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Crystallization in Block Copolymers with More than One

Abstract. Recent results on the crystallization of block copolymers with more than one crystallizable block are reviewed. The effect that each block has on the nucleation, crystallization kinetics and location of thermal transitions of the other blocks has been considered in detail. Depending on the thermodynamic repulsion ...


Kinetic mechanism of chain folding in polymer crystallization

Sep 22, 2014 ... Interpretations, Lectures Note in Physics, Springer, Berlin, 2003. [38] G. Reiter and G. Strobl (Eds.), Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization, Lectures. Note in Physics, Springer, Berlin, 2007. [39] E. Piorkowska and G.C. Rutledge (Eds.), Handbook of Polymer Crystallization, J. Wiley and. Sons ...


Günter Reiter: Veröffentlichungen / publications Inhalt /content

In "Progress in Understanding Polymer Crystallization". Eds. Günter. Reiter and Gert Strobl, Lect. Notes Phys. 714, 179-200 (2007). 2003. Crystallization of Polymers in Thin Films: Model experiments. Günter Reiter, Gilles Castelein and Jens-Uwe Sommer. In Lecture Notes in Physics: "Polymer. Crystallization: Observations ...


How atomic force microscopy has contributed to our understanding

Jun 13, 2009 ... Keywords: Crystallization. AFM. In situ. a b s t r a c t. Over the past two decades atomic force microscopy (AFM) has become one of the most frequently used ... growth in real time, and on contributions that have been made to our understanding of polymer crys- tallization ...... editors. Lecture notes in physics.


ABC triblock terpolymers 230, 255 activation energy 106, 395, 411

ABC triblock terpolymers 230, 255 activation energy 106, 395, 411 adjacent re- entry 286 alkane 457 alkyl nanodomains 204 α -process 98, 444 α relaxation 97, 436 amphiphilic character 231 analytical shish-kebab model 142 annealing experiments 318 antinucleation effect 255. Arrhenius law 106 athermal nucleation 65 ...


Core-shell morphologies of semicrystalline PE-b-PS diblock

In Lecture notes in physics: progress in understanding of polymer crystallization; Reiter, G., Strobl, G., Eds.; Springer: Berlin, 2007; Vol. 714, pp 229-259. 7. Müller, A. J.; Arnal, M. L.; Lorenzo, A. T. Crystallization in Nano-Confined Polymeric. Systems. In Handbook of Polymer Crystallization; Piorkowska, E., Rutledge, G., Eds.;.

Casas et al.pdf

Title Precursor of shish‒kebab in isotactic polystyrene under shear

Apr 24, 2009 ... Phys. Rev. Lett. 2008; 100: 048302-1-048302-4. 30. Kanaya T, Takayama Y, Ogino Y, Matsuba G, and Nishida K. Precursor of primary nucleation in isotactic polystyrene induced by shear flow. In: Reiter G and Strobl G, editors. Progress of Understanding of Polymer Crystallization,. Lecture Notes in Physics, ...


Flow Memory and Stability of Shear-Induced Nucleation Precursors

Oct 26, 2010 ... evolution of crystal orientation are recorded in isothermal conditions after a controlled shear step followed by an annealing step of ... of semicrystalline polymers, where the whole thermal and mechan- ical histories ...... Progress of Understanding of Polymer Crystallization; Lecture Notes in Physics 714 ...


Hierarchic Structure of Shish-Kebab by Neutron Scattering in a Wide

Progress of Understanding of Polymer Crystallization, Lecture Notes in Physics; Reiter, G., Strobl, G., Eds.; Springer: Berlin, 2006; pp. 91-99. MA062606Z. Figure 5. Schematic drawing of the row structure in micrometer scale including three shishs (extended chain crystals). The size ratio of Rshell. ()1 µm) to Rcore ()45 Е) is ...


Confined Crystallization and Morphology of Melt Segregated PLLA

Jan 8, 2009 ... (1) Hamley, I. W. The Physics of Block Copolymers; Oxford University. Press: New York, 1998; Chapter 5. (2) Müller, A. J.; Balsamo, V.; Arnal, M. L. AdV. Polym. Sci. 2005, 190,. 1–63. (3) Müller, A. J.; Balsamo, V.; Arnal, M. L. In Lecture Notes in Physics: Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization; ...

