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1st Grade Texas Mathematics: Unpacked Content

Solve addition and subtraction word problems in which any of the terms can be unknown .... Counting By Ones: At first, even though First Graders will have grouped objects into tens and left- overs, they rely on ... A number line offers a visual way to show first-graders how to count, skip count and perform basic addition and ...

Grade One unpacked.pdf

Grade 2 Math Number Section

Extend a skip-counting sequence by 2s, 5s, or 10s forward and backward. Skip- count by 10s, given any number from. 1 to 9 as a starting point. Count by 2s starting from 1 or from any odd number. Identify and correct errors and omissions in a skip-counting sequence. Count a sum of money with pennies, nickels, or ...


FIRST GRADE Number and Number Sense

10 items ... group put first? How did you figure out what number to write next? Do the numbers on the puzzle piece make sense? Why or why not?” Assessment ... Have the partners count the number of bears they will be working with during the lesson ..... Choose random numbers by tossing number cubes or selecting cards.


Second Grade Unit One

MATHEMATICS • GSE Second Grade •Unit #1: Extending Base Ten Understanding ..... number line. • number names. • place value. • skip-count. • base ten model. • flat. • rod. • units. Consider having a math word/vocabulary wall that includes both visuals (pictorial support) and ... Use 3 random digits to create the greatest.


Grade 2

STRAND: NUMBER AND NUMBER SENSE. GRADE LEVEL 2. Mathematics Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework 2009: Grade 2. 1. Students in grades K–3 have a natural curiosity about their world, which leads them to develop a sense of number. Young children are motivated to count everything around them and ...


Mental Math Grade 1

Random Numbers on a Five-Frame . ... Grade 1. B7- use mental strategies to find sums to 18 and differences from 18 or less. B8- memorize simple addition and/or subtraction facts from among those for which the total is 10 or less ..... count on and back from a given number 0 -10 and skip count by 2s to 20 and by 5s and 10s ...


Unit 6 Number Sense: Skip Counting and Multiplication

to model multiplication with repeated addition, skip counting, and objects in equal -sized groups. .... Write a random number between 0 and 100 on the board. ..... Teacher's Guide for Grade 3 — Unit 6 Number Sense skip counting by 5s. Then have students complete the chart on their own. The first six completed rows are ...

JUMP Math TG Book 3-1 New Cdn Edition Sample NS3-29 to 33_1.pdf

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade

SEQUENCE. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade .... Count 1 to 1,000. X. ▻ Count from any number. X. • Count numbers for each hundred. X. • Practice odd and even numbers within each hundred. X. Skip Count. ▻ Count to 100 ...... Solve for an unknown in word problems with addition and subtraction of length. X .


CGI Assessment Code Book for Kindergarten and 1st Grade Note

Counting. Kindergarten: Count objects to 65, First Grade: Count objects to 120. Codes. Meaning. Example. Counting. Sequence. Write the numbers as the child ... Count some. (K -30, 1st -100) correctly? Y. Minor Misstep. N. Yes. Child counts correctly to required number. Minor misstep in count (accidently counts two tiles as ...

K-1 CGI Codebook.pdf

Kindergarten Arizona Mathematics Standards Coding Draft Standard

support the development of skip counting and foster a conceptual ... included in the current draft improve the clarity of the standards. The standards are developmental appropriate. I have no additional feedback on the standards in this domain. K.CC. .... basic skills (add and subtract fluently through 10 when in first grade.

2016 Math K-5 Red-line Standards_11-30-16.pdf

TEKS for Mathematics “Rapid” Assessment: Grade 1 1(2) Number

Mathematics TEKS Connections: Grade 1. “RAPID” ASSESSMENTS ... Student will use linking cubes or base-ten blocks to represent a given number in more than one way. Use the objects to represent the .... the number using expanded form. A teaching strategy might include asking the student to use skip counting and.


Teaching Counting

2. Count to Tell the Number of Objects. Sample Activities a) Sample Activity 1: Count to Tell the Number of Objects. Worksheet a) Count to Tell the Number of Objects ... in a random pile. Have the student point to and touch each object, assigning cardinality to the set. Have the student arrange objects in a line, predicting how ...



1ST QTR 2ND QTR 3RD QTR 4TH QTR. Can skip count 2s to 10s the first ten multiples. Can read and write numbers to 1 million. N/A. Addition. Can add 2-digit numbers mentally. Can add several 4-digit numbers. Subtraction. Can subtract 2- digit numbers mentally. Can subtract 4-digit numbers. Knows subtraction facts.


Learning to Think Mathematically with the Number Line

and an innovative middle grades program entitled, Inside Math (Cambium Learning,. 2009). This book, Learning to Think ... Lesson 12: Skip Counting and Multiples. 33. Lesson 13: Hit the Target. 34 .... In the first number line above, students will likely begin thinking immediately in terms of tens and twenties — perhaps 50 ...


Fact Fluency District Plan Grades K-5

Parent Guide to Basic Facts Progression - Kindergarten. 1st Nine Weeks. Strategy/Focus. ▫. Count Forward, Backward, Read, Write, and Represent #'s to 20. ▫. Subitize to 5. Focus-. The Big Idea. ▫. Count by 1s to 20. ▫. Count down from 20 to 1. ▫. Read and write numbers to 20. ▫. Begin at any number and count on to 20.


Book 4: Teaching Number Knowledge

Number and Algebra is central to this pathway, although the relative emphasis on this strand changes with the stages of schooling: • in the first four years of ..... Number Sequence and Order. Counting. I am learning to say the forwards and backwards number word sequences and to skip-count by twos, fives, and tens.


Creative Mathematics Catalog

4th/5th/6th grade. Each book comes with two music CDs: a grade specific collection of math songs by Ron Brown and a Random Number CD. The whole book is built to be incredibly ..... Random Number CD. Our first Spanish product! .... be used school-wide to create the connection of skip counting to multiplication, factors,.


Calculators as Learning Tools for Young Children's Explorations of

random to fill the whole screen, whereas others carefully pushed certain ... but her friend Keisha said the number was “seven ten.” They decided to ask their teacher, who then posed the question to the entire class of first graders. This problem led to an ... counting forward and backward, skip counting, and counting on with ...


Building a Solid Foundation in Number Sense

Subitizing. • Counting and Cardinality. • Number Relationships. • Decomposing and Composing Numbers. • Landmark Numbers. • Strategies for Computation ..... 1st Grade TEKS. Recognize instantly the quantity of structured arrangements such as seen on a die or a ten-frame. Use concrete and pictorial models to compose ...


2 Grade Mathematics Unpacked Content For the new Common Core

Building upon their work in First Grade, Second Graders use various addition and subtraction strategies in order to fluently add and subtract within .... terms students should learn to use with increasing precision with this cluster are: hundreds, tens, ones, skip count, base-ten, number names to 1,000 (e.g., one, two, thirty, etc.) ...