RC BIOS 10. Centrifuge with F5-10x1000 Fiberlite Rotors. Instruction Manual. 50142539-b • 03 / 2014 ...


Sorvall RC6 Plus

501057486-6. January 2012. Thermo Scientific. Sorvall RC6 Plus. Superspeed Centrifuge. Instruction Manual. Visit us online to register your warranty. www. thermoscientific.com/labwarranty ...


Operating Manual

SORVALL: RC-5C PLUS. Superspeed. Centrifuge. Kendro Laboratory Product. Newtown, Connecticut. U.S.A.. SORVALL • Kendro. Laboratory Products. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. Page 12. Page 13. Page 14. Page 15. Page 16. Page 17. Page 18. Page 19. Page 20.


Sorvall Rotor GSA GS3 SA600 SE12 SM24 SS34 manual.pdf

Sorvall Rotor GSA GS3 SA600 SE12 SM24 SS34 manual.pdf. Sorvall Rotor GSA GS3 SA600 SE12 SM24 SS34 manual.pdf. Document. Pages. Notes. Text. Zoom. CLOSE. Previous for “” Next. p. 1. Loading Loading. p. 2. Loading Loading. p. 3. Loading Loading. « Page Note 1 of 72 0. » Contents. Close Fullscreen.


Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC3BP Plus Low-speed Centrifuge

The new Thermo Scientific Sorvall. RC3BP Plus low-speed centrifuge is precision-engineered to maximize your uptime and deliver consistent, reproducible low-speed separations, run after run, year after year. Our. Sorvall® RC3BPTM Plus combines outstanding convenience with exceptional ease-of-use to expedite.


protocol for Sorvall RC 5B Plus centrifuge

DO YOU WANT TO USE THE SORVALL RC5B Plus CENTRIFUGE? READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. 1. Turn on centrifuge using rocker switch on the front right side of machine. 2. Open the lid using the black push button on the front of the machine. 3. Choose a rotor appropriate for your spin: 4.


Full Text (PDF)

15,000 rpm in a Sorvall centrifuge (RC-3B plus; H6000AHBB6 rotor) for 30 s. The flow-through was discarded, and the column was washed with 500 μl of wash ... deletes the results with ''flags'' added manually to corrupted spots,. (ii) eliminates spots with signal intensities less than the mean. 3 standard deviation of the ...


Fiberlite Carbon Fiber Rotors

F8-6x1000y. 096-061137 sorvall Rc Bios. 8,500. 15,900. Fiberlite. H3-LV. 096- 028016 sorvall Rc 3B, Rc 3c series. 3,200. 1,940. C = conical tubes. 9 Recommended for L8m and prior models. 10 With 230 V centrifuge. Biocontainment certification by the Public health Laboratory service, microbiology services, Porton Down, ...


sorvall rotor rcf charts

These tables give the maximum RCF in gfor all currently available SOFtVALL® rotors for superspeed applications up to 26,000 rpm. To find the average or minimum RCF, consult your rotor instruction manual for the average or minimum radius, and use the formula given below: K = [2.53 x 1011 In (Rmax/Rminfl / (rpm) 2.


Centrifuges and Rotors

NOTE: In this manual, for spins involving microcentrifuges built to the Eppendorf ... below a particular allowed density, which differs among rotors (see user manual). ... SP/X and A-500 (inner row). 82. SP/X and A-500 (outer row). 123. For Sorvall centrifuge models RC-3,. RC-3B, RC-3C). H-2000B. 261. H-4000 and HG -4L.



or soft-touch keypad. • Wide choice of rotors including 6-liter SUPER-LITE® composite, ColorTone® and RX™ Rapid Access rotors. From a high performance , high capacity floor model to a compact, multi-tasking benchtop unit, the SORVALL® Superspeed® centrifuge range offers models to suit the entire spectrum of high.


