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Psychology of Space Exploration

Psychology of. Space Exploration. Contemporary Research in Historical Perspective. The NASA History Series. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Office of Communications. History Program Office. Washington, DC. 2011. NASA SP-2011-4411. Edited by Douglas A. Vakoch ...


Selecting Astronauts for Long-Duration Exploration Missions: A

Does stress lead to a loss of team perspective? Group-Dynamics, 3(4), 291. Draguns, J. & Harrison, A. (2011). Spaceflight and cross-cultural psychology. In D. A. Vakoch. (Ed.), Psychology of space exploration: Contemporary research in historical perspective. (NASA SP-2011-4411) (pp. 177-194). Washington, DC: NASA.


The Enduring Legacy of the “Invisible Network”

Meanwhile, NASA. Deputy Administrator Shana Dale has been leading a series of “Future Forums” around the country to discuss the role of space exploration in advancing ... “NASA's First 50 Years: A Historical Perspective” Conference . ... Mengel, Roger Easton, and others at the Naval Research Laboratory not only had to.


Human Factors in Space Exploration Patricia M. Jones, PhD, NASA

Patricia M. Jones, PhD, NASA Ames Research Center. Edna Fiedler, PhD, National Space Biomedical Research Institute. Chapter Draft for. Review of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Volume 6. 1. Introduction. The exploration of space is one of the most fascinating domains to study from a human factors perspective.


from the chief historian news from headquarters and the centers

nasa history division. From the Chief Historian (continued) held a conference to mark these anniversaries and produced a conference proceed- ings volume .... on 10 July 2009 titled “Research Data From the X-15 Program Contributed to .... “ responsibility for the nation's program of space exploration” and the Department.


Science Fiction Film as Design Scenario Exercise for Psychological

n the history of human spaceflight, science fiction (SF) literature and film has assumed the role of a catalyst and has been .... role and potential of this kind of design activity for space, and points out related further research. II. .... From a psychological perspective, there are four main areas of general concern for habitability.


Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Forty Years of Human

Looking Backward, Looking Forward forty years of u.s. human spaceflight symposium. Edited by Stephen J. Garber. The NASA History Series. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Office of External Relations. NASA History Office. Washington, DC. 2002. NASA SP-2002-4107 ...


Bringing the Future Within Reach

NASA STI Program. National Technical Information Service. Mail Stop 148. 5285 Port Royal Road. NASA Langley Research Center. Springfield, VA 22161. Hampton, VA 23681- ...... Image 5: Engines and Innovation provided the first in- depth history of the center (NASA ... American Propulsion Technology (NASA SP –4306).


H) Rockets and People IV

Rockets and People. Volume IV: Te Moon Race. Boris Chertok. Asif Siddiqi, Series Editor. The NASA History Series. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Office of Communications. History Program Office. Washington, DC. NASA SP-2011-4110 ...


Medical Astrosociology and Space Medicine: Bringing Together the

Chapter Two in Vakoch, D. A., Psychology of Space Exploration: Contemporary Research in Historic Perspective, SP-2011-4411. Washington, D. C.: NASA History Program Office, 2011, pp. 17-46. Kotarba, J. A., "Toward a Sociology of Space Medicine," Journal of the Aerospace Medical Association, Vol. 54, 1983a, pp.



NASA SP-5099. PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT. AND TECHNIQUES. A Survey of NASA Developments. By Albert J. Derr in association with. Science Information Services Department ... techniques are among the topic areas in which aerospace research has led ... widely used technique or technology in the space program.


nasa space flight human system standard volume 1: crew health

Mar 5, 2007 ... These standards apply to all NASA human space flight programs and are not developed for any ... and Mars exploration missions, since the combined ill effects of exposure to the space environment will be of ...... Medical Standards, Volume I and JSC 27384, Procedure Manual for the NASA Psychological.


Creating Memories

the SPACE AGE. Steven J. Dick. Editor. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Office of External Relations. History Division. Washington, DC. 2008. NASA SP-2008-4703 ... OF THE SPACE AGE. Chapter 1: Gigantic Follies? Human Exploration and the Space Age in Long-term Historical Perspective— J. R. McNeill ...


American Space History: Legacies, Questions, and Opportunities for

Critical issues in the history of spaceflight / steven J. Dick and roger D. launius, editors. p. cm. -- (the nasa history .... history of american space exploration from different perspectives involving politics, society, and ..... A History of Apollo Lunar exploration Missions (Washington, dc: naSa Sp-4214, 1989); david. M. Harland ...


Humans to Mars: fifty years of mission planning, 1950–2000

Feb 28, 1983 ... 1. Space flight to Mars–Planning. 2. United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I. Title. II. Series. III. NASA SP ; no. 4521. TL799. ..... Mars exploration. This history should be seen as a tool for building toward a future that includes piloted Mars exploration, not merely as a chronicle of ...


Bakalářská práce

ISS. International Space Station. M.A.R.S.. Modular Analogue Research Station. MCC. Mission Control Center. MDRS. Mars Desert Research Station. NASA. National ..... Modern expeditions, in contrary, which are ...... (Ed.), Psychology of Space Exploration: contemporary research in historical perspective. (pp. 47–77).


James Rodger Fleming

Atmospheric Research, 1989. NCAR/TN-327+IA. Historical Essays on Meteorology, 1919-1995. The 75th Anniversary Volume of the American. Meteorological Society, James Rodger Fleming, ed. Boston: American Meteorological Society,. 1996. Science, Technology and the Environment: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.



Nov 17, 1975 ... NASA SP-413. Space Settlements. A Design Study. Edited by. Richard D. Johnson, NASA Ames Research Center. Charles Holbrow, Colgate University. Scientific and ... Space exploration, an active pursuit for less than two decades, has already displayed an extraordinary power .... The History of an Idea .

sp-413(1975_nasa oneill.pdf

the role of the vestibular organs in space exploration

NASA SP-187 . FOURTH SYMPOSIUM ON. THE ROLE OF THE VESTIBULAR. ORGANS IN SPACE EXPLORATION. Held under the auspices of the Committee on ..... of modern research pro- his particular area of interest. As an example grams. These programs draw on the talents of of these unique opportunities, consider.



National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center roundup. NASA. /MARKOWITZ. JSC2006E03176 ... and away we go. JULY 2008 .... Q:What do you look forward to at NASA? A:I look forward to seeing NASA continue the dream of exploring space and inspiring the world to think big. NASA.