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The Church as Sacrament Revisited: Sign and Source of Encounter

community of the Church, as it exists now in time and space as the Spirit-filled Body of. Christ. Christ instituted ... Briefly, what does it mean to call Jesus Christ the 'primordial' or 'original' sacrament of. God? Jesus Christ is called the sacrament (sign and source) of encounter with God; He is termed the primordial or original ...


Baptism Revisited: An Anthropological Perspective

Baptism Revisited: An Anthropological Perspective ... sacraments. It adds to, not contradicts, the insights of the theologian, the ethicist, and the pastoral counselor. All would agree that God comes to us in history, in a cultural ... baptism, it is necessary to examine the meaning and structure of rites of passage as they have .


Sacraments Today: Belief and Practice among U.S. Catholics

Sacraments Today: Belief and Practice among U.S. Catholics. Executive Summary. In December 2007 the Department of Communications of the United States .... Twenty-three percent say they do this. “frequently or usually,” 39 percent say they do this “seldom,” and 26 percent say they. “never” do this. Forty- one percent of ...


“Sacramentality Renewed is an important contribution to the

Title: Sacramentality renewed : contemporary conversations in sacramental ... To you alone, Most High, do they belong, ..... as that would be. There are many others who are more qualified to trace Richard Hooker's defense of Anglican polity and its meaning for today,15 just as there are many authors who have revisited ...


The Exodus as Sacrament: the Cloud, the Sea, and Moses Revisited

THE SEA, AND MOSES REVISITED by Mark D. ... But when they abused their gifts, they did not escape the ..... between the church today and Israel in the past. This does not mean that Israel's experience of baptism and subsequent failure is. 25Cf. Frederic Louis Godet, Commentary on First Corinthians (Grand Rapids:.


1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Revisited

Jul 3, 1998 ... Did the community meal take place before the Lord's Supper, that is, prior to the sacramental bread? Or did it take place in between the distribution of the sacramental bread and ... Testament occurrences of k~6txopar apart from 1 Corinthians 11:33 mean ... now they offered a cordial welcome [~K~E&EVOL].



Responsibility, Body of Christ, Archbishop, Priest, deacon, Holy Orders, Sacrament, ... people of today can hear and respond to ... What does it mean? •. Does it say that only some people have been called to a special task in the life of the Church? •. Do you think that following Christ and taking on a responsibility in the ...


Review of “Varieties of Religion Today: William James Revisited”

Sep 18, 2009 ... Igrek, Apple Zefelius (2005) "Review of “Varieties of Religion Today: William James Revisited”," Essays in Philosophy: Vol. 6: Iss. 2, ... addressed in 1901 and 1902, but they do keep James's ideas very close to heart. ... rigorous meanings of spirituality to an all-encompassing ethic of consumer authenticity.


The Real Presence in the Book of Concord

which He now as the exalted Christ gives to us; not only the ... The term " sacramental union" did not mean that they no .... Now Luther has in mind the words of institution which he regards as God's active and powerful Word of consecration. One must note that. Luther is also here quite specific with regard to the relationship.


Avery Dulles' MODELS OF THE CHURCH Summary

Church as Sacrament: The church is understood as the visible manifestation ... Church as School of Discipleship: The process of learning (disciple means .... Today, children receive instruction as they learn other subjects. The danger today is that this instruction is empty without the conversion experience that should ...


EssentialQuickGuide to baptism-FINAL

by “baptism of desire” (whereby a person has perfect contrition and at least the implicit intention of fulfilling God's will for man's salvation). Baptism in Scripture: Matt. 28:19-20 ... 1234 The meaning and grace of the sacrament of Baptism are ... The newly baptised is now, in the only Son, a child of God entitled to say the prayer ...



theology from a sacramental perspective, especially regarding his views on ... Theodore's orthodoxy,10 they did provide invaluable insights into his chris- tological ...... Others today add another element to the meaning of “person.” They see this as present in the Trinity and in most societies and cultures where an individual is ...


the merciful gift of indissolubility and the question of pastoral care for

Oct 26, 1991 ... that civilly remarried Catholics should not be excluded from the sacraments, the authors of this study exhorted Catholic theolo- gians to rethink and revise the meaning of consummation and the meaning of indissolubility. Within the next two years some six books and scores of articles would be published in ...



public ministry.8 Now we know that in the course of time some of ... really see and believe the revelation of Jesus portrayed in a material "sign," they could ... agrees with Bultmann that the three sacramental passages are redac- tionary and that the original Gospel had no sacraments. But this does not mean that the ...


BEGIN WITH THE HEART Recovering a Sacramental Vision

They offer it as a grounding for renewing the process of effective catechesis in a world and in a culture that is forever changing. 'This would mean developing the sacramental imagination with the theology of nature and grace that underpins it, as the core conceptual structure for all the cognitive elements of educational and  ...


'If Today You Hear His Voice …': Repentance, Return, and

With the help of The. Psalms, we can discover the meaning of repentance in sacramental and liturgical contexts. Keywords. Benedictine Rule, confession, Old Testament, reconciliation, repentance. In the striking words of Pope Francis, when Christians go to confess their sins, they are not meeting with a psychiatrist, nor are ...


New Theology Review: An American Catholic Journal for Ministry is

The Pastoral Circle Revisited: A Critical Quest for Truth and Transformation. ( Reviewed by .... agreements, but by no means do they stand in polar opposition or fail to comple- ment each other in significant ways. Hans Urs von ..... today in Word and Sacrament, ministry and moral living, virtue and insight. The Spirit is still at.


Musical Worship as a Pentecostal Sacrament: Toward a

I will seek to understand not just that sacraments are “means” of grace, but how they mediate that grace to us. ... 3 Kenneth J. Archer, The Gospel Revisited: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Worship and Witness. Eugene, OR: Wipf and ..... For the benefit of such discussion, this review will now assess the articulations of a ...


Slave Law and Claims-Making in Cuba: The Tannenbaum Debate

Slave Law and Claims-Making in Cuba: The Tannenbaum Debate Revisited. Author(s): Alejandro de la Fuente .... sacraments, and their marriages and families were protected by law, cus- tom, and the church. In the ... Tannenbaum, however, gave laws a social agency that they did not have. In this article I use the notion of ...


Theological Education

Jan 7, 2011 ... means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by means of any in- formation storage or ... Waiting for a Divine Bailout: Theological Education for Today and Tomorrow. 61 ... of transformative change they would like to see enacted,” however, “most of the panelists demurred,”.