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From Identity to Politics: The Lesbian and Gay Movements in the

measure of rights, what are the limits of liberal democracy? To the extent that the lesbian and gay movements continue to work within the frame- work of “interest- group liberalism,” will they merely pursue a reformist strategy embracing a narrow form of identity politics? Is it possible for the movements to link identity concerns ...


Recent Works Published on LGBT Politics Please send additions to

Blasius, Mark. 2001. “An Ethos of Lesbian and Gay Existence.” In Sexual Identities,. Queer Politics, ed. Mark Blasius. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Blasius, Mark and Shane ... “Sin, Sex, and Democracy: Antigay Rhetoric and the. Christian Right. ... In Strategies for Gay and Lesbian Rights Organizing: Community.

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Sexual Orientation Research Review

In Sexuality and Democracy: Identities and strategies in Lesbian and Gay Politics ,. (2000), Rahman argues that considering the issues of sexuality and gender raises important socio-political questions 'which concern the whole realm of social interaction and sexual relationships' rather than merely raising questions about.


Urbanism and Gay Identity

Identity Formation. Starting around the mid-to-late twentieth century, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) individuals transformed urban spaces into centers of social, cultural, and political utility (Bailey, 1998;. Castells, 1983; D' Emilio, 1981; Lauria & Knopp,. 1985). Sexually stigmatized pariahs were drawn into.


BOOK REVIEW/COMPTE RENDU Maureen FitzGerald and Scott

He is the author of Gender and Sexuality: Sociological Ap- proaches, with Stevi Jackson, (2010) Polity Press and Sexuality and Democracy: Identities and Strategies in Lesbian and Gay Politics (2000), Edinburgh Univer- sity Press, and of various articles and book chapters on sexuality. [email protected]


Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons

Human Rights of Lesbian,. Gay, Bisexual and. Transgender persons. Conducting a Dialogue. In most countries there are LGBT organisations, or loosely connected groups and ... that does not tolerate their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender ... and the purpose of this paper is to introduce a strategy for dialogue.


The Gay and Lesbian Movement in the UK: Changing Political

Feb 27, 2014 ... st century with an extensive set of legal mechanisms to promote the formal equality of lesbians, gay men ... aspects of the political opportunity structure changed: the incorporation of sexual orientation into ... to understand what happens to movements and LGB identities once formal equalities are achieved ...


Nebula Rahman: Migration, Sexuality and Muslim Identity 1 In

In Search of My Mother's Garden: Reflections on Migration, Sexuality and Muslim. Identity. By Momin Rahman. Introduction. In Search of Our Mother's Gardens is Alice ... a gay man, is inextricable from the lived experiences and political dimensions of ...... Sexuality and Democracy: Identities and Strategies in Lesbian and.


The Lesbian and Gay Movement in Argentina

lesbian, gay, and transgender organizations and a few members of human rights and AIDS orga- nizations and .... goals and strategy should be. Internal ... gay movement. The conditions for organizing around sexual identity, how- ever, rested on prior structural (social-historical) changes and international diffusion.


how lesbian students and teachers manage their identities

that sexuality, particularly homosexuality and lesbianism, are threatening to .... democracy. She traces the emergence of a new type of homophobia which masquerades as a type of liberal democratic 'tolerance'. This pseudo-tolerance, she argues ... identity management strategies of lesbian physical education students and.


Explaining the Sexual Identity Gap in American Political Behavior

The lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) population has become an increasingly important force in Ameri- can politics. Part of this influence has come from ... Democratic party. We conclude that the sexual identity gap is generated more from LGB concerns about acquir- ing tangible economic benefits than from an interest in ...


gender identity, sexual orientation and the

The aim of this article is to argue in favour of queer theory's potential for non- essen- tialist politics and legal strategies within the European context. The issues raised focus on the connection between gay/lesbian and transgender rights politics, and on the queer potential of sexual discrimination litigation. Taking as my ...


Identities, Sexualities and Commemorations: Pride Parades, Public

only been possible in Spain since democracy was restored and, therefore, it is politically meaningful. ... KEYWORDS: sexual identities, representation, public space, politics, consumerism. šSex and the city' .... has been a shift in the understanding of lesbian and gay identities as matters of taste and lifestyle rather than ...


Capitalism and Gay Identity

lesbians and gay men from federal employment, civil rights protection in a few dozen cities, the inclusion of gay rights in the platform of the Democratic Party, and the elimination of homosexuality from the psychiatric profession's list of mental illnesses. The gay male subculture expanded and became increasingly visible in ...


Testing the Waters: LGBT People in the Europe and Eurasia Region

May 15, 2013 ... International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association – Europe. LGB. Lesbian ..... As public awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity increases in the E&E region, so does the expression of hostility towards ... The USAID Strategy on Democracy Human Rights and. Governance ...

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Sexual Ethics and Postmodernism in Gay Rights Philosophy



Equal opportunities for all children: Non-discrimination of lesbian

rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI)2 children, and children in LGBTI families. It ... of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child ( Sofia, Bulgaria, 5-6 April 2016).3 ... identity and the study “Good practices and policies to combat discrimination against children on the grounds of sexual orientation.


11 Decriminalising homosexuality in Africa: lessons from the South

The lesbian and gay sexual rights issue has become increasingly visible in the international context ... Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in The Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and. Change (London: ... to democracy which culminated in the approval of the final version of the. Constitution in 1996.


Resisting normativity: Queer musings on politics, identity, and the

aspects of mainstream, neoliberal, heterosexual lifestyles. Instead of this approach, the authors propose a 'queer utopia' based on ideas of sexual freedom and honouring diversity. Keywords: queer, heteronormativity, homonormativity, LGBT, homosexuality. Resisting normativity: Queer musings on politics, identity, and the.


The Strategic Uses of Identity by the Lesbian and Gay Movement.

Mar 31, 2004 ... Celebration and Suppression: The Strategic Uses of Identity by the Lesbian and Gay Movement. Mary Bernstein. The American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 103 ... comparison of strategies used in four lesbian and gay rights cam- .... the creation of democratic, nonhierarchical organizations would be chosen.