7 - ma800859y-HL Chen.pdf

Controlling the melting kinetics of polymers : a route to a new melt

Jan 1, 2007 ... Lippits, D.R.; Yao, Y.; Rastogi, S.; Magusin, P.C.M.M.; Manuscript in preparation. 55. Rastogi, S.; Lippits, D.R.; Terry, A.E.; Lemstra, P.J. In Reiter G.(ed), Strobl. G.( ed) Progress in understanding of polymer crystallization, Lecture Notes in. Physics, Springer 2006, 285. 56. Zhang, Q.; Lippits, D.R.; Rastogi, S.; ...


Alan J. Heeger - Nobel Lecture

Department of Physics, Materials Department, Institute for Polymers and. Organic Solids, University of ... Conducting polymers opened the way to progress in understanding the fun- damental chemistry and .... Molecular structures of a few conjugated polymers; note the bond-alternated structures. fore, salts. The electrical ...


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1 in Keller, A. “Polymer. Crystals.” Reports on Progress in Physics 31. (July 1968 ): 624-704. Page 4. Polyethylene Crystal Packing ... Crystallization of Branched Polymers. Branched polymer in which the short side groups are included in the crystalline lattice. Note local lattice defects. Exclusion of branches. Inclusion.


Influence of microstructure on the crystallization of segmented

and melting behavior of poly (L-lactic acid). Macro- molecules, 40, 9463–9467 ( 2007). DOI: 10.1021/ma070082c. [17] Reiter G., Strobl G.: Lecture notes in physics: Progress in understanding of polymer crystallization. Springer,. Berlin ( 2007). Díaz-Celorio et al. – eXPRESS Polymer Letters Vol.7, No.2 (2013) 186– 198. 197 ...


Mechanical Properties

Microstructure: amount, size, shape, orientation and connectivity-topology. • Large (huge) changes in microstructure with deformation. Polymer single-crystal fibre. Stress. Glassy polymer. Semi-crystalline polymer. Elastomer. Strain. Schematic stress-strain curves of different types of polymers, drawn approximately to scale.


Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (A

Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. (A Work in Progress). Daniel Arovas. Department of Physics. University of California, San Diego. November 14, 2013 ...


Polymer crystallization studies under processingrelevant conditions

Recent developments on the experimental infrastructure and the acquisition of new detectors on the Dutch–Belgian beamline BM26B at the ESRF offer novel and promising possibilities for synchrotron X-ray experiments in the field of polymer crystallization under processing-relevant conditions. In this contribu- tion , some of ...


The Influence of Nanohydroxyapatite on the Thermal, Mechanical

May 15, 2017 ... in metallocene-made isotactic polypropylene,” in Progress in. Understanding of Polymer Crystallization. Lecture Notes in. Physics. 714, G. Reiter and G. Strobl, Eds., pp. 345–371, Springer,. Berlin Heidelberg, 2007. [41] C. Bucknall, Toughened plastics. London: Applied Science. Publishers, Ltd, 1977.


A Defect-Free Ring Polymer: Size-Controlled Cyclic Poly

through the metathesis polymer cyclization of a telechelic precursor having allyl groups, 1, in the presence of a Grubbs catalyst, and ... crystallization of these two model polymers, show- ing distinctive spherulite growth rates ..... Mamun, '' Lecture Notes in. Physics: Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystalliza- tion' ', Vol.


Final Draft

[8] A. J. Müller, V. Balsamo, M. L. Arnal, in: Lecture Notes in Physics: Progress in. Understanding of Polymer Crystallization, G. Reiter, G. Strobl, Eds., Springer, Berlin 2007, pp 229. [9] [9a] I. W. Hamley, J. P. A. Fairclough, F. S. Bates, A. J. Ryan, Polymer 1998, 39,. 1429; [9b] Y.-L. Loo, R. A. Register, "Crystallization within ...