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DOI: 10.5958/j.2347-6206.2.1.011. 'Loops in Orthodontics'—A Review. CH Nareen Chakravarthy1*, Perumalla Kiran Kumar2. ABSTRACT. Extraction space closure is an integral part of orthodontic treatment which demands a thorough understanding of the biomechanics. In the pre-adjusted edgewise technique, retraction is ...


Evaluation of tensile strength of different configurations of

The aim of this study was to analyze the mechanical behavior of different orthodontic retraction loops. Two designs of orthodontic loops for closing space were analyzed: teardrop-shaped (T) and circle-shaped loop (C), of two different heights (6 and 8 mm), and two types of orthodontic wires (stainless steel – 0.19' × . 0.25' ...


Comparative Assessment of Efficacy of Four Different Designs of

intends to make an assessment of four designs of retraction loops: T- loop, Keyhole loop, Teardrop loop and Mushroom loop made of beta titanium wire, to determine the best retraction loop for orthodontic space closure, based purely on the design. Since the study would determine the force levels at each of the nodes , we ...


Mechanical evaluation of space closure loops in Orthodontics

Abstract: This study evaluated the mechanical performance of teardrop- shaped loops and teardrop-shaped loops with helix used in orthodontic space closure. Sixty retraction loops made with 0.019” x 0.025” stain- less steel (SS) and beta- titanium (BT) wires were used. They were at- tached to a testing machine to measure ...

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Nickel titanium T-loop wire dimensions for en masse retraction

Jan 11, 2016 ... KEY WORDS: T-loop; NiTi; Orthodontics. INTRODUCTION. Among the existing designs of springs used for retraction, the T-loop spring (T-loop) made from beta titanium alloy is considered to be one of the best because it provides medium to high moment-force ratios (M/F) and a low load-deflection rate.1–4 ...


Laboratorial study of the cuspid's retraction timing and tipping effects

Laboratorial study of the cuspid's retraction timing and tipping effects during space closure, using the segmented arch technique. Gilberto Kauling Bisol*, Roberto Rocha**. Objective: Evaluate the cuspid's retraction time and tipping effects, after submitting it to three different orthodontic retraction loops: the “T” loop, the “boot” ...


Force Systems from T-Loop Orthodontic Space Closure Springs: The

Jun 1, 1992 ... Kuhlberg, Andrew J., "Force Systems from T-Loop Orthodontic Space Closure Springs: The Effects of Asymmetric Placement and. Angulation on the Alpha-Beta Moment ..... anchorage loss (or mesial movement of the posterior segments) into retraction, attraction, and protraction cases based on the ...


Load system of segmental T-loops for canine retraction

Introduction: The orthodontic load system, especially ideal moment-to-force ratios , is the commonly used design parameter of segmental T-loops for canine retraction. However, the load system, including moment- to-force ratios, can be affected by the changes in canine angulations and interbracket distances. We.


Understanding the basis of space closure in Orthodontics for a more

Jan 27, 2016 ... configuration, and position of the loop. The moment- to-force ratio is probably the most important charac- teristic of a retraction archwire. Low load/deflection, efficiency and space closure control should be preferred over simplicity of fabrication and delivery.30. LOOP DESIGN. Every orthodontist knows that a ...


Absolute anchorage with universal t-loop mechanics for severe

missing two mandibular incisors was treated successfully by maximum retraction of the maxillary anterior teeth after ... 2010;80:771–782.) KEY WORDS: T-loop mechanics; Deepbite; Protrusion; Stability; Absolute anchorage; Congenital ... Orthodontics, Gangnam Severance Dental Hospital, College of. Dentistry, Institute of ...


three-dimensional (3-d) mechanical analysis for delta orthodontic

Oct 31, 2017 ... THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3-D) MECHANICAL ANALYSIS FOR DELTA ORTHODONTIC RETRACTION SPRING WITHOUT LOOP: AN APPROACH THROUGH THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD. Conference Paper · November 2013 with 147 Reads. Conference: 22nd International Congress of Mechanical ...


Study of Stress and Deformation of Double Key Loop Orthodontic

Jun 6, 2017 ... Abstract. The present study evaluates and describes an orthodontic retraction archwire called double key loop, through the finite element method, visualizing the tensions and deformations generated by its activation. The objective of this study was to complement the clinical and laboratory analyses with ...


PG Canine Retraction Spring

canine to slide on (Frictionless mechanics). Contemporary Orthodontics by Proffit [1] describes the PG spring to be the most efficient current design for frictionless canine retraction. Rectangular stainless steel wire with overlapping ovoid loops provide good stability, required moment-force ratio and good load deflection rates.


Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical

Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka,. India. ABSTRACT. Extraction space closure ... basic information regarding the loop and sliding mechanics, their merits and demerits and also retraction with implants, their importance and application in ...


Title of Paper (14 pt Bold, Times, Title case)

Mechanical Behavior of Orthodontic Retraction Springs 229. (a) B-loop. (b) L- loop. (c) T-loop. (d) U-loop. Figure 3 Types of retraction springs [4,5]. A number of researchers have described the overview of loop characteristic with respect to the activation distance and the optimum force that can be obtained by a loop design.


Superelastic nickel titanium alloy retraction springs-an experimental

fixed orthodontic devices and their clinical application. The numerical as well as the experi- mental studies are based on a two-tooth model developed by Burstone and Koenig (1974) and describe the behaviour of different retraction springs (T-shaped springs, U-Ioop, rectangular loop). These investigations were performed ...


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May 9, 2015 ... Introduction. Retraction of the teeth is an important phase in most of the orthodontic treatments in extraction cases [1]. Mechanics can be either a closing loop or sliding with some advantages in each. Closing loops have a friction free mechanics, also if the moment-to-force ratio (M: F) is controlled ,any type ...


Holographic Analysis of the Initial Canine Displacement Produced

each applied by four different canine retraction springs, that is, closed coil spring, open coil spring,. PG spring, and T-loop retraction spring. The magnitude and direction of the initial displacement ... fessor, Department of Orthodontics, K.V.G. Dental College and. Hospital, Kurunjibag, Sullia, D.K. Karnataka, 574327 India.


The effects of different sectional arches in canine retraction

Mufide Dinger and Hakan N. i§can. Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey. SUMMARY The purpose of the present study was to compare the effects of Gjessing's canine retraction arch with a sectional arch including a reverse closing loop, which are both used for canine retraction in ...


Friction versus Frictionless Mechanics during maxillary En- masse

is considered one of the major chief complaints of adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment ... segment retraction. From the mentioned background, we can find a gap in knowledge regarding the effectiveness of friction and frictionless mechanics during maxillary ... The well-designed loops and bends provide the required.