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Vocabulary Rubric

Vocabulary Rubric. 0. No Understanding. 1. Partial Understanding. 2. Full Understanding. Student appears to have no understanding of the vocabulary word. The student may have left the pre-assessment and/or post- assessment form blank or stated “don't know.” Or, the student may have provided an incorrect definition or.


Sample Assessment Rubrics

For example, vocabulary may be deleted or combined with another category. Pronunciation. Fluency. 5 Phonetically correct. 5 Smooth flow. Almost error-free. Quick, continuous flow. Awareness of accent. Natural pauses. Genuine effort to sound like native speaker 4 Occasional hesitation, searching for words.


Grade 1: Writing Rubrics

related words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading and being read to, and responding to texts. Uses frequently occurring conjunctions to signal the relationship between opinion and reason. Uses a basic vocabulary Uses a limited vocabulary. Conventions. G. L.1.1j. Uses a variety of simple and compound ...


Five-Paragraph Essay Writing Rubric

Attributed to: WikiSpaces www.saylor.org. Page 1 of 1. Five-Paragraph Essay Writing Rubric. Criteria ... impressive. All words are used appropriately. Vocabulary/word choice is adequate, but could be improved. More adjectives, adverbs, and descriptive words are needed. Vocabulary/word choice is clearly limited, affecting.


Kindergarten: Writing Rubrics

D. L.K.6. Effectively uses domain- specific vocabulary. Uses relevant words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading, being read to, and responding to texts. Uses a basic vocabulary Uses a limited vocabulary. Conventions. E. L.K. 1f. Writes in simple and compound sentences. Writes in clear, simple sentences.


WIDA Speaking and Writing Interpretive Rubrics

Aug 11, 2017 ... WIDA Speaking Interpretive Rubric. Grades 1-12. Discourse Level. Sentence Level. Word/Phrase Level. Linguistic Complexity. Language Forms. Vocabulary Usage. Level 6. Reaching. Response is fully comprehensible, fluent, and appropriate to purpose, situation and audience; comparable to the speech ...

WIDA Speaking and Writing Interpretive Rubrics.pdf

Grade 2: Writing Rubrics

Uses a basic vocabulary Uses a limited vocabulary ... NOTE: The language in these rubrics has been adapted from the SBAC and PARCC rubrics. ... appropriate words. Errors in spelling are severe and often obscure meaning. Informative/Explanatory Writing Rubric: Grade 2. Write informative/explanatory texts in which they ...


Word Map Rubric.pdf

Correctly filled out at least six steps of the word map, including steps 2, 3, 7, and 8. Good. 2. Correctly filled out at least four steps of the word map, including steps 2 and 3. Needs Improvement. 1. Correctly filled out at least two steps of the word map, including step 2. Poor. 0. Made no attempt to map out the vocabulary word.


Sample Rubrics

Vocabulary Rubric. Exceeds Target. Meets Target. Approaches Target. Below Target. Far-Below Target. Student is able to translate most, if not all of class vocabulary, and is able to use context clues and word parts to make educated guesses to previously unseen vocabulary. Student is able to translate basic vocabulary and ...


Essay Rubric

words and phrases. The choice and placement of words is inaccurate at times and/or seems overdone. The author uses words that communicate clearly, but the writing lacks variety. The writer uses a limited vocabulary. Jargon or clichés may be present and detract from the meaning. Sentence. Structure,. Grammar,.


IDS 471 Lesson Plan Modified for ELL Students

IDS 471 -Modified Lesson Plan & TK20 Assignment. Evaluation Rubric. Unacceptable. Acceptable. Exemplary. Appropriate and. Clear Content. Objectives (a) ... vocabulary words for the lesson. Candidate includes all the key terms and vocabulary words for the lesson. Content and. Language. Integration: Vocabulary.

IDS 471 Modified Lesson Plan for ELL Students.pdf

Writing Rubric

VOCABULARY/. WORD CHOICE. Careless or inaccurate word choice, which obscures meaning. Language is trite, vague or flat. Shows some use of varied word choice. Uses a variety of word choice to make writing interesting. Purposeful use of word choice. Effective and engaging use of word choice. VOICE. Writer's voice/.


Rubrics for Projects

5. Message clearly communicated. Vocabulary control good. Able to circumlocute when necessary. Grammar correct in areas studies. No major patterns of weakness. 4. Message almost entirely understood. Appropriate use of vocabulary . Grammar generally accurate with some minor errors. Lacks some words, may have to ...



words. Is it important to teach words from each of these categories? Why? 6. Frey and Fisher have developed an academic vocabulary model that consists of five big ideas. Following is a rubric that educators can use to evaluate how they are integrating these big ideas across the school day as part of a schoolwide initiative.


Creating Grading Rubric Examples.pdf

Rubrics - 1. Rubric Examples*. Writing Rubric (Johnson Community College). 2. Subject A Scoring Guide (University of CA). 3. Scoring Guide for Writing (CA State University, Fresno). 4 .... words accurately, vary sentences effectively, and observe the conventions of written English. Score 4 .... Uses vocabulary related.

Creating Grading Rubric Examples.pdf

ELPA21 Speaking Rubrics High School

Rubric. Speaking – Academic Debate (Grades 9–12). Score Descriptors. 5. Responses at the 5 level are typically characterized by: • The student accurately uses a variety of structures (simple, compound, and complex) and the use of vocabulary and word choice is accurate and appropriate. The response may contain ...


TEAE Writing Rubric

words. Inconsistent Use of appropriate vocabulary. Overall meaning significantly obscured by. 2nd language learner indicators (omission or substitution of words, grammar, word order problems, etc.) significant use of native language insufficient writing. Simple, repetitive, and/or confusing sentences. Use of nonspecific and / ...


World Languages Guide to Novice Interpersonal Rubrics

e.g., a teacher or someone accustomed to dealing with language learners. Contributing factors include vocabulary, language control, pronunciation and fluency. Vocabulary. Novice learners use a range of vocabulary that has been introduced and practiced. •. High frequency words and formulaic expressions are used, ...


Vocabulary Video Rubric

Visit go.solution-tree.com/technology to download this page. REPRODUCIBLE. Vocabulary Video Rubric. Name: Word: Date: Team. Video Director/Camera: Word Card person: Actors: Circle the number that best represents your evaluation ; 1 is low and 3 is high. Student. Self-Evaluation. Teacher or Team. Evaluation. Word ...


Vocabulary Assessment and Organization

ing key vocabulary terms—inertia, state of motion, and unbalanced force? Or are you an ... back on their growth will improve student buy-in, motivation, and learning. Assessing Vocabulary: What Does It Mean to Know a Word? Consider the following three words: ambitious ..... Teachers can design rubrics to grade these.