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Critical Sociology and Beyond. A Redescription of Representation of

Macrì, P.G., Gallino, G., Gascò, S., Loha, Y.A., Manzari, C., Mastriani, V., Nestola, F., Pezzuolo,. S., and Rotoli, G. 2012 “Indagine Conoscitiva sulla Violenza verso il Maschile.” Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimo- logia e Sicurezza 6(3): 30-47. McElroy, W. 2016 Rape Culture Hysteria. Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women ...


Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and (Male) Hysteria over John Bobbitt's

Male hysteria over the Bobbitt case also illustrates a tired double standard in which isolated cases of female aggression are read as evidence of the routine ... between the organic penis and symbolic phallus, despite our culture's .... whether the continued emphasis on women as victims of rape and abuse perpetuates.


Contest and Consent: A Legal History of Marital Rape

Working Group on Law, Culture, and the Humanities. ... of Marital Rape. Jill Elaine Hasday. INTRODUCTION. At common law, husbands were exempt from prosecution for raping their wives. Over the past quarter century, this .... (1987) (" Since 1970, feminists have uncovered a vast amount of sexual abuse of women by men.


“Frailty, thy name is woman”: Depictions of Female Madness

Re-emergence of Hysteria… ... most significant of cultural constructions that shape our view of madness is gender. In Women and. Madness, Phyllis Chesler claims that madness in any form is a breakaway from ... writes, “What we consider 'madness,' whether it appears in women or in men, is either the acting out of.


Villainous Victims: The Paradox of the 'Damaged' Man in Naked a

May 28, 2007 ... damaged. It was not only returning veterans who could be thought of as being ' damaged' in some way; violent and brutal men such as Pinkie Brown ... historical and cultural context for the problems caused by and facing these male ... had ' tended to increasingly foreground the presence and role of women.


Domestic Violence in Men's and Women's Magazines: Women Are

Jan 1, 2011 ... Women. Pamela Hill Nettleton. Marquette University, [email protected] marquette.edu. Accepted version. Women's Studies in Communication, Vol. 34, No. ... Abstract: Men's and women's magazine discourse on domestic violence .... effort to demonstrate some of the cultural effects of domestic violence.


critically examining constructions of women in What to expect

Lancaster, Kirsi, ""What to inspect when you're expecting" : critically examining constructions of women in What to expect when you're .... contributions to rape culture which could potentially occur through dangerous ideological ... includes language coded for men through gender norms, such as the reference to “hitting the.


A new diagnosis of complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD

Jun 12, 2016 ... his theory that real sexual trauma was behind hysterical symptoms. Thus began .... PTSD may not have early developmental deficits, but have had equally damaging experiences of relationships with others so ..... power differential between men and women, as well as individual issues. We decided to use a ...


Gender and Trauma from World War I to the War in Iraq: Narrative in

Sep 30, 2015 ... will go beyond an examination of the similarities and differences between men's and women's ... that cries out to him to see what he has done. .... principle of culture.” Gender, it turns out, is a critical component in the configuration of many trauma narratives, where the questing hero (not always male)3 ...


Against the Closet Against the Closet

Absolutely central to my own development have been their men- torship, standard of excellence, and ... Mellon Foundation, the Woodrow. Wilson Foundation, the American Association of University Women, and the ..... cultural hysteria of the late nineteenth century around tracking, policing, and codifying racial di√erence, ...



intersected in fieldwork that I conducted with victims of organized violence over more than 27 months of ..... reported rapes, particularly in this culture, occurring at the same time that Aristide activists seek to draw a ... rability between the suffering of poor black men and women in Haiti with that of the embattled ethnic groups ...


Re-tellings of the Myth of Leda and the Swan: A Feminist Perspective

Oct 12, 2017 ... rape on Leda and her deteriorating psychological state are due to being violated by a male deity, and thus. Leda has fallen ... female renderings of the myth, then, challenge prevailing ambivalent or stereotypical representations by fostering a ..... damaging words and images;" in addition, it has detrimental ...


Ad Hominem Fallacies and Epistemic Credibility

irrelevant if they are making an argument about how you should best fix your car, since university education ... The discussion of the effects of ad hominem fallacies will use several related concepts from psychology that .... between men and women's evaluations of the CVs – both had a tendency to rank the male candidates ...


Image Repair Strategies, Local News Portrayals and Crisis Stage: A

On March 13, 2006, the behavior of members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team created a crisis ... This case analysis examines how Duke University used image repair strategies to defend its ...... 4The University refrains from making outright statements against the alleged female rape victim, although it does.


The Lonely Quest of Mary Koss.

Aug 20, 2015 ... as "rape." Koss's research showed that although women were frequently assaulted by men they knew, they were encouraged to see these experiences as normal—or even to blame themselves ..... participants come to a consensus about how the offender can repair the damage he has done. Koss saw the ...


Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Fears and Psychosomatic Disorders

Summary of the effects of stress. Ways of handling stress ... warning is accurate but nothing can be done, and we fret needlessly about our inability to .... often in women than in men. Perhaps the new research summarized below will provide some hints as to why these disorders develop more often in women. These gender ...


Am I Still a Woman? Hysterectomy and Gender Identity

the culture propagates division: between a woman's sexuality and her spirituality, her creativity and her ... most hysterectomies and oophorec- tomies are not performed to save lives: surgeries to treat cancer of. “To Have .... cal category of woman (or man), while gender has been connected to culturally produced processes.


An Immodest Proposal: Foucault, Hysterization, and the "Second

portive historical endeavors allows feminists to identify the cultural institu- tions that shape ... very least for male theorists to choose rape law as the initial battleground for ... effects of violence. As Jean-Pierre Faye (another of the Change discussants) puts it crudely, "From the point of view of women's liberation , one is on the.


The Elephant in the Room An Overview of How Sexual Violence

May 5, 2010 ... chapters focusing on what we know about occurrences of war rape up until 1990; the turning points during the .... o Sexual violence against men (in addition to women) o Perpetrators of ..... only long after the events have taken place has made it difficult to study the impact rape has on the sufferers and their ...


CHAPTER 1 Understanding Sexual Violence

found that just over 19 percent of rapes of women and about 13 percent of rapes of men were reported to the ... the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, conducted a survey of 91 certified sexual assault ... the continuum of sexual violence work to create a culture where victims are devalued, sexual violence is ...