Rotor/Adaptor Selection Guide for Falcon® Tubes

356964, 4-place adapter. 356966, 1-place adapter. JA-18. FA. 356962, 1 tube per adapter 356963, 1 tube per adapter. Sorvall, Inc. TC-6. H-400. SW. 78033. 78035 ... RC-3B/C Plus. H-2000B. SW. 00884 or 11018 with 11152. 00438 or 11148 with 11152. HG-4L, H-4000,. SW. 00892. 00436-3 places or 00445-5 places.


Sorvall Rotor Tubes

SORVALL. ®. SUPERSPEED. RC-26 Plus. RC-5C Plus. RC-5B Plus. Rotors,. Tubes,. Bottles,. Adapters and Accessories. Part 2. B. Information. Instruments . ...... Manual 28505. Lubricant Grease 61556. Vacuum Grease 65937. RCF (g). R (cm). Max. 67,509. 9.67. Min. 16,406. 2.35. RC-3B2. RC-5B Plus. RC-3B Plus. RC-5C ...



In such cases, the manual for the rotor should be consulted to obtain ... NOTE: In this manual, for spins involving microcentrifuges built to the Eppendorf stan- .... SP/X and A-500 (inner row). 82. SP/X and A-500 (outer row). 123. For Sorvall centrifuge models RC-3,. RC-3B, RC-3C). H-2000B. 261. H-4000 and HG-4L. 230.


Thermo Fisher 8.25 x 11 Grid

Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC-3B. Plus centrifuge at 2,119 x g (2,861 rpm) for 10 minutes at 20°C with ... Sorvall RC-6 Plus with the SA-600 rotor. • Resuspend pellet in 4mL 0.1M Tris. pH 8.0. • Incubate for 30 minutes at 37°C ..... Maniatis, T., Fritsch, E.F. and Sam- brock, J. 1982. Molecular Cloning. A Laboratory Manual. 488.


Expi293™ MembranePro™ Expression System, A25875, RevA.0

Materials needed. • Expi293F™ Cells, 48 hour post-transfection. • MembranePro ™ Precipitation Mix. • 50-mL conical centrifuge tube. • Phosphate buffered saline (PBS). • Refrigerated swinging bucket centrifuge (e.g., Sorvall RC3B centrifuge with a. HBB-6 rotor). Expi293™ MembranePro™ Expression System User Guide.


Structural and functional characterization of Escherichia coli peptidyl

(2600 x g for 15 min in a Sorvall RC-3B centrifuge). The periplasmic ... Sorvall RC -3B centrifuge) and the periplasmic extract dialysed .... instructions. The preparation was concentrated by 50% satu- rated ammonium sulfate precipitation , dialysed exhaustively against 10 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.4, containing. 140 mM ...


Purification and properties of 5-aminolaevulinate dehydratase from

Dec 6, 1984 ... according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pro- tein samples (15 u1) were ... instructions. After destaining for 24h in ethanol/ acetic acid/water (25:8:67, by vol. ), the plate was placed in preserving solution (40ml of glycerol in. 400ml of the ... 7000g for 5min in a Sorvall RC-3B centrifuge. (4 x 1-litre rotor).


Cloning, expression and characterization of human kininogen

(Sorvall RC3B, 5000 rpm, 15 mm at 8°C) and the recombinant protein was isolated from pertplasma [18]. Cells were ..... Manual, vol. 1, 2nd edn., Cold Spring. Harbor Laboratory. Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. [16] Saiki, R.K.. Gelfand. D.H.. Stoffel, S., Scharf, S.H., Higuchi, R., orn, R.T., Mullis, K.B. and Ehrlich, H.A. (1988) ...


Anti-Sa cold agglutinin of IgA class requiring plasma-exchange

For the manual plasma exchange, successive aliquots of 450 ml of the patient's blood were collected into standard blood bag containers through a 16-g butterfly needle, connected to a three-way stopcock. The blood bags were kept at 37~ and centrifuged at 4100 rpm for. 7 rain in a Sorvall RC 3B centrifuge. After the plasma  ...