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Salivary diagnostics: Everything you wanted to know about your spit

Salivary diagnostics: Everything you wanted to know about your spit. Spit is important. It's the natural fluid that moistens your mouth, supports your ability to eat and speak, and can help keep your mouth and ultimately your overall body healthy. Yet today, scientists are discovering even more ways that your spit is essential to ...


ADA.org: A Primer on Salivary Diagnostics

A Primer on Salivary Diagnostics. Page 2 dogs showed how salivation could be a conditioned reflex to sights or sounds associated with food. More recently, the discovery of growth factors in saliva. (nerve growth factor and epidermal growth factor) was partly responsible for the awarding of the 1986. Nobel Prize in ...


The emerging landscape of salivary diagnostics

lecules and fluids from different sources. Saliva is mainly secreted by salivary glands, and its informative biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites and microbiota) are obtained from salivary glands, oral mucosa cells, oral microbiota and gingival crevicular fluid. Emerging landscape of salivary diagnostics. 39 ...


Salivary Diagnostics

Salivary Diagnostics. DTW Wong. Clinical Relevance. The past 10 years have witnessed significant advances in the science and technology of salivary diagnostics. The integration of salivary diagnostics into the clinical practice of dentistry is on the horizon to enable chair-side detection of oral and systemic disorders in.


Salivary Diagnostics: Moving to the Next Level

Salivary Diagnostics: Moving to the Next Level. Authored by Ole Brinkmann, DMD, PhD; Nadine Spielmann, PhD; and David T. W. Wong, DMD, DMSc. Course Number: 150. Upon successful completion of this CE activity 2 CE credit hours may be awarded. A Peer-Reviewed CE Activity by. Opinions expressed by CE authors ...


Salivary Diagnostics for Oral Cancer Risk Assessment

detection.1,7. SALIVARY DIAGNOSTICS: AN EASY TEST. IS READY FOR PRIME TIME. The use of saliva as a diagnostic fluid has been under development for more than a decade. Because of the frequent late stage of diagnosis for oral cancer, saliva has been recently considered as a diagnostic aid. Saliva is recognized ...


Salivary diagnostics for periodontal diseases

in patients through salivary diagnostics (Figure 1).11,12. Periodontal disease progression involves infection, inflammation and subsequent alveolar bone loss. Bio- logical phenotypes may be of value because they cap- ture the microbial and inflammatory burden affecting periodontitis progression at the individual patient.


Salivary Diagnostics - 2013

Saliva as a non-invasive specimen is easily collected during a dental visit. It contains oral epithelial cells, microflora and nasopharyngeal discharge as well as a wealth of molecular constituents. Over the past ten years, salivary diagnostics has generated significant interest and attention worldwide, as thousands of salivary ...


Salivary Diagnostics and the Oral Microbiome

Salivary Diagnostics and the Oral. Microbiome. Jennifer E. Kerr and Gena D. Tribble. Introduction. The number of bacteria in the human microbiome is estimated to outnumber human cells by a fac- tor of more than 10 [ 1]. These microorganisms. ( bacteria, fungi, and viruses) form diverse com- munities in different body ...


Salivary Diagnostics—Point-of-Care diagnostics of MMP-8 in

Jan 20, 2017 ... Salivary Diagnostics—Point-of-Care diagnostics of. MMP-8 in dentistry and medicine. Nilminie Rathnayake 1,*, Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann 2, Anna Maria Heikkinen 3, Taina Tervahartiala 3 and Timo Sorsa 1,3. 1. Division of Periodontology, Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, 17177 Stockholm, ...

Salivary Diagnostics—Point-of-Care diagnostics of MMP-8 in dentistry and medicine.pdf

Salivary diagnostics powered by nanotechnologies, proteomics and

sive Cancer Center and Molecular Biology Institute, UCLA. Address reprint requests to Dr. Wong, UCLA. School of Dentistry and Dental Research Institute, 73-017 CHS, 10833 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles,. Calif. 90095, e-mail “[email protected] ucla.edu”. Salivary diagnostics powered by nanotechnologies, proteomics and genomics.


Saliva Diagnostics for Oral Diseases

Saliva Diagnostics for Oral. Diseases. Xi Zhang , Arutha Kulasinghe , Rafid Shahriyar Karim , and Chamindie Punyadeera. Abstract. Oral diseases, or stomatognathic diseases, denote the diseases of the mouth. (“stoma”) and jaw (“ gnath”). Dental caries and periodontal diseases have been traditionally considered as the ...


Salivary Diagnostics: A Brief Review

Nov 26, 2013 ... Human diseases having global impact include cancer, cardio- vascular, metabolic, and neurological diseases. Diagnosing these disease conditions is becoming challenging and thus requires supplementing clinical evaluation with laboratory testing [1]. Salivary diagnostics holds great promise as an.


Point-of-care Platforms for Salivary Diagnostics

oral cancer, breast cancer, salivary gland diseases and systemic disorders such as hepatitis, HIV and HCV3-10. There are compelling reasons for using saliva as a point-of-care diagnostic fluid. First, saliva collec- tion is non-invasive and inexpensive. For patients, the non-invasive nature of saliva collection dramatically.


Current developments in salivary diagnostics

Current developments in salivary diagnostics. Overview of the field of salivary diagnosis. The ana lysis of blood and its components has been the mainstay for laboratory diagnostic procedures for several decades. However, other biological fluids are also utilized frequently for the diagnosis of disease, for example urine.


Bringing Salivary Diagnostics Into the 21st Century

Bringing Salivary Diagnostics Into the 21st Century. The integration of a noninvasive platform for disease surveillance into clinical care has been a long- sought-after goal of modern medicine. Saliva and its diverse constituents are known for both their healing and diagnostic potential. Combined with its ease of collection, ...


SPR Imaging-Based Salivary Diagnostics System for the Detection

SPR Imaging-Based Salivary Diagnostics. System for the Detection of Small. Molecule Analytes. ELAIN FU,a TIMOTHY CHINOWSKY,b KJELL NELSON,a. KYLE JOHNSTON,b THAYNE EDWARDS,a KRISTEN HELTON,a. MICHAEL GROW,b JOHN W. MILLER,c AND PAUL YAGERa. aDepartment of Bioengineering ...


Salivary Diagnostics Using a Portable Point-of-Service Platform_ A

ABSTRACT. Clinical diagnostics can be improved by faster and more accessible disease detection. Our laboratory has developed a point-of-service (POS) device capable of rapid, sensitive, automated, and multiplexed bio- marker detection that uses human saliva instead of other biofluids. Here, we review the technology ...


Oral Cancer & Saliva Diagnostics

Annual Meeting. Denver CO. May 1, 2007. Oral Cancer & Saliva Diagnostics. David Wong, DMD, DMSc. University of California Los Angeles. Schools of Dentistry, Medicine & School of Engineering. Dental Research Institute. Division of Head & Neck Surgery/Otolaryngology. Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. UCLA.

David Wong - Advances in Oral Cancer Prevention - Applications in Public Health.pdf

Saliva Metabolomics Opens Door to Biomarker Discovery, Disease

These advancements have benefited biomarker research to the point where saliva is now recognized as an excellent diagnostic medium for the detection of disease. Saliva contains a large array of metabolites, many of which can be informative for the detection of diseases. Salivary diagnostics offer an easy, inexpensive, ...