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Mental Health Court Judges as Dynamic Risk Managers: A New

Shauhin Talesh, Mental Health Court Judges as Dynamic Risk Managers: A New Conceptualization of the Role of Judges , 57 DePaul L. Rev. 93 (2007) ..... reported in 1999 that the number of inmates with mental illness in ..... Patients, in RISK MANAGEMENT WITH SUICIDAL PATIENTS 166-67 (Bruce Bongar et al. eds.


Assessment and Treatment of Patients With Suicidal Behaviors

A. Factors Altering Risk of Suicide and Attempted Suicide . .... Section. II discusses the assessment of the patient, including a consideration of factors influencing sui- cide risk. Section III discusses psychiatric management, ...... that the rate of suicide per 100,000 prison inmates was 14 during 1999, compared with 55 per.



Jul 18, 2016 ... Ron Maris, and Robert Litman), (5) Risk Management with Suicidal Patients ( 1998: NY: Guilford; with. Drs. Bruce Bongar, Ron Maris, Morton Silverman, Erik Harris, and Wendy Packman); is co-author of (6). andThe Comprehensive Textbook of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention (2000: NY: Guilford; with ...


Curriculum Vitae RONALD W. MARIS, Ph.D. January 1, 2017

Jan 1, 2017 ... 1999 Review of Suicidology, 2000. (co-editor). New York: Guilford Press. 76. 1998. Risk Management with Suicidal Patients. (Co-editor with Bruce Bongar et al.) New York: Guilford Press. 75. 1997 Social and Family Risk Factors in Suicide. J. John. Mann (Ed.). Psychiatric Clinics of North America: Suicide.


Suicide and Public Safety Officers

“Police officers are commonly referred to as a high-risk group for suicide. So ... Review,” 31 (2) Suicide and. Life-Threatening Behav. 224-233 (Aug. 2001). The most prominent researcher and writer in police suicidology and related topics ..... Risk Management with Suicidal Patients, by Bruce Bongar, editor, Gilford Press,.


Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors: A Review of the

Mar 4, 2009 ... dence of suicidal behaviors than those without this diagnosis (Kessler, Borges, & Walters, 1999; Wilcox, Conner. & Caine, 2004). Suicide is of increasing concern ... er information from, refer, and participate in the treatment of clients at risk for suicidal behavior, as well as to manage suicidal crises. Although ...


Clinical Practice Guideline for Assessing and Managing the Suicidal

Jun 7, 2007 ... This being the case, clinical guidelines for assessing and managing the suicidal patient must be directed ... and clusters may exacerbate risk for “suicide contagion” among vulnerable young people. Among high .... lobe/executive function, authors proposed that suicides occurring at night may be explained.


Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Treatment

Items 9 - 15 ... Prevention of suicidal behaviour in other risk groups. 221. 10.3.1. Patients with high dependency or serious somatic illness. 221. 10.3.2. Patient carers. 224 .... The authors contributed to the guidelines as outlined below:1 I. Evaluation and treatment, chapters 4-7;2 II. .... University of Seville; representing SEP.


Suicide and its Prevention among Older Adults

for research on suicide risk and resiliency and for randomized controlled trials with suicidal outcomes. I also reviewed mental health outreach and suicide prevention ... Mental health providers are encouraged to collaborate with older patients' primary care ... In 1999, 481 adults aged 65 years or over died by suicide in.



Though research has identified risk and protective factors, assessment ... suicidal ideation. Basic help for patients may be in the primary care providers approach to patient management and interaction, including a focus on hope renewal, .... population, but account for 18°~ of the suicides (Bruce et aI., 2004; Conwell, 2001).


Niagara Region Suicide Prevention Strategy

Niagara Region Suicide Prevention Strategy. 1. Niagara Region Suicide Prevention Strategy. First Public Release, March 2006. Lead Agency. Distress Centre Niagara. P.O. Box 22018. St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 4C1. (905) 688- 5124 [email protected] Planning Coordinator & Author. David Masecar, M.A..


Jail Suicide/Mental Health Update Spring 2006

at a court hearing on August 15.) Upon return from court on August. 22, Maurice appeared upset and informed the transportation officers that he was suicidal. He was ..... to more effective management of patients at high risk for suicide. Following an ... Management,” (Glenn R. Sullivan and Bruce Bongar); Part III: Treatment ...


Measuring the Quality of Care for Psychological Health Conditions

suicide-risk evaluation. Alcohol Misuse. Clinical Practice Guideline: Management of Substance Use Disorders (Management of Substance. Use Disorders Working Group, 2009) recommends routine annual screening for alcohol abuse for all general health and mental health patients. The authors give the level of evidence a ...


Suicide Research: Selected Readings. Volume 9

Apr 23, 2013 ... by the authors, while many of the older adults who experienced suicidal ideation had a history of ..... to improve the ability to differentiate between DSH patients at high risk of suicide and those at lower risk, ..... Results: The telephone management programme delayed suicide reattempts in the intervention ...



National strategy for suicide prevention : Goals and objectives for action. Rockville, MD .... CDR Robert E. DeMartino, M.D., (Managing Editor and Science Writer). Program in ...... 1999). Risk factors that cannot be changed (such as a previous suicide attempt) can alert others to the heightened risk of suicide during periods.


Protecting the Homeland from International and Domestic Terrorism

papers on select topics (e.g., Pakistan) and papers by international authors expressing essentially. ―first person‖ ...... Active and passive supporters of terrorism are labeled as ―low risk‖ and they, in ...... staged a dramatic suicide attack against the American embassy in Sana'a in September 2008, killing nineteen (Worth ...


The Prevention of Depressive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents

Aug 11, 2004 ... and a thirty-fold increased risk of completed suicide (Birmaher et ... tended to Bruce Compas, David Cole, Steve Hollon, Bahr Weiss, and ... 1999). Because selective samples tend to be diverse, the interven- tions have been more varied than universal or indicated prevention programs, and they typically ...


Male suicide and occupation in Scotland (PDF Download Available)

Show more authors. Abstract. Some occupational groups in England and Wales have higher than expected proportion of deaths from suicide or undetermined intent ... Information from the General Register Office for Scotland was used to identify deaths from suicide and undetermined intent in 1981-1999 for men aged 16-64 ...


Violence Against Women in the United States

Sep 12, 2011 ... The authors wish to acknowledge Rashida Manjoo, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Violence Against. Women, for her ..... following-up on the 1999 report, Manjoo wanted to expand the inquiry. .... both men and women in uniform, servicewomen are at much higher risk for sexual assault and harassment,.


Naturalistic Clinical Decision Making by Emergency Department

Naydock, Gerd R., "Naturalistic Clinical Decision Making by Emergency Department Staff and the Assignment of Categorical Suicide. Risk ... inform and guide risk management and treatment, without having the benefit of empirical ..... assessment of a suicidal patient's intent will inform treatment recommendations and level.